Newtype #11 cover preview

Here’s a preview of the cover of Newtype #11 featuring a new Kobato. illustration drawn by CLAMP:

Click to enlarge it.
Celebrating the arrival of the autumn (in Japan, at least xD). I wonder if that will be the cover of Kobato. volume 4.

Newtype #11 goes on sale October 10.

Special thanks to Aurelia for letting me know about this!


16 thoughts on “Newtype #11 cover preview

  1. OMG! It’s really an awesome pic~~!!
    I really want it to be out nao, and teh same with the anime >.<
    and hope the chap consists of more pages than usual, now that Tsubasa is over…


  2. waaah. Is it only me who thinks all drawings of Kobato look the same?
    It’s always her with a big smile holding Ioryogi.


  3. That looks nice!!

    I cannot wait for the new chapter release since I’ve started reading it (I’ve planned to read Kobato. after Tsubasa’s ending).


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