Kobato., Tsubasa news

• Kobato.:

The page for the Kobato. TV Anime from NHK’s website has been updated, it includes the title of the first 4 episodes:

Episode 1 – …Wishing Girl. (…願う少女。)
Episode 2 – …Sparkling Konpeitou*. (…コンペイトウの輝き。)
Episode 3 – …Rain’s Present. (…雨の贈りもの。)
Episode 4 – …Throbbing Fresh Leaves. (…青葉のときめき。)

(I’m not too sure of those translations since I translated them myself XD If you spot a miskate, let me know!)

* Konpeitou are candies made in Kyoto. I think they refer to the little things that appear in Kobato’s bottle each time she heals someone.

We can tell that it looks like the episode titles of Kobato. will always start with a “…” and a period at the end ^^ Worth mentioning that they are already talking about the little sparkling things from her bottle in episode 2? Will she already have the bottle by then?

Also, Presepe has an interview with some cast members and the director of the anime during one of the after-recording sessions.

• Tsubasa:

Mainichi has an article about the end of Tsubasa’s serialization and according to it, Tsubasa has sold over 20 million manga copies so far (volumes 1 to 27). That amount basically corresponds to 20% of CLAMP’s overall comics sales (currently around 100 million copies).

Congratulations to Tsubasa!

By the way, the next chapter of Tsubasa will be definitely an epilogue and will be called “The World Afterwards” (その後の世界).


21 thoughts on “Kobato., Tsubasa news

  1. Enh, maybe “Throbbing Fresh Leaves” or “Pulsing Fresh Leaves”, but otherwise they look good.

    Yeah, I totally think kompeitou refers to the things in Kobato’s bottle, they look exactly the same.


  2. I hope these are not tons of fillers about Kobato healing random people’s hearts (=w=U If it’s stuff from the manga made longer that’s okay.

    Thank you for the info! And the title of TRC’s last chapter sounds good, I hope it means we’ll get to see what happened to them afterwards.



    Also, 100 million books…that is amazing. When people say to me ‘You like Japanese manga? Why?’ I tell them I’m not alone, say how many books CLAMP have sold and watch their mouths drop. Then gain a lot of respect when they hear that.

    But those are impressive figures for TRC. I can’t wait for this epilogue. I’ve decided that I’ve enjoyed TRC too much overall to feel down about the suddeness of the ending!


    • It’s also impressive that Tsubasa is responsible for 20% of that amount xD

      We know:

      Tsubasa – 20 million
      XXXHOLiC – 10 milion
      CCS – 12 milion

      I also have Chobits and X’s numbers but I can’t remember right now xD


  4. ** VAChE **

    Hi chibi Yuuto! ^^
    >> Worth mentioning that they are already talking about the little sparkling things from her bottle in episode 2? Will she already have the bottle by then?


    • I think it would make sense because, as we saw in the videos you posted, almost all exams were mixed in the first episode (I think the hanami one will be included in the first episode because in the promotional picture of July she’s wearing the same clothes while singing) so that means she could probably have the bottle and start working by then ^^

      Could be. Besides, that would make the pacing far quicker.

      Thanks for the ED song theme info! I totally missed it! You are right, it is the ED song and it’s called Jellyfish’s Confession =D


  5. yay but i hope that….:)

    im happy that tsubasa will have another chapter to finish things up, but perhaps some of the loose ends will come agian in other works (hopefully)but will they make the end into an ova? i take it there are no plans now but i hope they do cuz i love all their ova (although i wish they would go back and do an ova for the celes arc)and i dont think that the vampire twins story was ever meant to really end unless it get its own series and or enters the xxxholic storyline or (in some alternate universe) it finds its way to x series.


  6. Attack of the ellipses! 0_0!

    The anime may not even have her taking the “Exams” or maybe it’ll all be pushed into one episode. Or maybe it’ll be a two episode premiere special or one episode, but two episode length? Who knows.. I’m just way too excited for this! ♥


  7. Spoiler about Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Tokubetsu-hen (epilogue):






    Translation (yasashii_sekai):

    The price Shaoran chose to pay was to continue traveling forever. It’s the opposite of Watanuki’s price. Though it’s impossible to revive the dead, they want to search for a way to allow the clones’ souls to resurface from within them. Fai and Kuro will help. Sakura’s about to confess her feelings to Shaoran, but he hugs her first and tells her he loves her.

    On the day of departure, Mokona gives Shaoran & co. a present: an accessory that will increase the possibility of jumping to a world with people that have close ties to them. Basically, they’ll go to Clow first (the original spoiler said Sakura Country which doesn’t make sense. People speculated that they meant Clow), then the witch’s shop.

    As they’re about to part:

    Shaoran: “My real name is…”
    Sakura: “My real name is…”


    ~The End~


    • >小狼の選んだ対価は永遠に旅を続けること。ワタヌキとは逆に
      The price Shaoran chose to pay was to continue traveling forever. It’s the opposite of Watanuki’s price. Though it’s impossible to revive the dead,…

      I think it’s partially correct except ワタヌキとは逆に死者をよみがえらせることは出来ないが… is connected: Unlike Watanuki, though it’s impossible to revive the dead,…


  8. hmmph

    syaoran I was about post that… =_=

    I am actually really impressed with clamp for the tsubasa ending I think it would be awesome if at some point in Kobato (or any later clamp manga) we could see the tsubasa group appear since there gonna continue traveling it would make me happy to see that…. Though the naming kinda freaks me out a tad bit, but its all good.

    Yay!!! for Kobato anime!!! =D TWO MORE DAYS!! But wait, does anyone know whos gonna sub it chihiro, thora? (My hopes are high) Shinsen subs? Any ideas?


  9. Can you tell me,
    what the tittle of the music in kobato episode 20,
    when the syaoran cs will go to other world,??

    i really want to know that ost,
    thats wonderful!


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