Nouveau Layout (Updated)

chibiyuuto has a new layout!

With this, I’m debuting a new structure (sort of) for my LiveJournal.

The top banner will from now on feature the next CLAMP’s biggest event/release and it’ll be updated regularly (as the news get old). That way the latest big CLAMP news will stay at the top of the page until another one tops it. I’ve seen several times people leaving comments saying “What? Kobato. will have an anime?”, when that news was posted two weeks ago or more. This way you’ll know what CLAMP’s biggest news are regardless of how old they were announced.

You’ll notice everything is pretty much the same as my previous layout, except maybe the colors. Preserving the rest of the layout is a way of creating an identity for the website, while changing only the banner regularly makes it more dynamic. One thing I observed during 6 years of blogging CLAMP news is that they always have something coming up next, and I’ll do my best to change the banner accordingly =)

I’m not gonna make a new post every time there’s a new banner, because that will be spamming, so you don’t have to worry about that (unless, of course, there’s something worth mentioning).

With this structure, it’s also possible to have a hierarchy of topics:

Most relevant on the top -> Upcoming releases in the middle -> Daily news below

Feedbacks are welcomed =)

Once again thank you for visiting this journal!

Update: The CLAMP Widget had its colors updated to match the current layout =)