Kobato. Drop. 14 by CLAMP No Lumiere

It’s up at CLAMP No Lumiere =)

This was a pretty vain chapter. With the exception of Ioryogi and Ginsei’s true shapes(‘ shadows) and the appearance of a new character, nothing else happened.

Seems like Ioryogi already figured out that Kobato is in love with Fujimoto, and so he wonders what she would do about it when she finds out. I think this could be referring to the “rule” that she can’t fall in love with anyone? This was how the story of “Kobato (Temporary)” was first advertised in Sunday GX’s website, but it was since NEVER mentioned in the manga anything about it. So this could be related to that pseudo-mentioned “rule”.

Ioryogi and Ginsei’s true forms!!!! I was right then, their true forms ARE human! And they look so great *-*

Upon looking that scene I realized something. Ginsei says “Iorogi” and we can see the shadow of his true form, while Ioryogi says “Kobato” and we see his true form. Could CLAMP be giving us any clues or is it just a coincidence? Could it be that what Ioryogi feels for Kobato is the same that Ginsei feels for Ioryogi? Ioryogi falling in love with Kobato? No? Personally I think it’s just a mentor-student relationship, but it’s something to think about xD

Lastly, we have a new character! New characters are always so exciting. He seems so gentle, and like Keiichi from X xD And he calls Fujimoto by his first name, too (which surprises Kobato xD). Looks suspicious. Could they be childhood friends? Also, could he be the next person Kobato heals? Dying to know more about him like, HIS NAME, LOL

And why is Fujimoto acting so cold on Kobato? Did he realize her feelings for him?

34 thoughts on “Kobato. Drop. 14 by CLAMP No Lumiere

  1. This chapter was epic >__>; Ioryogi and Ginsei’s true forms looks awesome xD I wonder why they are in their animal forms right now….. ;;
    I thought Fujimoto was acting so cold to Kobato because he saw Kobato with this other guy xD;; obviously I`m wrong after your great explanation^^


    • I wonder why they are in their animal forms right now….. ;;

      I think because they don’t wanna draw attention ^^ They must look human, yeah, but their looks might be different than normal humans.

      I thought Fujimoto was acting so cold to Kobato because he saw Kobato with this other guy xD;; obviously I`m wrong after your great explanation^^

      It could be that too ^_~


  2. Thanks for the great scanlation, as always =)

    Loved to see the true forms, can’t wait to actually see them XD

    It’s so nice to read something less “mirabolante” for a change!


    • Our pleasure!

      I’m just glad Ioryogi’s true form is not a huge dog xD

      It’s so nice to read something less “mirabolante” for a change!

      That you’re right!


  3. When Tsubasa and xxxholic end, I’m sure CLAMP will focus more on kobato (I hope *O*).

    akcidcishds I’m still not sure what Kobato is about 😛


      • For all I know, Newtype has always 14 pages of manga in every issues. I don’t think they can give any more to Kobato. But if they can move it to another magazine (Shônen Ace or something) the chapters could have more pages.

        But with the anime coming soon, you bet they’ll let it in an animation magazine and get paid to advertise their anime instead of paying for ads. ^_~


        • Definitely. I don’t see Kobato. moving out of Newtype either, with the anime coming is just a perfect combination to have manga + anime info in the same magazine.

          And Newtype will hardly give CLAMP more than 14 pages.


  4. Thanks for this new chapter ^^
    For Fujimoto’s coldness, wasn’t he avoiding the new guy who called out to him better then Kobato herself?
    And yeah, after a 2 months wait, this chapter is just not enough ^^;;; We are moving at a very slow pace with Kobato -__-


    • wasn’t he avoiding the new guy who called out to him better then Kobato herself?

      Hum, but the new guy yelled “Kiyokazu, wait!” after Fujimoto turned around. But yeah, he could be running from him. It’s really ambiguous.


  5. The chapter performed its due task, to give a glimpse of Ioryogi and Ginsei’s true forms, I wonder who this new character is, maybe an older brother or something. To plainly call him by his first name and no honorific.


  6. Ah Thank you so much for putting up these scans!! I first found out about clamp when I watched the American version of the CCS anime, which at the time I loved. When I watched the japanese episodes I loved it even more and since then have read other CLAMP works. Last year, around this time I was trying to find Kobato scans and it led me to your website. and I really want to say thanks because you and other team members of clamp no lumiere do a really great job and give people like me the opportunity to enjoy CLAMP works! 🙂


    • Thank you! And you’re welcome! Me, Alison and Jamie do our very best to provide top-quality releases. We are big CLAMP fans ourselves too so there’s a lot of passion involved (and I think that makes all the difference).

      We’ll continue on doing these scanlations and we are happy that we made you start reading Kobato ^^ It’s our mission.


  7. Nice work, as always from CnL. ^^

    Maybe Fujimoto’s being cold because he’s afraid of letting Kobato become too close to him? He seems like the sort who has been hurt a lot in the past and isn’t willing to trust people, but in this case, Kobato got close within him realizing it and he’s wary.


    • But i think kobato showed him that she is in fact trust worthy (e.g. standing infront of sayaka when the yakuza came to the school; finding a home for the kitten; helping the dude with the appendix; not telling her boss okiura’s message because fujimoto told her not to).

      I agree that fujimoto might have reacted that way because he realized she has feelings for him, but i don’t think it’s an issue of trust. He did turn back when he heard the commotion; what if his reaction is because of blondie? i think, not sure though, that okiura once called fujimoto by his first name…what if blondie is associated with okiura?


      • I was thinking that Fujimoto is afraid to trust people. Even though he does trust Kobato, he’s afraid to let people understand him because he’s been hurt because of that.


          • Erk… speculation on my part, given the way he acts. So far, Fujimoto comes across to me as someone who doesn’t trust people easily, and that might be because he’s wary of people hurting him and the people he cares about (i.e. Sayaka, Sayaka’s father).


  8. thanks for the nice work as always chibiyuuto-san ^^
    Hmm, there’s no coincidence in this world only hituzen XD but i was thinking and, maybe, just maybe, fujimoto is well, i don’t know, is starting to feel something new for this lovely girl named kobato. And Ioryogi… well, he loves kobato of course but in a mentor-student’s way, but this is CLAMP, you never know. XDDD

    thanks like always!


  9. Thanks for the scanlation!!!! :’D
    great job as always~~

    eeeee!! Ioryogi in love with kobato¿!? , no way D8

    me too, want to know more about the new character, i also think is a childhood friend or something…maybe exboyfriend? xD,lol

    hmm i think Fujimoto was being cold towards the guy, not kobato :S


    • eeeee!! Ioryogi in love with kobato¿!? , no way D8

      Haha, I know right? XD Just something that hit me, but I think his pair is Ginsei, LOL

      maybe exboyfriend? xD,lol

      LOL I’ve seen a lot of people shipping them already.


      • lol, yeahp Ioryogi’s OTP is Ginsei for sure xD

        LOL, srsly?! , me wants to ship them too XD
        that guy looks so cute and the way Fujimoto acted when he saw him was even cuter 83


  10. At last the new chapter! =D
    The wait was long.. very long hahaha
    Kobatos looks so pretty.. and confused!

    mmm I also think that Kobato isn’t the reason why Fujimoto san is so cold
    MAybe the other guy is bad.. or sort of huhu
    Can’t wait the next chapter!
    Thanks chibiyuuto!


  11. Yay for the new character! ^_^ Can’t wait to know him. But his haircut look alike Yuuto’s one and make me remember how much I miss X. T_T

    But overall, not a lot of content in this chapter. Hoping for more in the next one. ^_^


  12. Ioryogi’s true form is awesome ><
    Spoiler: Ioryogi love an angel who has the same face as kobato so he fight heaven (god) to take her. However, the battle affects the human girl who has the same appearance and spririt at the angel girl and cause her to die. The angel transfers her spirit into the girl to bring her back to life. After that, god punishes ioryogi by turning him into an stuffed animal and Ioryogi have to help Kobato achieve her wish.
    This manga has an happy ending.


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