Follow-up: New Code Geass Project in 2010

The January issue of Newtype magazine will announce that Code Geass will get a manga adaptation to be serialized in Kadokawa’s monthly shonen magazine Shounen Ace. The manga will be drawn by Tomomasa Takuma.

This is part of the new Code Geass project that is planned for 2010, first announced during the Kiseki no Tanjoubi event (more info here).

The new project will also feature new music, products and visual works of the Code Geass franchise.

So far there won’t be any direct CLAMP involvement in this new project, except that they will remain being credited for being the franchise’s original character designers.

AnimeNewsNetwork has more information about the upcoming new releases of Code Geass.

And here is something cool to share. A reader e-mailed me with this drawing that CLAMP did for the wedding of Mika Kikuchi and Yuuji Kishi (Mokona and Fuuma’s seiyuus in Tsubasa). You might remember when I posted about their engagement a few months ago.

The wedding took place on December 4 and here is the drawing that CLAMP did for the occasion:

I knew they would draw Mokona marrying Fuuma xD

Also, Nanase Ohkawa attended the ceremony and here she is making a toast for the couple:

For more pictures of the ceremony, check this link.

38 thoughts on “Follow-up: New Code Geass Project in 2010

  1. Congratulations to both of them~

    Such big pretty drawing of those two cracks me up. Mokona looks so happy! To be fair, it should be Fuuma marrying both Mokonas, I don’t want Larg to feel lonely from now on!


    • I wish there would be more weddings between the seriyu just so clamp would do more drawings like that


      imagine like…fye and kobato or somethimg


  2. ** VAChE **

    xD CLAMP rocks! I looooved the picture…it looks very pretty and, for me, it’s way better than the other picture someone made for the couple (I’m sorry I don’t know who draw it :/)…it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as detailed as CLAMP’s *-*

    Ohkawa looks like a very important guest…everybody’s paying attention on what she’s saying 😀

    Thanks for the news Chibi Yuuto ^^


  3. nonono, I want to see Kamui and Fuuma getting married ROFL.
    So cool they made that illustration 😀
    Best regards to the couple!!:) They look so beautiful in the pictures!!
    Thanx for sharing Chibiyuuto-kun!:)


  4. This is sooooooooo ADORABLE!!
    I could just look at it again and again and admire Mokona-sama for her talent and sense of cuteness
    Im sooo grateful to the person who took the picture and uploaded it! It was somewhere inside Japan on the other side of the globe, yet I can see all this cuteness sitting comfortable in my room! Im so grateful!!
    And thank you so much, ChibiYuuto-san, for sharing it with us on your site! you’re the best!!\^_^/
    well… omedetou!!!


  5. How wonderfull!!!
    I have a feeling about it…
    Maybe this bird is Suzaku, the Vermilion Bird, one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations.
    From wiki:
    “According to Wu Xing, the Taoist five-elemental system, it represents the fire-element, the direction south, and the season summer correspondingly.”

    In chapter 2 the color page illustrated Byakko, the White Tiger, that represents the west and the autumn season.


  6. CLAMP has said in interview that they’ll finish X eventually. Though considering one of the original reasons they had to go on hiatus was a serious earthquake, I’m thinking the March earthquake has set this back by another few years…So I guess it’ll probably be Legal Drug or Clover this time.


  7. I really hope it’s true! Even if I’m not completely fond of the ending and the overall development of the manga, it sure has stunning and beautiful art *__* I love the soft lines and colors that remind me so much of CCS


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