Kobato. TV Anime #09 (Updated)

Online streaming here (RAW).

EDIT: RAW version by [Zero-Raws] | Torrent

Subbed version by [ES] | Torrent

28 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #09 (Updated)

  1. ** VAChE **

    No comments?…I must be honest, I got nothing to say about this episode, the animation was pretty, but maybe it was too original and I’m not too fond of “school girls’ problem-or-whatever”…I think they got nothing to do in Kobato’s world and, for me, Kobato didn’t have an active participation… :/ (I think I need to watch the subbed episode)

    At least the dress was changed :/


    • Sorry! I had a sort of busy day, I couldn’t write anything and also, I didn’t feel that excited about this particular episode either.

      I agree with you that the animation was very nice, but yeah, Kobato didn’t play such a big part in solving their problems.

      It was a rather weak episode overall.


  2. We’ll wait patiently for your comments! Your work is much more important so don’t worry bout it! πŸ™‚

    Kobato looks really cute in her summer clothes and yutaka! oh, how i long for summer now! it’s so cold at my place. XD the animation is ok, as well. i’m watching this w/o sound btw, so i’ll watch w/ sound later. XD lil busy…

    i just noticed that the characters (mainly the girls) look so much like CCS characters. o.O the one with the black hair looks like tomoyo, short brown hair looks like rika, two of the new friends look like chihara and naoko, and add in kobato- sakura(


    • The yukata that Kobato was wearing is the same one with the bunnies from that colored illustration =D I liked that.

      the one with the black hair looks like tomoyo, short brown hair looks like rika, two of the new friends look like chihara and naoko, and add in kobato- sakura(


  3. Best part of this episode = Kawasumi Ayako.

    It wasn’t a bad episode, though the main problem with these filler episodes is that Kobato comes across as just butting into over peoples problems when they have nothing to do with her at all. It works sometimes like the guy with the children’s book because he was being open with his problems, though in this episode, Kobato just kept on appearing, and making herself apart of the situation.

    & how the hell did the snowman strap make it’s way to outside of her house, behind a bin?

    It was nice to see Kobato her in summer dress, and in the yellow kimono that has only appeared in promotional art. Plus Chiho and Chise in kimono’s = amazing. Shame they had no talking in this episode. 😦


  4. I think Kobato in this episode acts more like an intruder to something that is “not her business”. She healed them but those girls would have made up on their own too.


  5. πŸ˜€

    I think it was a pretty cute episode! Especially the end, where Kobato paid absolutely no attention to anything but the fireworks XD And I’m really happy that they also took some clothes from illustrations for the anime πŸ˜€
    Btw, there’s also a new wallpaper with Kobato and Kohaku on the Kobato.-Website πŸ˜€

    please keep your wonderful work up, chibiyuuto! πŸ™‚
    ~Nakahara Amuri~


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