Here is the cover of CLAMP IN AMERICA, the guide book which claims to be “the definitive history of the manga superstarts in the U.S.A.”.

Good choice for the cover illustration, but I was expecting a new illustration. The colors look a bit twisted, but maybe it’s the picture, and the cover design overall looks ordinary to me.

According to the publisher Del Rey, the book will be released in March 2010, costing $27.99.


18 thoughts on “CLAMP IN AMERICA cover

  1. Yay!

    Perhaps now we in the Philippines won’t have to wait way too long to get Clamp stuff; normally we have to wait a month after Del Rey releases, say, Tsubasa before it reaches here. Thanks for the news!



  2. I hate the fact that is called “In America”
    Some of my, really naive, friends, think that they’d get a chance to see them, because they live in America, just as you and me Chibiyuuto (I live in Argentina)… But no, is the US-America… gah…
    Pointless rant is pointless.


  3. That’s the sort of thing you can’t find here in Argentina
    ChibiYuuto, do you know where can I find Drop 17?
    Thanks for the news!


  4. 😀 Thanks for the news chibiyuuto!!

    I really don’t like the cover, there is almost no ‘cover design’ xDD
    and the fact it says CLAMP in America and then “…manga superstars in the U.S.A.” LOL

    But I still want it 8D


  5. I’m not sure what all book stores are providing this but there’s a little pamphlet that looks like this being distributed with little spinets of what each of CLAMP’s manga is about like an add saying “if you like shoujo try these” etc.

    I don’t like the price tag, though I want this book >.


  6. i saw that on some paplets at a borders last month. they has a XXXholic display and a bunch of CiA stuff.

    so i too one. im just mad i didnt see watanuki or someone from clover on the cover 😦


  7. Hmmm…

    I have already seen the cover about three weeks ago, but… yes, this is not the best cover out there…
    If only it wasn’t so… plain and white in the background. D:

    Also, I am not personally agreeing with this, but I am making a point by saying…
    “America” is how the Japanese refer to the U.S., but they don’t associate it with the rest of North or South America.
    Thus, I don’t think there was much of a problem calling it this.
    Whether it is the U.S. or Japan’s fault, it’s just… what it is…
    And I’m sure you can still order it quite easily online if you want it.


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