New Layout and Features!

We have a new layout and a few new features! =)

I introduce you a new Gallery that I will be updating on a regular basis with the drawings and illustrations posted in the members-locked section CLAMP Graffiti of CLAMP-NET.COM. All drawings were taken from Tsubaki Nekoi’s board, but in case any of the other 3 post illustrations, I will add them as well.

I have created a Picasa album where I will be adding the new pictures in batches.

I won’t be making new posts every time the gallery is updated. So how will you know when there are new pictures? Fear not, I have thought on many different ways of letting you know. I will add thumbnails of the new pictures in the right side of my LiveJournal with a direct link to the album:

For Facebook users, I have created a Facebook Page where you can check new updates from my LiveJournal in your Facebook news feed by becoming a fan. I have created the same CLAMP Graffiti gallery on the Facebook Page, this way you will also know whenever the gallery is updated with new pictures if you become a fan.

And although this isn’t new, it’s worth mentioning that you can also follow this LiveJournal on Twitter.

These new features were added to provide you the latest CLAMP news in a fast and comfortable way for all of you. That is my compromise XD Thank you for visiting my LiveJournal!


44 thoughts on “New Layout and Features!

  1. OlΓ‘, Chibiyuuto!

    Lots of new features! Seems like a lot of work, so thanks for thinking in more possibilities for CLAMP news sharing!
    (even when I’m not on FB ot Twitter. XD;;;)


  2. Beautiful new layout, as always. πŸ˜€

    I’m so ecstatic for the facebook page I have no idea why (since I follow you on livejournal and all) Maybe it’s just so satisfying to be listed as a fan? xD


    • My pleasure! I wanted to do it earlier, but I wanted to avoid creating HTML pages, dealing with thumbnails and all that. Picasa and Facebook was the solution for quick upload and spreading =)


  3. OMG, fabulous update!!! πŸ˜€
    Though, I’m also hating you a bit now too >.< You have access to the member only section of Clamp's website?!! AGH! *glaring*
    Just kidding πŸ˜› I'm very grateful for all the efforts you put in sharing clamp news with all the online community worldwide, I'm not exaggerating saying we would be lost without you!
    Thank you!!


    • Oh I have access for a few years now o.o Please don’t hate me! I’m always keeping an eye for any important information that is not about food or weather to bring to you people XD

      Thank you and I hope you enjoy this new amount of CLAMP love with these pictures =)


  4. I was going to answer you on twitter but I prefer here, like in the old times.

    Congratulations Alex, Chibi Yuuto’s CHRoNiCLEs looks awesome!!!! I have so much memories of this site, and it’s good to see that it is improving with time. Thank you much for your hard work!!! ^^

    Also a FB page!, that will be a good reason to use more frequently my account and not only as a “you have to do account” ^^U (love my university’s friends for remember me all that XD).

    Thank you again for all your efforts, you’ll always be the best! =D


    • Thanks for commenting here, I enjoy it (I like it on twitter too, and Facebook. ANYWHERE XD)

      I’m glad you liked it! =DD You won’t get rid of me so easily, I’m everywhere now MUWAHAHA! XD

      I’m always thinking on how to make things better and better everytime =D Thank you so much for being so supportive *hugs*


      • Thanks for commenting here, I enjoy it (I like it on twitter too, and Facebook. ANYWHERE XD)

        LOL XD Yeah but on Twitter it would be something like “Hey U, Congratulations β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯!!!” xD but this time I needed more space to write, so LJ is always the best.

        You won’t get rid of me so easily, I’m everywhere now MUWAHAHA! XD

        It’s true, I have you almost everywhere!!!! but even with that you still can’t spam my university account XDD oh wait!!! I remember that it’s easy to find, and you have already found me twice o.o, goes to hide

        I’m always thinking on how to make things better and better everytime =D Thank you so much for being so supportive *hugs*

        *Hugs you back* Also is good to hear it, always improving for the sake of everyone, and you already know that I’ll support and follow you until the end (no kidding).


  5. I spazzed at seeing this facebook group and then the gallery. So much Legal Drug. It made me happy. So very happy.

    thank you for always providing us with so much awesome


  6. *_* The new layout is gorgeous, and I love you SO MUCH for sharing CLAMP’s members locked pictures. The source I was following stopped updated about 2 years ago and I’ve really missed seeing them, especially since they always reassured me that Legal Drug is not forgotten. Thank you ♥


    • *after looking through pctures* Wow, Nekoi style improved so much! I love all the Lawful Drug images (isn’t that Nayuki from third volume?). Pumpkin-pants pics are so cuute!

      Thank you very much, that really made my (very depressing for my country) day.


      • Hahahaha Mr Alex xDDD

        I’m glad to be of serve! I wanted to do this earlier, but I didn’t want to create a HTML gallery and update it manually (like Kasumi used to do), it’s a lot of work. So I thought about Picasa and Facebook. They do all the dirty work and it can be easily spread, people can sign to the RSS for updates and stuff. A lot easier =)

        That can be Nayuki, yes! But I could swear it was a girl O.o but then again, Nayuki was very girly XD


      • But just so you know, Nekoi didn’t say anything about being Nayuki. Most of her drawings are not related to the subject.

        She would write about mushrooms and post a GD picture, or gym classes and post a Watanuki picture. Most of the time picture and text don’t match (but sometimes they do, like the Maaya Sakamoto picture on her birthday).


        • Yeah, but I think it’s him, Clamp rarely draws such thick-framed glasses ;P
          Also, I don’t know if you heard of this, but during Winter Olimpics Clamp drew this picture of Sakai Yui, Japanese short track speed skater with dedication “Ganbare Japan!! Ganbare Sakai Yui-san β™₯” (Go for it, Japan!! Go for it, Sakai Yui-san β™₯). Although I find the proprtions pretty awkward here…


  7. Masterpiece! As always

    Your new layout is so pretty~ *drools* Even if I’m not a fan of purple.

    Did you know you are one of my dailies? I visit this page every time I enter the internet :3

    I expected to see pics about Watanuki and Himawari, or Watanuki and Yuuko in her board but all I can see is Watanuki and Doumeki. Either a) Fanbait b) Nekoi supports them, c) Might hint to future events or d) They just look cute and funny, while WatanukixHimawari and YuukoxWatanuki might look too angsty.


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