Happy CLAMP Day!


As promised, CLAMP-NET.COM updated again with messages from the CLAMP members. They are mostly welcome messages congratulating the website’s renewal. Mokona mentioned that now it looks more like a mangaka website, which is just what I thought too xD

There are brand new SDs too!

So adorable XD

• Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OADs

The official website for the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC OADs has a new illustration on its homepage, check it out!

• Mangettes: Gate 7

Amazon.co.jp no longer lists Mangettes: Gate 7 on their website. This is getting a little weird xD


Happy CLAMP Day to you! Happy birthday to all Sakuras out there, all Watanukis and clone Syaoran! Am I forgetting someone? xD

I used to think (based on rumors I heard several years ago) that CLAMP’s own birthday was on April 1st, but I was never completely sure of that given that there was no official info to base on. Now, with the new addition on CLAMP-NET.COM that traces their time-line, it’s possible to see that the first chapter of RG Veda was published in March, not April. They don’t give specific dates, though.

The thing is, I don’t think CLAMP themselves know the date xD However, it’s very clear that they love this date, April 1st, therefore, I consider it as a very CLAMPy day.

So belated or not,

Happy 20th Anniversary CLAMP! ^__^

• Thank you

Lastly, lastly! I forgot to mention it yesterday because I was so excited with CLAMP-NET.COM’s new layout, but I’ll say it now.

I would like to deeply thank everyone who voted or somehow gave me support on my cover at the CLAMP Fanbook contest! I won! So I want to share this victory to everybody to helped for it! Thank you all so much, specially to all of you who voted without knowing the cover was mine!

43 thoughts on “Happy CLAMP Day!

  1. Sugoi!
    Congratulations chibiyuuto! Your design was really good!

    CLAMPy-day huh?… Hopes mine will be like that… sounds funny XD
    ;-; CLAMP-niversary! 20 years!
    They are so good hahahaha
    The new SDs are really very cute!
    I loved Igarashi’s and Nekoi’s one


  2. Roger

    Love the new SDs xD
    Thanks, & OMG I didnt kknow it was you the one who make the cover, its beautifl (coff the one I voted for coff coff…) And gongratulations!!

    PD: You forgot about Seichiro


  3. Hey, happy birthday to Clamp & everyone else ! (also the ones born on april 1st besides Clamp characters XD)

    What’s the matter with Gate 7 ? They could have just rectified with the right release date, does that mean it’s postponed ? =/

    The new OAD illustration looks so HOLiC-ish for both… ^^’


  4. Yey, Anniversary to CLAMP!!!
    and h-bday to all the characters XDD, specially to Watanuki, since is my fav *O*

    And congratulations forthe victory chibiyuuto 😀


  5. *shock-gasp* Mokona’s SD isn’t apparently wearing a kimono! But that is a nice looking coat…

    20th Anniversary? Has it really been five years since the 15th? It makes me remember how we were all guessing who would appear on the next CLAMP no Kiseki cover and who would be what chess piece…

    And my sincere congratulations again on the fanbook cover! ^^


  6. Congratulations on your win! (I voted for you!)

    On another note, I was checking out CLAMPNET, and when I went to the “special” page, there was this link with a picture of a blonde woman on it. I clicked on it and it took me to a page with two images: one of the blonde woman, and another with a woman and a child. The problem is, I can’t read (or speak) Japanese, so I have no idea what they are! Could you translate for me? Here’s a link: http://www.clamp-net.com/html/contents/special/book.html



  7. Oh, Happy Anniversary! I hope they make 20 more years – That should take care of those last neurons I have XD~
    And congrats again on winning the cover design! They will definitely look for you after the fan-book gets there o_O You’re practically designing it alone HSIUAHSIUHAIUS u.u’


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKURA (in your all forms like cloney, R!Sakura, Mommy!Sakura, and CCS!Sakura)


  9. Happy CLAMP day Chibiyuuto!!!! and congratulations for your victory!!! your desing was beautiful…I knew it was yours just when you posted it, and honestly I always loved it ^^

    Loved the SD’s…Satsuki is adorable!!! ^.^ and Mokona is not wearing a kimono?!

    Thanks for the news…as always ^^


  10. wooh! congratulations for winning!
    yes, happy birthday to Sakura(s), Watanuki, and Syaoran!
    Happy 20th anniversary to CLAMP!
    (wow, 20 years. that’s a long time! ^_^)


  11. > Happy CLAMP Day to you! Happy birthday to all Sakuras out there, all Watanukis and clone Syaoran! Am I forgetting someone? xD

    what about “Syaoran”, CCSSakura&Syaoran’s son? o.O and me!

    …April Fools! not me! XD
    omg! Congrats on your victory! i honestly think that you do capture the theme of CLAMP’s history. Great job, I’m so proud of you! 😀
    Cute images of the CLAMP members~ (>*.*


  12. Happy B-day! Watanuki, Sakura Kinomoto, Sakura and Syaoran clone!
    We did celebrate yesterday projecting Shunraiki and Shunmuki in our University XD

    And of course, happy anniversary, CLAMP! I hope you enjoy CLAMP fans around the world’s present, the fanbook we’re working in ^^

    BTW, congrats to you, Yuuto-san, in the end, justice always prevails ^^U


  13. Congratulation my friend..

    Yay,you win!
    Its your victory my friend,you are the winner of the contest.
    Waiting for good news from clamp about that fanbook.^_^
    and keep the spirit on!

    Best regards,


  14. Congratulation on winning the contest!

    I voted for you, even though I didn’t know it was yours. But I thought it loke like your style. ^_^

    Now, you only need to little cormer to write : Ohkawa-sensei, would you like to marry me? Or even better, on your own page after preenting yourself! ^_~


    • Thank you Mireime! Did you vote for me? Oh thanks a lot! XD Makes me very happy specially since you didn’t know it was mine!

      >Now, you only need to little cormer to write : Ohkawa-sensei, would you like to marry me? Or even better, on your own page after preenting yourself! ^_~

      Hahaha good idea xD


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