Confirmed: Tsubasa serialization to end on September 30 (Updated)

According to Raw-Paradise, Tsubasa – RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE – will have its final chapter published on Shonen Magazine #44, which goes on sale on September 30.

The final chapter will include colored pages.

Raw-Paradise’s scanning sources come from people who get hold of manga magazines in advance, the announcement will probably be made in this or next week’s issue of Shonen Magazine.

If that is true, I’ll be SPEECHLESS (BUT OH SO HAPPY =DDDDDDD).

28 volumes!
28 volumes!
28 volumes!

It all makes sense people! No color pages so far (because they were saving them for the end!), the artbook coming out simultaneously, it all fits! =DDD

…alright, no more celebration, let’s wait for the official announcement =/

Thank you to EVERYONE who poked me about this (I got poked on LJ, on Twitter, thanks you guys! XDD)

Update: It’s official now, here is a preview from the last page of Chapter 231, confirming Chapter 232 as the final chapter with color pages and extra pages:

Thanks syaoranmew and cutesherry for letting me know about this! =D Credits for the image go to Heiji-sama.


147 thoughts on “Confirmed: Tsubasa serialization to end on September 30 (Updated)

  1. OMG!! WHAT? O______________O

    Does that mean that only two chapters more and it will end? O_____O

    So, you were right 28 volumes and that’s why they’re releasing a second artbook along with the 28th volume o.o It makes sense.

    I want to know the end but I don’t want it to end T______T


  2. The light at the end of the tunnel, after all that, finally it’s here!! /hope

    Ahh and finally some colour pages! I was getting a little tired of all the epic battle scenes.

    And about the artbook.. has the date for that been set yet? And where, if you’re in Japan, can you buy that? (Hope you don’t mind me asking because I’m going there for a holiday in Nov!)

    Thanks for the update!


  3. SAD (TAT)

    Do you think Seishirou and the vampire twins will end their story in Holic? That’s the only solution I see…

    CCS had a very nice ending after the final battle, I was hoping they’d do the same for TRC *sigh* Oh, well, I’m hopeful they’ll still give us a nice undestandable ending for the series.


  4. I´m angry now. Only 2 chapters? No no no, that can not be. It´s too(!) abrupt. If (or when?XD) CLAMP are really gonna to do this, then I will hate them. There are too many questions open there. FWR is dead – and thats all??????????

    I´m at 200 now. Sorry.


  5. It is good to know that it’s ending soon, but I can’t think of a way for CLAMP to wrap things up well without resorting to continuing the story in xxxHOLiC. To be honest, it seems as though they’re doing this in order to make more money (i.e., by making the TRC fans buy Young magazine, then the xxxHOLiC tankoubons…).


    • You think? It would just look weird to the xxxholic-only readers to suddenly get all these explanation about Tsubasa.

      I think it will be rushed but the ending will feel “completed”.


      • Watanuki’s sudden importance in Tsubasa must have seemed strange to those who weren’t reading xxxHOLiC; likewise, the situation around Yuuko’s death is explained almost entirely in TRC, which must have been confusing for the


  6. Ugh, I was expecting it to end soon, but not at the price of leaving 3/4 of the unanswered questions hanging in the air ^^;;
    From the spoilers of TRC 231 which are *already!* being leaked online, chapter 231 last page says “Next chapter must see! The future of Syaoran and Sakura with extended color-pages! An intense Final chapter!”
    From this, should we conclude they will just skip EVERYTHING and ONLY shows what happen with SxS in the ‘future’, after the World is rewound to Normal? @___@
    And it looks like Clamp’s announcement about learning the reason behind Syaoran Li going back brusquely to HK won’t be revealed in TRC ^^;; Another future manga with cross over with CCS then? Or where Clamp plain lying? ^^;;


    • The more I think about it, the worst it gets: from what was revealed of chapter 231, it seems like it’s all centered in Syao/Wata encounter inside the black Dream World…those spoilers of chapter 231 are REALLY *bad*: the WHOLE TRC ending will be in chapter 232 only??!!!! Will they just skip everything and just show us what happen to SxS? And which SxS? Both couples? How could they both ‘survive’ going back to ‘normality’ if they are plainly not even supposed to exist? More reincarnation? And Mokona/Fye/Kurogane? The Universe’s order? Clow Kingdom? The whole symbology of the Wings? Clow Reed role in all this? How did CCS|Sakura knew about all this and gave her staff? FWR back story? It’s just too much ^^;;


      • Yeah, most likely there will be tons of “small” (but IMPORTANT) questions that will be left unanswered. CCS!Sakura’s staff, for example, we might not find out, at least in Tsubasa, the reason how she knew or why it was so important for clone!Sakura.

        But I refuse to believe that the PLOT won’t be fully solved after the series is over. CLAMP have done crazy things with Tsubasa but to give it a proper ending is the LEAST they can do xD

        I have no idea how they will fit the vampire twins plot, for example, but at the same time, they must know what they are doing. They had 28 volumes to plan it out, and 6 years.

        For first I will wait for the final chapter and THEN I will rant about what was left unanswered XD


  7. i remember a long time ago reading something about CLAMP stating that it would be necessary to read HOLIC to understand the ending of TRC, and vice versa. i’m very disappointed that they’re rushing the ending like this, especially since a lot of fans want a more dramatic ending *coughkurofaycough* honestly i don’t think that they’re going to continue the vampire subplot…it’s just..yeah…like Inma said before, kamui and subaru are just cursed to be chased around forever and seishirou is cursed to never reach his goal. at least there are fanfics and fanart! lol


    • Well this final volume was very slow, they were holding all the secrets for the very final chapter, that’s more of an editorial decision than CLAMP’s (they usually ask the authors to hold the secrets until the very last chapter).

      Let’s first wait for the chapter and see what they have in store, shall we? I would like to trust in them =)


    • Did I? XD Well I guessed so many months XDDD I prefer to be credited as guessing right for 28 volumes =DDD

      I think there will be lots of minor questions left unanswered =/ but I refuse to believe the ending won’t answer the major plot questions.


  8. I was a bit surprised by this, perhaps more taken aback. I’ve lived with tsubasa for so long it’s so wierd it is ending in so short a time. I really hope they wrap things up nicely though, but I’m sure it will be rushed nontheless xD I’m sort of sad but at the same time happy ^^


  9. Well! That was unexpected, somehow *doesn’t even care anymore/wants Holic to move on*. But, surely, we can totally see explanations in Holic, or maybe even in a page or two in the final chapter of Tsubasa.

    Vampire Twins/Tokyo People: Oh, of course we weren’t getting an ending to that. They’re the X/1999 crew — their story will never end, no matter where or how they show up. CLAMP are keeping to their style in that matter, as unfair as it is to the characters (and us).

    And, as weird as this might sound, I feel like heavy burden has just left me D: Are you holding a party in a few weeks? You should! It’ll be CRACK-worthy.


  10. Errr… if my bad japanese skills are not wrong, it says in the last line:

    The next issue must be read by everyone! Which one will be the future of Sakura and Syaoran?
    The shocking ending with central big colour pages (probably meaning a double page)


    It says “shocking ending” (shougeki no saishuukai), but it doesn’t mean THIS CHAPITRE is the real ending (how many chapitres do we have been reading “the final battle”? XD). In fact, it says as well “44 ni tsuzuku”, that it will continue (not finish, “owaru”) in issue #44 O_o

    So for me, this is not really clear at all…


  11. WTF!?

    Wait a minute! you gotta be joking! that can be real!
    What about all the explanation CLAMP owns us? What about the backstory of FWR-Clow-Yuuko? What is with their story!? We won’t see it in TRC!? What kind of sick joke is this!?
    I’m so sorry but I’m so angry!!!!!!!!!!!! Since volume 25 we have been seeing no other that a good storyline turn into pieces… a story without any kind of logic… a huge piece of ballshit to be more precise…
    And now you’re telling me that the story won’t have all the explanations that CLAMP should gave us as fans after six years of following the story!!!??? You definetely have to be kidding me (note: nothing personal with you. just with CLAMP!).
    So what? we are gonna have the end of TRC in Holic!? That’s so commercial! I don’t buy Holic and now I’ll have to in order to know how TRC ends!?
    I can’t believe it. Sorry, it’s not your fault, but… I’m so angry!!!

    Sorry again…
    and thanks to the information


  12. woah…ö__ö

    I just can’t believe, that there will be only two chapters untill everything will finally and tollaly end…ö.ö…Okay, somehow I always looked forward to this, but…
    I really grew up with this! I started with my very first Manga CCS as a 6th grader (though I previously watched the first season on TV already in primary school) continued with TRC and started shortly after this with xxxHolic, I wanted to know more about all the characters, therefore I have read almost every CLAMP-story…but Sakura, Syaoran and Watanuki are really dear to me…Now I’m an 11th-grader ö.ö You see? Ten years with Sakura and Syaoran! And it is going to end so suddenly! .__.

    Hopefully, there will be a happy end…I mean: “Everything gonna be all right!”?
    After all this years, where I cried with them, laughed, feared and hoped with them, I truely hope from my deepest heart that everything will come to a good end!

    Greetings to all of you 🙂
    Nakahara Amuri


    • Re: woah…ö__ö

      Yeah! I feel the same about the characters (Kuro and Fai to be precise 😉 but every good manga has come to an end… Sometimes it’s better not to make more and more pointless chapters and just finish it with style.
      But it’s easier to say than realise XD My life without TRCh will be a bit sadder ;____;



    I really can’t understand how so many of you are so resigned and happy with this new. I mean, this is a complete nonsense, two dammed chapters! They would have to be huge in order to cover all the answers to so many questions in Tsubasa. Some of you say “yeah, well, it has been 6 years, time to leave it” Yeah, I agree, but not in a fucking cliffhanger of with only half of the questions solved in a proper way. CLAMP spent a whole volume to explain everything in CCS. Well, I don’t know what to think… I just hope clow-shirow is right and everything is only a misinterpretation.


    • Re: PUZZLED

      Well, in my case, I’m just tired of waiting week after week for nothing. Besides, I’m saving my ammo for when the last chapter comes out. I’ve been ranting all along for so long I feel like I’m repeating myself if I keep talking. So I’m waiting. And when the last chapter comes out, I’ll send a full blast, nuke sized at Clamp itself instead of just at the manga.


    • There’s still xxxHolic (hurry up and release more T_T).
      Probably a more exclusive ending will show there.
      Though i bet it will only center around Watanuki,Yuuko, shaoran,Sakura.
      I do wish they will tell a bit more about fai and kurogane.
      I want to know about Tomoyo too :3 The one who sends Kurogane.

      ~ Ahh, it’s rushed, but better than dragging ~
      Banzai CLAMP


  14. This is so sudden! I know we’ve been expecting only 28 volumes but they never said anything else and it looked as if we had to put up with another volume. And suddenly, the announcement that it’s over in this one. I feel a burden come off my back but at the same time it leaves me unbalanced for its suddenness. I don’t know whether to be happy or enraged by it. I want it to be over, I can’t stand it any longer, but I want it to go out in style and this looks so rushed. There’s jut no physical time or space (like the whole idea in TRC) to answer all the unanswered questions.

    Thank you so much for the news Chibiyuuto! You’ve taken much of the strain in my brain away. I only hope the main plot will have a complete ending, like you said. I hate to see a good story die in disgrace. Clamp owes us that much, that the story actually ends in a closure.

    Like you, I’ll wait for the end of September to rant about anything left unsaid. I’m tired of fighting for nothing with Clamp, they twist everything beyond reality all the time.


  15. uhhh excume yes there is

    The villain has been defeated

    Now its only the dreamworld syaorans sequence
    and then the finally

    since it is 30 pages, clamp will do it just fine

    I actually tought it was gonna come in te end of october…



  16. NOOOO!!!!!

    No! I’m so mad that it’s ending so abruptly! I always knew it was going to end, I just thought they’d wait until at least November! And how are they going to tie up all these loose ends in two chapters when another plot twist was just introduced?!?!?!


  17. Additional information from Raw Paradise again: the last chapter of TRC (232) will have 30 pages.

    That’s it??!! Gah! @___@
    If at least ch231 wasn’t “wasted” on Syaoran talking with Watanuki for a whole chapter ;____;


    • And you won’t hear me rant any further about TRC ending 😛

      It’s just that after spending 6 years of my life following a manga step by stap, well, I can’t help being more critic about many things I guess…?
      TRC is really the only manga that makes me react that way ^^;;

      In the end, more then TRC itself, I’m saddened to have to say goodbye forever to SxS, because after being used for more then 13 years as protagonists of CCS then TRC, there just won’t be a 3th manga featuring them, no way in Hell ^^;;
      So September 30th will be the final farewell to Syaoran, my absolute fav male character of all time ;________;


      • Awww that is so sweet X3 I do understand you, sorry if that was unreasonable of me to say what I said xD

        I too would love a perfect ending, of course! But we don’t know yet what they have in store, let’s wait for those supposed 30 remaining pages =)

        You should never wish for your favorite manga to never end. I wished that for X and look what happened xD

        Having an end it’s the greatest thing! And I hope you will follow CLAMP’s future works, they will never abandon S+S =)


  18. xD

    ** VAChE **

    Hi Chibi Yuuto-kun!!!

    I think we’re the only ones who are really happy with this…I am not a Tsubasa fan as you are (I just follow xxxHOLiC…I was getting sick with those 217673645 Syaronas and Sakuras…for me there’s only one Syaoran and one Sakura…the CCS ones) so I’m really surprised with your reaction xD
    ehem…now…LET’S CROSS FINGERS FOR AN X CONTINUATION!!!! :DDDDD (well…being honest I don’t think they will do it that soon…but nah! let’s dream about it!)

    Thanks for the news as always!


      • Re: xD

        HAHAHAHA Really? Well I was very happy indeed xDDD

        I don’t hate Tsubasa, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been a LONG journey. It’s CLAMP’s largest work and it’s just being dragged for over a year now…

        I’m afraid I’m tired of it, I want something new now ^^


        • Re: xD

          oh! I know you don’t hate it…that’s why I’m surprised with your happiness xD…

          I think we all need something new, Gate 7 for example :] andacontinuationofXcofcof :DD


  19. I’m sure not happy.
    I read it this morning off of CLAMP_Now’s live feed and almost screamed. I’ve been reading TRC since it started and wow, it is almost finally over.

    I’m sure CLAMP will do it justice though.


  20. WOW!!!! They totaly forgot the vampires-hunters side story???
    Clamp what happens to you???

    I’m really more interested in Holic, we must to know what about Doumeki and Watanuki and Yuuko is comming back in her new incarnation???

    about Tsubasa i need more panels of Kuro and Fay and that’s it, in two chapter clamp can’t say almost anything except FWR back history, the xiao langs comeback and the end


  21. I was in disbelief when I saw this. Even more shock that it’s two chapters till the end. I knew it was going to end soon but finding out when this late? I thought maybe 5 more chapters at least.

    This has been my fandom for the longest time…I don’t know what I’ll do when it ends.


  22. Nooo! No! No! No! *sulks in corner* (dies)


    😦 I swear Im depressed now o_0 Only 2 chapters left?! CLAMP are insane! I hope they don’t mess the ending up, as 2 chapters seems a tiny amount of space to fit the most important answers into. But I trust CLAMP will work it out somehow.

    Just told my friend this news, and she’s as depressed as I am. And very shocked. I expected TRC to last a bit longer than this XD

    I wonder when Holic will end? Also, Im delighted about the colour pages!! ^__^


  23. One big story

    I’m going to miss Tsubasa, but not as much as I will miss xxxHOLiC.

    I started reading with HOLiC simply I liked the storyline a lot more than Tsubasa, which frankly confused me for the first 3 years and couldn’t stomach it.

    I think it was mentioned once (anyone can correct me on this) but HOLiC and Tsubasa were meant to be read together when both series were very near their respective endings, simply because of how both plotlines are intertwined with one another. I think both series were described as ONE WHOLE series, split into two separate stories.

    I think a part of the ending is pushed by the publishers/editors but another is by CLAMP themselves, knowing that they should wrap up the series (since for the last few volumes, they kind of stretched it). They also don’t regularly update HOLiC as much as Tsubasa until recently (and I mean this by at least a year ago), so it indicates that both series are coming into completion.

    Hopefully, CLAMP won’t feel the need to “rush” the HOLiC ending as well. I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHAT SO IMPORTANT ABOUT THAT EGG!!


  24. Please Bring back Cardcaptor Sakura

    I really wanted to see Cardcaptor Sakura again,
    I really loved the chapters of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
    217 – Magic Words
    218 – Fragments of Memories
    It was wonderful about Sakura saying how she needed to help guide others,
    Also passing on her star wand
    “I’m sure… you will be alright too.”
    Please bring her back 🙂
    Also Cardcaptor Syaoran too
    They have been “Then we will be Together Forever”
    For way too long
    I love the Cardcaptor Sakura Manga
    Also they should finish of Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie 2 – The Sealed Card
    “I love you”
    It needs an ending
    Do you agree?


  25. WHAT?! After so long, it’s ending! O.O Bizarre…:( I feel a bit sad already…I mean, because of TRC, I’ve changed so much and after so many years. It feels like saying good-bye to a friend. :’o But I think the last two chapters are going to be much much longer, like as long as the first one with like 60 something pages.

    but hopefully, that gives CLAMP time to continue Legal Drug and X! Plus Kobato! So that’s a plus. >.> What about XXXHolic? it’s barely moving…


  26. WHAT!!??? OMG… OMG… WAIT… NO!… I’M NOT READY!!! This is happening too fast!!! @_@ What will happen with Subaru and Kamui???? their story is not over!! ;___; and what about Watanuki!!??? he needs to make an appearance!!!
    I sure hope CLAMP knows what their’re doing… We’ll just have to belive in them XDDD

    Does this mean Holic will end in a few chapters too? ;___;


  27. I’m happy too 😀 Yaaay, I can’t believe it, an ending, finally!! xD It really has dragged on too long by now and I can’t wait to see what everyone’s futures will be. Hope it’s not too sad though.

    I’m more anxious about holic tbh. And a bit upset over that series, I haven’t cared for the last couple arcs so much but it’s still my favorite & I’m worried for the characters T_T


  28. *shock shock shock*

    *shock shock shock*
    I know it’s ending but still…

    *shock shock shock*
    2 chapters!!! What can they explain in there?! Using xxxHolic… I suspect xxxHolic only have 1 more vol to go, if not worse…. >_>


  29. Gack! It’s happened, at long last! O_O

    I’m going to miss it, but let’s hope that Syaoran gets a happy ending. ^^

    … Are we still taking bets on who’s going to appear on the deluxe edition cover for the final volume?


  30. WOOOOW !!! I didn’t see that coming!!! It’s so sudden !!! I think the story of Yuuko-Clow-FWR will be wrapped in HOLIC, after all, Yuuko is a more important character there than in TRC (well, she’s important in both, but when you talk about HOLIC, you usually refer to Yuuko, Watanuki, Doumeki…)
    I hope they manage to close the vampire thing. :s
    My predictions are that in the next chaptet there’ll be something about syaoran and watanuki, and the last chapter to end it all. 😦
    I’ll really miss it, but it was time.


  31. It’s finally ending after 6 years XD Though I’ve only followed for 4 of those 6 years. I’m sad yet happy to see it end TT^TT what am I going to do with my life from now on

    I’ll really miss Tsubasa. And kind of irrevelent, but I wonder how Horitsuba is going to end. Hopefully we’ll all be able to see Kurogane and Fai crossover somewhere XD


  32. gaahhh….I want more back story about the FWR-Yuuko-Clow relationship ;_;…..but I guess we don’t have to know every single thing in the story…It’s still feels a little too rushed though. I wonder if Clamp is going to continue the vampire story in Mangettes =v=

    Speaking of Mangettes, is there any news regarding when it’ll start?



    …. T^T the end has COME~~~!!!! *sniff* chibiyuuto-san, before it’s over, i wanna say that i enjoyed discussing many things with you. it was a pleasure. tsubasa was a beautiful manga. can’t wait for more news bout xxxholic and kobato. 😥 let’s put this manga to rest and celebrate together, minna-san. ;_; i will write a speech in my post soon… if i have time…. *SNIFF* *hugs*


    • now i’m calm, but yes, that’s me again. ( -_-)

      that was me. sorry.

      but now i have time to think since i’m calm. i can’t read japanese, so what does that say?

      hmm. actually, there ARE a few things that are left off. the vampires and seishirou, the clow country w/ touya and yukito, watanuki and syaoran (


  34. Wow. I’m shocked. This leads me to fear that they will just do a whole ‘time reset’ so that none of it will have ever happened, and Fai and Kuro-pon will be happy with their families and both Sakura and Syaorans will somehow meet anyway…

    It’s a small fear though; I expect they won’t end it like that. To be honest, as long as I get a satisfying for Fai and Kurogane, I’ll be content ^_^


    • I agree! A complete time reset where Fay is an only child and Kuro-sama grows up with both parents etc would be a happy ending of sorts, but it’s like all the character development and relationship building throughout the series happened for nothing! What I’m most worried about is that they’ll skip out on those two in the end and only explain what happens to Syaoran and Sakura, but they couldn’t do that, right? ;;


      • If they don’t do a reset I’m sure we’ll get an ending for Kurogane and Fai of some sort, even if it’s just a page showing Tomoyo welcoming them home. I really hope Fai will stay in Nihon XD I have a secret fear that CLAMP will send him on a quest to find a world in which his brother didn’t die. I’d be annoyed if that happened because I think it untrue to his character after all the development he’s gone through.


        • I hope so too! And what with the vampire thing and the fact that he literally can’t return to his world, I’m pretty sure he’ll end up there if things keep going the way it looks like they’re going. And I don’t think he’ll go searching for his brother — if what Syaoran said is right and Fay wasn’t supposed to be a twin, there won’t even be another to find.


  35. There are certain things concerned after FWR’s death:
    – What will be happened to Syaoran and his father (take note, whatever happens to FWR will be the same on two)
    – How about Watanuki? Will he dead as same as Syaorans and FWR?
    – And most important: WILL THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER?!

    Sadly, the FINALE of TRC means my FINALE of being an anime fanatic.


  36. Shocked.

    Let’s think, there’s this black world in Tsubasa where Yuuko was before her death… Well, maybe it’s the Otherworld where Ioryogi came from, maybe everything is gonna be alright once Kobato’s wish is granted, maybe she’s daughter of Sakura and Syaoran(there are 297647989764 of them, it’s not that complicated xD).

    The thing that really upsets me is that we’ll have not enough pages to learn what happened to all the minor characters, I wanted to know about the gay vampires and their hunters, I wanted to know about the people in other dimensions, I wanted a flashback telling us the story of FWR (if he’s Watanuki that is Syaoran, or rather the same existence xxxHOLiC is nothing more than a big flashback in real time – lol), Clow and Yuuko.

    I may be wrong but I think Clamp mixed many stories to create those.

    Example: Books of Magic from Neil Gaiman and other authors:

    Timm Hunter is a young boy with a gigantic potential for magic, he can turn into the biggest wizard the world has ever seen. In the first arc of stories Timm Hunter travels around the time, space, places etc. The main thing is: He’s not the son of the person who raises him, in the first story he won the “egg of the world” wich has the power to create a whole new world (let’s see what use Doumeki will make of his egg), he sells his memories to demons to get some stuff (in the end he has lost almost all of his memories), and there are tons of other similar things like: There’s a Sucumbus in love with Timm Hunter (there’s Zashiki Warashi in love with him either, despite Zashiki is a very pure spirit), there’re lots of european mythical beings, otherwise there’re lots of Japanese mythical beings, these beings are trying to get his magical powers… the same thing.
    Of course there are lots of different things, new things but still the resemblances are way too strong to let it pass by without a comment. Books of magic are denser, darker than HOLiC but I still love HOLiC.


  37. Ok, the truth is I just heard Tsubasa was coming to an end. So, I came here to check if this was true: I thought “hey, if it is, Chibi Yuuto must have written about it!” xD

    And, about this piece of news itself… WOW. They ARE indeed finishing something recent!!! O___O 😛

    PD: BTW, congratulations on your rendezvous with CLAMP!! I’m so jealous!


    • I thought “hey, if it is, Chibi Yuuto must have written about it!” xD

      Haha, loved this bit! XD

      Let’s all look forward to the ending and to whatever comes next! =D

      I missed you around here! =DD


  38. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think i’m going to cry, srsly!!!!*mixed feelings*
    all these years, it all ends now,and wow, I’m still alive to see it ;___; can’t believe it!!!!
    this is so RUSHED, kinda feel betrayed, but we will see…
    eck!we had no S+S kiss afert all TT________TT

    Thanks for the info!!!, and omgzasjkgfglaybbq!! T-T

    wait… is xxxholic also ending soon?!?!


  39. Seriously doubting that I’m going to be satisfied with the ending…and that thought doesn’t make me happy! >.< There's just so much that hasn't been even remotely explained… *sigh*

    On the artbook note, anyone know where you can pre-order it? Had a look on amazon japan but couldn't find anything useful. Any heads up would be great ^^


  40. WHAT.

    I’ve been following TRC since it started and it’s going to end in two chapters? >:T *huff* I really, really, REALLY hope CLAMP is capable of answering all of the questions in TWO CHAPTERS.

    Actually, I’m more sad than angry…I’ve sorta…grown up with TRC, so I’ll be saying good-bye to a huuuge part of my life after it ends. u_u Not to mention KuroFay was one of the only things that kept me reading in the later chapters and I don’t think they’ll even get a proper ending. 😦

    In any case, thanks for the heads-up. At least I have 2 weeks to prepare for the mourning that is to occur…OTL (and sorry for the rant-thing ;; )


  41. Finally! It’s ending!! I kinda want to cry from relief XD It’s just been dragged out way too long. Although I am worried the ending will be too rushed with just 2 more chapters to finish. *nervous*


  42. first…
    You should never wish for your favorite manga to never end. I wished that for X and look what happened xD

    THAT’s Clamp-fans new absolute commandment!! XDDDD… well, about all the other stuff, yeah, at first I was like “OMGWTFBBQ!! X_X” too, but reading the 3 pages of comments here, I kind of settle my flow of emotions. Yeah, FWR is already dead, and the last chapter is going to be 30 pages so I think with a little of careful work, Clamp can still do a very good and HAPPY ending for this wonderful series 😀

    oh, and yeah too, Im more a Holic fan than Tsubasa so… Im still more nervious for Kimi-kun than for the others :S… btw, I noticed that none have say someting about this before: if the worlds r going back to normal, o rewind itself or whatever, then that means than only 1 Shaoran can stay? or maybe none? o.o cause u see, their existence is a endless circle, isnt it? one been the origin of the other o.O so maybe that’s why they got stuck in that black world… and Watanuki, being like the crossing point where that cirlce start, is the only one with the answer to the Shaorans future…

    ok, now Im even MORE worry for Kimi-kun!! X_X… argh! CLAMP, BETTER FOR U TO CONTINUE GOHOU DRUG AFTER THIS!!! >O


  43. Everyone is going to skewer me for this but i’m just mega-upset that Yuuko is the only one whose died,she’s the only one i didn’t want to die!And since i don’t see anyone else dying in two chapters i’m just bummed!


  44. to be honest, I’m pessimistic we will have conclusive ending. tsubasa plot is too much complicated already, might as well to use the “reset button” technique to end everything easier. I couldnt even differ which is the Clone! and the Real!Syaoran in the several last chapters O_o


  45. I know this is an old post….if you could respond to my email that would be great…
    I am just getting into tsubasa, but for some reason I can only find 1-28…I cant find anything past that! Any suggestions?? Thank you


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