(one) More Kobato. cast member

Just a quick update.

According to the recently-updated cast list in the official website of the Kobato. TV Anime, the voices of Chiho and Chise Mihara will be played by Megumi Nakajima. The name sounds fmailiar? It’s because Megumi Nakajima will also sing the ending theme song for the anime.

As you well know, the Kobato. anime starts on October 6.


10 thoughts on “(one) More Kobato. cast member

      • Haha, I guess I’d be happy too if I was especially fond of them. I don’t hate the twins (they’re so cute!), but since they’re not relevant to any of the plots in the story, I don’t want them to make the anime slower or pointless by adding too much twin love.


        • I see your point. But with 24 episodes and 4 volumes, I wouldn’t be surprised if they add original episodes centered on the twins xD

          I don’t think there will be too much focus though, we still have the Wish characters 😉


          • That’s true, I wonder at what point they’re going to add Kohaku into the story… I hope they won’t have to spoil anything from the manga by doing that, I don’t want to learn stuff beforehand because of the anime (but then I don’t want them to make up stuff either ;;;;; ).


  1. I’d love to see Icchan in this. At least a picture of him with the family would do the job.

    & yeah it’s a shame the twins won’t be voiced by Tanaka Rie, though i like the choice of Megumi Nakajima. We’ll basically have two Ranka twins. :3

    A few more scenes with the twins would be nice. Sure we don’t need to see more of them, though we don’t really get enough in the manga.

    It’s also still uncertain what part the Wish story will play in this. For all we know it might just be Kohaku.


  2. Thanks for the information ^^ I was wondering if Maaya will be a seiyuu of Kobato when it’s said that she sings the opening,,,but it happens to be Megumi instead,,,T___T It’s nice of course,,,though I agree that there will not be too many scenes with twins


  3. Thank you ^^ I was surprised that Nakajima only got to sing the ED and she wasn’t going to appear as a cast member, so I’m happy about these news :3 (I like her singing more than acting, though ^^u).


  4. Sorry for the Off-topic, but I have read in severals Spanish sites http://www.misiontokyo.com is one of them; that Tsubasa is going to be finished by the end of September!! (number 44 of the Shonen magazine)

    back to the original topic, I´m looking foward to Kobato anime


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