CLAMP to draw jacket for Jun Fukuyama Original Album (Updated)

Voice actor Jun Fukuyama (who voices Watanuki in XXXHOLiC) will release an original album on November 26 called Romantic World 31 (浪漫的世界31).

The CD’s jacket will feature a collage of CLAMP’s original drawing and a picture of Jun Fukuyama.

Click to enlarge it.

Looking forward to this collage thing xD

Also, for the wallpaper lovers, the official website of the Kobato. TV Anime has a few of them =)

Update: Check out the album’s official hotsite.


12 thoughts on “CLAMP to draw jacket for Jun Fukuyama Original Album (Updated)

  1. I don’t think he’s that bad of a singer, but yeah i’m mostly just interested in this cover. Can’t wait to see it.

    Also, good to see the official site has uploaded more then just one Kobato wallpaper. Must be to do with the new front page images.


  2. Haha… yeah, his voice isn’t that bad, but it’s not exactly excellent either. But I probably wanna listen to them just because he’s FukuJun 😛

    Looking forward to the jacket 🙂


  3. Actually many seiyuus will sing songs for the characters and now more and more seiyuus are releasing their album,,though only some of them are also singers professionally =___=

    I like FukuJun and I love his portrayal of Lelouch and Watanuki,,but his album,,,I must say I am more interested in the cover =___=


  4. jvc album site updated the songlist 4 days ago.

    Kininaru Aitsu wa Bonjour (w.sample) … title related to his blog.
    Kokoro wa Kimi no Kage ni Nari Niki (w. sample)
    Omoi no Tsuzuri
    Seinaru Yoru ni ~ with you
    Gomi Shushusha ~Watashi no Yonjou-han Live
    Datte Boku wa Ame Otoko
    Jitensha to Clover
    Love Letters ~Minami no Machi Yori (Prologue, Andes, Spanish Practice, Ressha w. sample, Kouya, Umi, to do list, Carnival, Amazon River)
    Oyasumi (w. sample)

    There’s also production blug and comment clip.


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