CLAMP in Paris Photo Report by CLAMP-NET.COM

The members area of CLAMP-NET.COM updated today to include a photo report from CLAMP’s trip to Paris in July.

There are a total of 37 photos from the many places that visited during their time in Paris. I have saved and uploaded them all for those interested in having them =)

Download (right click -> Save target As…)

It’s so weird and cool to see all those places that I visited too xD Judging by the (terrible) weather, I wouldn’t be surprised if they visited Versailles on the same day that I did. And that bookstore is the same that I went, ah so cool xD


18 thoughts on “CLAMP in Paris Photo Report by CLAMP-NET.COM

  1. Thanks for sharing, Yuuto-kun! *__* It’s funny to see how they make normal photos of their trip like everyone else would do :3

    Shame that they didn’t upload photos of their gifts, the broochs we gave them don’t appear either T_T And our 3-D LAND group did more or less the same at the signing sessions as those fans with the “youkoso France e” sign, and we saw they took a photo of us, but we aren’t in that pack either XD

    However, I’m glad that they had one of those Euphie and Cornelia cosplayers, as they’re friends of mine (I just shared the photo with them and they’re really happy ^^).


    • What lovely broochs!!! Loved them xDDD

      I’m so glad for the Euphie and Cornelia cosplayers ! I think they would be happy to see what they talked about them, too! Here is their comment (by Satsuki Igarashi):



      • Thank you! The girl who made them really knows how to make cute things like these :3 And at least we know they loved it, Mokona almost called the others when she started saying “sugoi! kawaii!” in quite a loud voice XDDD

        The Cornelia cosplayer just saw the comment and it made her so happy ^__^ I guess the gist of the comment is that they thought they both were beautiful, more or less, I found it quite difficult to translate ^^u But thanks again :3


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