Tsubasa 2nd Artbook, volume 28 release dates

This news comes from the latest column of the editor of Tsubasa, Kiichiro Sugawara, published monthly in the members area of CLAMP-NET.COM.

Sugawara reveals that the 2nd Tsubasa artbook will be released somewhere during November in a simultaneous release with volume 28.

The artbook will contain CLAMP’s comments on all illustrations (like the 1st artbook), cover with new illustration drawn by CLAMP, two short comics and the price will be 1,890 yens.

The first highlighted paragraph says that the new Kodansha magazine, Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, will have congratulation comments from CLAMP. The magazine is out on September 9.

Hummm if the artbook will be released along with volume 28, does that mean that the illustrations of volume 29 (and any further volumes that could come after that) won’t be carried in the artbook? O.o What about the XXXHOLiC artbook? My bet is that it’s gonna be released around the same time too.


29 thoughts on “Tsubasa 2nd Artbook, volume 28 release dates

  1. YAY! I’ve been looking forward to a new Tsubasa artbook! They need to announce an xxxHolic one soon.

    In regards to all of the illustrations after volume 28, perhaps CLAMP will release an artbook similar to North Side and South Side (one that will just collect their leftover illustrations).


  2. Finally not something Kobato-related. >_>

    These news made SO HAPPY!!! TwT I couldn’t wait for the 2nd artbook and I knew it’d come up shortly after the series is over or at its end but I didn’t expect it this year already!


  3. 😦 The books are going to be in Japanese though. >.< I would need a translator.

    ^o^ But I'm still happy they have a second one. ^^; If only I could buy it. xP

    Perhaps they'll combine the last TRC images into the XXXHolic artbook? O.o

    Thanks for updating.


  4. Hmmm, Del Rey is releasing the first art book in English at the end of Oct.(the 27 I think), I wonder if they’ll do this book too…
    I think I might wait to see if Del Rey ends up picking up this book too before I buy it. I rather have the book in English then Japanese but that definitely won’t stop me from buying it since I can still look at the pictures. x3
    It’d be nice if Clamp released an xxxHolic artbook too. XD;


  5. My! So here goes the 2nd artbook of TRC finally ^^
    Though yeah, the “problem”, like you said, is that all the art that will follow the release of the artbook will, evidently, not be included inside ^^;;
    I don’t think TRC will end with vol28, else Clamp are going to leave 9/10 of the unanswered questions hanging in the air. Even for just finishing and concluding the plot, more chapters are necessary for it to make sens…


    • I don’t think it’ll end in 28 either (not anymore) but I just see this as a very stupid move… At least at first glance it seems stupid.

      I mean, there is probably one or two volumes left tops, why not wait and compile all colored illustrations in the artbook.

      Now the artbook will probably miss 3 or 5 illustrations =/


      • Looks like it’s not a ‘problem’ anymore: according to Raw-paradise, the manga of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle will be ending in Shonen Magazine #44 in a special chapter with color pages.

        TRC shall end on September 30th.

        There are 2 chapters left to conclude the whole series. We will get one Hell of a rushed End…

        I’m worrying more about the endless unanswered questions we will be left with then about the illustrations of the artbook at this right moment ^^;;
        I was expecting for TRC to end soon, but not SO soon that we will be left hanging with too many questions to count!!


  6. that’s a good news, a new artbook: I don’t care if it will include the arts that come after that or not,,,the ones did not include in the 1st one is already suffice for me in this artbook.

    and I think there’s gonna be vol.29, coz there are so much things unexplained,,I don’t want the story to end like what it is now =__=


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