CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION: Tokyo Babylon #7 cover

The cover of Tokyo Babylon #7 for the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION edition has been announced!

Technically, it’s still one person on the cover, or is it three? Hmmm it’s quite unclear.

The cover is very reminiscent of the classic edition, with Subaru looking like a priest. The new additions being obviously Seishirou and Hokuto (which seems to be attending her own funeral?). I have mixed feelings about this cover. Not sure if I find it so ingenious…

Oh, and this time around we got a full view of Seishirou’s shoulders, no cheating 😉

The seventh volume will be released on September 2.

This is it, ladies and gentlemen, this finishes Tokyo Babylon‘s ride with CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION. It was a fun one, and definitely shorter compared to XXXHOLiC. Kadokawa surely made things more fun than Kodansha with announcing the covers in advance and spoiling us with heavy promo.

The next CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION has not yet been announced.

5 thoughts on “CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION: Tokyo Babylon #7 cover

  1. I’m surprised to see them all together on the cover! So there’s no actual limited numbers of character could be on the cover actually. (Could we expect Magic Knight Rayearth would have some covers of 3 main leading ladies a together?)

    But if Tokyo Babylon covers was planned before, I hope volume 1 could be three of them happily together, then the contrast would be more powerful when volume 7 appeared. (I was hoping to see the adult version Subaru on 7….😭 now I can only expecting X to come.)

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    • That’s the big question for MKR. Did they make and exception to the rule right here of have they started a trend? MKR will either be each girl alone (like the new Kodansha versions) or all 3, always.

      I hope volume 1 could be three of them happily together, then the contrast would be more powerful when volume 7 appeared.

      I fully agree! I am in minority here but I didn’t love this cover. I think having the trio on the first one and then THIS cover would have been a greater impact and full circle. In that regard, the first and last covers of XXXHOLiC were more conceptual, IMO.


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