Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 65

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We had Sakura and Syaoran in their costumes for the play and immediately after we have Akiho in her costume play. I am not sure if her veil is hand drawn. What do you all think? I wonder if on Chapter 66 we will be seeing Kaito in his “dragon robe”.

Let me start off by acknowledging a misunderstanding I had in Chapter 64 regarding Touya’s new power. Due to a translation mistake in the Portuguese version, I thought we hadn’t seen his new power yet. It turns out we did. His new power allows him to stop time for two seconds but thanks to Yukito/Yue and Nakuru and what they did at the Tsukimine Shrine, his power was able to last longer, allowing Syaoran to get inside the portal that took him to the other world. So we can scratch that mystery off the list. Solved.

So, on the other side of the portal we see “Sakura” wandering about in this dreamy world. She appears to be guided by her own cards (Clear Cards). First, the non-human ones, then later she meets with the cards that were inspired off Rika, Yamazaki, Chiharu, Naoko and Tomoyo. They all talk to her and try to elucidate “Sakura” about where she is and what she needs to do.

We learn that this world was created by “Sakura” because she wished so, but at the same time, the world is intertwined with someone else’s dream (I think it’s Kaito’s).

The first time I thought something was off with this “Sakura” is when “Tomoyo” told her that the Sakura she loves is somewhere else. Sure enough, we learn later that this isn’t Sakura.

All this dreamy scenery and “Tomoyo” reminding “Sakura” to not lose sight what is most important, it all made me think of X, of course. CLAMP will always be CLAMP, after all.

I don’t know what’s supposed to be happening on that frame where we see “Sakura’s” dress sleeve apparently changing. I thought for a moment that she would change costume but nothing (?) seemed to have happened.

The second red flag that “Sakura” is not Sakura is when she calls out Syaoran as “Cat-san”. Sure, she could have been playing the character, but at thing point everyone knows the play has gone completely off the rails! haha

The third and final red flag that “Sakura” is not Sakura is, of course, when Syaoran catches her, touches her hand and nothing happens. We then learn that it was The Mirror card all along.

But since when? I would say ever since before she entered the portal, right when the play started, because we didn’t get to see what Sakura was thinking at all. We didn’t get any “glimpse” of inside her mind and that’s just suspicious.

When Syaoran stares at The Mirror, that’s when he understood it all. He knows exactly what’s going on and what he needs to do (but not us, of course, we know shit of what’s going on).

So who replaced Sakura with The Mirror? Was it Kaito? Was it Sakura herself? We know The Mirror Sakura Card was stolen by Kaito and MIRROR (Clear Card) was missing from Sakura’s deck, too. Is there a difference, design-wise, between The Mirror and MIRROR? I can’t tell which one from the two it is.

It’s still unclear to me why replace Sakura for The Mirror at this point, and of course, where is the real Sakura.

But we knew this was coming. I thought it was Syaoran because he was way too comfy acting but it turns out it was Sakura. We can sort of scratch this off the list of “to be seen”, but we still need to know “why”.

Is it weird that Syaoran didn’t notice right away that that was not Sakura? Yes, I think so. I think he realized much too late, but I understand the scene had a bigger impact. I wonder if we will get an explanation as of why he didn’t notice right away.

I also wonder if we will be seeing the other cards shaped as Yukito, Touya, Fujitaka and then finally, the Mysterious Cloaked Figure.

This chapter was BEAUTIFULLY drawn. So, so beautiful. Also, lots of speechless panels and pages but still so much to “read” in those pages.

The updated list of cards secured so far:

  1. GALE
  2. SIEGE
  3. AQUA
  8. LUCID
  10. SNOOZE
  12. APPEAR (based on Rika)
  13. BLAZE
  14. MIRROR
  15. BLADE
  16. REPAIR (based on Tomoyo)
  17. REWIND (based on Syaoran)
  18. SHADE
  19. BREAK
  21. PROMISE (based on Yukito)
  22. MIRAGE
  23. DREAMING (based on the Mysterious Cloaked Figure)
  24. TIME
  25. TRUE OR FALSE (based on Naoko)
  26. CHOICE (based on Touya)
  27. KINDNESS (based on Fujitaka)
  28. SYNCHRONIZE (based on Yamazaki & Chiharu)

Anime-only cards:

  1. GRAVITATION (appeared in the manga)
  2. HAIL (appeared in the manga)
  3. REVERSAL (appeared in the manga)
  4. SWING

35 pages for the first chapter of volume 14!

Next month CCS Clear Card arc is sadly taking a break. Chapter 66 will come out only on October 1st! =/


2 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 65

  1. I think that was 2 different scenes. One was real Syaoran with The Mirror. When they touch each other The Mirror changed back to her true form and she said she was sorry. The other one might look the same but it was actually real Sakura with fake Syaoran (possibly played by Mirror Clear Card) and she didn’t reveal her true identity to Sakura. That’s why the next scene after Syaoran touched The Mirror we see Syaoran went with Sakura like nothing happened, because that’s real Sakura going with fake Syaoran, you can see the strange look on her face on the last page. A bit confsusing.


    • I see some people had that very same interpretation (including my friend, Cinzia), but I disagree. I don’t think there is a fake Syaoran at all. What I think happened is that we saw for a split second Syaoran “realizing” that that was Mirror, and not Sakura. It’s not like Mirror “changed” to her true form, it was just Syaoran’s realization. That’s why the scene after we still see Sakura, because Mirror hasn’t “unchanged”, it was just CLAMP’s way of visually showing us Syaoran’s realization.


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