X is the 4th series of CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION (Updated)

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 角川書店

The 4th series of CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION has been announced and it’s going to be X!

Following the Kodansha/Kadokawa pattern, after Magic Knight Rayearth (Kodansha), fans already anticipated the next title would be one from Kadokawa.

The news comes from Amazon Japan, which lists X volume 1 of CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION for a February 3rd release date.

The description informs that all color pages that were originally printed in black and white on the original tankoubon version of X will be in color in the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION! Moreover, the 5 chapters released for X 18.5 will also be included in this edition!

The bonus for those who purchase all volumes will be a set of 19 clear tarot cards! Gentle reminder that it must include The Fool, which was only published in the X ZERO artbook, which brings the total to 19 cards. Another gentle reminder that you must live in Japan or have a Japanese address in order to apply.

Kadokawa is coming with a bang! Bringing their longest CLAMP series next (albeit still unfinished) and including (some) original color pages!

This solves one of the major questions that fans had: whether incomplete series would be included in CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION and X confirms that they will!

I’m already looking forward to the new covers, CLAMP’s commentary YouTube videos (hopefully), Kadokawa promotional efforts and enjoying new re-releases of X for the next 9 months!

UPDATE: Kadokawa already has all 19 (18 + 18.5) volumes listed on their website!

Here’s the full schedule:

February 3: vol 1
March 3: vols 2 & 3
April 3: vols 4 & 5
May 2: vols 6 & 7
June 2: vols 8 & 9
July 4: vols 10 & 11
August 4: vols 12 & 13
September 4: vols 14 & 15
October 4: vols 16 & 17
November 4: vols 18 & 18.5

It’s confirmed now that volume 18.5 will have its own volume and not have its chapters included with volume 18.

UPDATE 2: The cover illustration has been announced!

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD.

This is just the illustration that will be used for the cover, it is not the actual cover. It’s still missing the typography of CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION.

It looks a bit similar to the tarot card from that volume, so I wonder if all covers will follow the same pattern… I also wonder if they will all be black (how cool would that be?)

The art style is simple, which is expected from this series.

Waaaah I’m excited!! =D

UPDATE 3: The final cover has been announced:

It’s been announced that a box to hold all 19 volumes (18 + 18.5) will be released. Details to follow.


12 thoughts on “X is the 4th series of CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION (Updated)

  1. Hi, thanks for the information! I’d love to get this collection, especially the tarot cards. However, you mentioned “you must live in Japan or have a Japanese address in order to apply.”. Does this mean that a person will still need to order the tarot cards seperately or it will get mailed together to the Japanese address with like the final volume?

    Thank you!

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    • It’s a completely separated process. You need to buy all 19 volumes (doesn’t have to be all at once), cut the little seal/stamp thing that is included in every obi (belt) strip wrapping up the book, paste them all in a piece a paper and then mail it to a given Kadokawa address. Several months later they will mail you back the bonus, free of charge. They usually don’t mail you if you don’t live in Japan, I don’t know how it’s gonna be for this time around…

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  2. Hell Yeah!
    Artbook too CLAMP, please.
    I was ecstatic when found out they rerelease RG Veda Artbook hopefully they do the same for the rest of CLAMP works especially the classics Tokyo Babylon, X, CCS, Wish.

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  3. Vizmedia and Darkhorse both have the license to the CLAMP Kadokawa works, I hope they cooperate if they decide to release the Kadokawa Clamp Premium Collection.


    • Yenpress owning Kobato is an exception to that but the rest of Kadokawa CLAMP works are either licensed by Viz or Darkhorse.


    • No but you have to buy 19 volumes 2x if you want 2 sets.

      All 19 volumes = 1 set

      But 1000 sets of 19 volumes = 1000 tarot sets


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