Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 70

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I think this is gonna be yet a short review.

We have another color spread this month! We’ve been getting a lot of spreads lately (not complaining). Sakura has a very sad expression on her face. She will look a bit sad before she can look happy again.

I am not sure I fully understood what happened here but I think we are looking at the reality/future/story that Kaito wished for after using a combination of the clear cards Sakura created (specially EXCHANGE), the forbidden magic contained in Momo’s book and his own magic powers. Kaito “rewrote” the records of their lives and in this reality/future/story, Sakura and Akiho are actually twins.

This is a little different than what I had in mind. I thought that by exchanging the lives of Sakura and Akiho, all of Akiho’s misfortunes and even the curse would fall directly upon Sakura. I thought Sakura would have lived everything that Akiho went through, which is why I never liked this idea in the first place, and never believe Kaito would want that (because that would mean Sakura would be sad/hurt). But that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Somehow everything looks fine? With the two of them, at least…

Now, with Kaito things don’t seem as well. But he doesn’t mind because his wish has been granted (typical CLAMP character). All the magic that was written/engraved in Akiho are now with Kaito. He basically took over all the “bad shit” that Akiho had in her body to his own instead. This made me a bit confused and wondering if the EXCHANGE card was actually used for this purpose (to move the “curse” from Akiho to Kaito). But if that’s the case, what about the sakura and cosmos flowers in the card?

Knowing that this is what Kaito wanted all along makes me relieved because I never thought he wanted to do any harm to Sakura. I strongly refused to think so, which is why I was always “against” the theory that he wanted to switch their lives. Yet, somehow, Kaito managed to seemingly make both Sakura and Akiho genuinely happy in this reality. Even Kaito is happy, but we know he is not considering Akiho’s feelings here, he is considering only his own feelings.

There’s some explanation from the magic association and Akiho’s family about the “D” in Kaito’s name being actually a seal should he do something that the association and Akiho’s family did not approve of. By the looks of it, the seal has been activated and now Kaito is not able to “go back”. So, all this time that voice that Sakura was hearing saying she wouldn’t be able to “go back”, was that message actually addressed to Kaito all this time? I need some clarification.

Of course this new reality/future/whatever seems really perfect and all, for Kaito, but I’m not buying it (I think nobody is buying it, to be honest xD) and Momo said that there will be inconsistencies (of course). It all seems too easy.

What about Sakura and Akiho as twins? If that’s the case, what happens to Lillie? We know in this reality, Fujitaka is their father, but what about their mother? Not sure if we will have this twin thing consolidated by the end of the series.

Another strong indication that this is not the ending is the fact that Sakura herself hasn’t done anything and we just know that she will do something. I can’t help but think of that scene with Momo talking to Nero and Suppi in Sakura’s bedroom. We still don’t know what was that all about and I wonder if it’ll have some relation to the outcome. Oh, and we still haven’t seen Sakura wearing that dress that she is supposed to wear next time she meets the Mysterious Cloaked Figure.

How will Akiho feel now that Kaito is seemingly gone in this new reality? To be seen.

We know now that Clear Card is not ending with volume 14, as originally planned, but I can see how CLAMP thought it might have been concluded with volume 14 after reading this chapter. Of course, 15 volumes give them more pages to end it properly.

C’mon, Sakura, we need your help to fix this mess xD

The updated list of cards secured so far:

  1. GALE
  2. SIEGE
  3. AQUA
  8. LUCID
  10. SNOOZE
  12. APPEAR (based on Rika)
  13. BLAZE
  14. MIRROR
  15. BLADE
  16. REPAIR (based on Tomoyo)
  17. REWIND (based on Syaoran)
  18. SHADE
  19. BREAK
  21. PROMISE (based on Yukito)
  22. MIRAGE
  23. DREAMING (based on the Mysterious Cloaked Figure)
  24. TIME
  25. TRUE OR FALSE (based on Naoko)
  26. CHOICE (based on Touya)
  27. KINDNESS (based on Fujitaka)
  28. SYNCHRONIZE (based on Yamazaki & Chiharu)

Anime-only cards:

  1. GRAVITATION (appeared in the manga)
  2. HAIL (appeared in the manga)
  3. REVERSAL (appeared in the manga)
  4. SWING

32 pages for the fifth chapter of volume 14, which makes a total of 148 pages for volume 14. Considering volume 14 will come out on March 31st, this might have been the final chapter of this volume. Unless volume 14 will be shorter than average and only 4 chapters will be included…

Chapter 71 will come out on March 1st! I am impressed that we are not getting a break! (not complaining!)


5 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 70

  1. This was a great chapter, I’m glad Kaito did nothing bad to Sakura and even found a loving and caring place for Akiho to live in. But come on, Sakura needs to fix this mess Kaito’s selfishness has created. Kaito and Akiho only had each other, the simple fact that Akiho forgot him is very sad 😥

    I wonder if now Kaito has no soul, and is only an empty husk of his former self… Where is his body now? Maybe Sakura will have to rescue him from the magic association and clan. What are their plans for him now that Kaito can be used as a… weapon? A reservoir? What can he be used for now that the book inside him is complete? Or was he destroyed with the book thanks to the D Seal, which prevented him from using it? This would mean the people waiting for the book to be completed shoot their own foot…

    Now that Akiho is Sakura’s twin sister, maybe she too has magic power and can use the clock… Could it be that Momo also recorded Kaito’s life inside the book to help him later? Momo knows Kaito’s true name, so she “holds his sorcerer’s heart”, so maybe his contract with her, precludes any other magic those bastards casted on him… Maybe Sakura and Momo can help him with the Time card, which I think has not yet been used, and was borne from Lilie’s protection for the two Alices, and then return to the stopped time Touya and Yukito created before this tragedy…

    As you’ve said, maybe all the guardians of the book will be instrumental for this, Momo must have told them something very important. Sakura has yet to create her own book for the clear cards, and she has yet to create new guardians for it, or maybe just recreate the old Clow Guardians for the new book…

    This is CLAMP so there will be a price to pay if Sakura wants to help Kaito… So many possibilities… I’m really excited for the next chapter!


    • Omgish. You said a lot of things that makes sense and gives me a lot of ideas of that I can make a theories from coming off of what you’ve said.

      Theory #1 : Now that Akiho has become Sakura’s twin sister, sooner or later she would feel that something is off and that would apply to Sakura as well since you know they both tell almost everything to each other. Akiho would find out about Kaito and his situation. Not knowing how to help, she went to Sakura and then things happen where Sakura would probably share her power to Akiho and they solved the issue.

      Theory #2 : As you probably know that Momo is already the guardian of the book and Kaito had now become one with the book, which means that he would become the other guardian of the book potentially. Think about it, Keroberos and Yue are the guardian of Clow’s book and now is Sakura’s book. But this one that Momo is guarding isn’t any ordinary book, it’s a time book which cannot be contain with a beast and a person. That’s why Momo and Kaito would become the guardians of the Book and since this was already Akiho’s book to begin with, she would become the owner of this book by borrowing Sakura’s power.

      Theory #3 : Akiho would somehow awaken her own powers by borrowing Sakura’s powers. Since knowing Sakura, she would definitely find a way send a few of her powers to help Kaito or Akiho somehow. And as you know it’s magic world even if you don’t have power from the beginning but when someone transfer you a bit of their powers, you would probably awaken the hidden power inside.

      Theory #4 : Akiho probably have her own power, it just that it sealed by her parents. As you already know Akiho’s parents are powerful mages, they probably used a very very powerful seal on Akiho’s power the moment she was born, to the point where the other mages in the organization cannot see or even known about the seal and it’s in a very hidden location where it couldn’t be found easily unless the owner itself wants it to be unsealed. How could Akiho cannot have powers when her parents are powerful mages unless there’s a reason that she cannot use the powers to begin with?!

      Theory #5 : Sakura’s Mom, Nadeshiko Kinomoto-san, is probably related to Akiho’s Mother or the mage organization since Nadeshiko-san is childhood friends with Akiho’s Mother. How can you be childhood friends with someone from the Mage Organization while traveling with her grandfather? It’s not the cliche moment that they meet just by passing by each other on the street or event.

      This another reason why Sakura and Toya have power in the beginning besides getting their power from their Fujitaka Kinomoto-san. However, Kinomoto-san didn’t get his power after Sakura give her Father some of Clow’s (Eriol) magic to spilt their souls completely (according to the manga). If they don’t have powers, how does Sakura open Clow’s Book and how does Toya able to help Sakura to be out of danger many times.

      Theory #6 : Also, Lilie Shinomoto (Akiho’s Mother) said that she give the key to Nadeshiko-san and telling her that it was destined for the “two beautiful Alices” that would come to them. Meaning that there’s something in that key that can give a hint to solve onto this mess.

      Those are my theories, please comment below if you commenters have something else also to say or add.


      • Theory #1 : I think the next chapter will be just everyone realizing the new reality is off, and maybe Sakura doing something to fix it, a new card could solve it, but I think it will be a slow chapter… we’ll see…

        Theory #2 : But you are mixing two completely different books. Kaito was already the owner of Momo’s Book. Currently there are three books in total, the Clow-Sakura book (Sakura is its master, via a contract with Kero and Yue), the Momo Time book (Kaito is its master, via a contract with Momo) and the magic association and clan book, which up until now resided within Akiho and most probably could be used by the members of the groups who created it. The latter book uses a person as a vessel, and dissolves or destroys that person’s soul when it becomes too powerful, leaving an empty body which can be used as a book. This is what happened to Kaito, who no matter how powerful, he now must be an empty body with no soul. But yeah, there are so many possibilities that I also think maybe Kaito and Akiho could somehow become guardians of their own book…

        Theory #3 : Yes, completely agree with his one

        Theory #4 : This gave me an idea: as you say, for Akiho’s parents, it would have been possible to have transferred her powers to another person or some vessel, and as Lilie could see into the future, she knew this way her daughter would be free of the clan, and chose this path for her, if anyone could help her, it would be Sakura.

        Theory #5 : I think in this case it really is just the cliché moment haha, of course this is CLAMP so it is also hitzusen. I’m starting to believe that Nadeshiko is actually an angel, like the ones from “Wish” and she didn’t simply die but somehow “ascended” to the status we see her in, that would be enough to give her children a lot of magical power, it could be argued that, as clow split himself in two, Fujitaka is essentially Clow himself, the father of Sakura… all the children born of that marriage would have exceptional magic power.

        Theory #6 : For what we know, maybe kero and suppi have that important clock in their possession right now, but after the altering of the timeline, who knows

        I now have a few of my own:

        #1: Syaoran from the future has been appearing in Sakura’s dreams, it is now obvious to me that at some point in the future he will be exchanged with Akiho (via the new card) for some reason, explaining why he is wearing her robe and his eyes look soulless, and eventually he will-travel/has-traveled to the past to give Sakura the new key. That key by the way, was created from the destroyed clear cards, so I think we still need to see a world in which Syaoran is exchanged for Akiho and the new cards all break apart, like some kind of discarded alternate reality, maybe Sakura is trapped inside a time loop and she has to break it to move forward.

        Or there could be another possibility.

        #2: The dragon on the dream of the first chapters could be either Kaito or Sakura exchanged with Kaito, that dream sequence is quite confusing. First, in a deep dream, the robed person who I think is Syaoran gives her the key, then she wakes up to a more superficial layer of dreaming and supposedly that same robed person on top of the dragon wants to steal the key from her, making it obvious that they are not the same person at all… so… what if the first robed person (the one who made the key) was a future Akiho, with her birthright powers intact, giving Sakura the key, and thus, the chance to break the time loop, and then the robed-person-dragon pair she met on the superficial layer of dreams were Syaoran (robed person) and Sakura (dragon) herself, trying to get the key which is “the beginning of the end” of the time loop…

        #3: Or maybe the robed person has always been Syaoran, just in two different time periods.

        #4: Or maybe Syaoran did give her the key and the robed-person-dragon pair are Akiho and Kaito…

        So many possibilities…

        Just a few days now for the next chapter! Let’s hope it’s good 🙂


    • The clock has been activated several chapters ago. I can’t remember the exact chapter but a rose emerged and protected Sakura, then Momo took her inside the book and showed a world without Sakura in it.


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