More Kobato. cast members announced! (Updated)

This month’s Newtype magazine will announce more cast members from the Kobato. TV anime. Even though the magazine is only officially out on the 10th, the information has already leaked through the japanese board 2ch.

Kohaku: Chiwa Saitou
Kiyokazu Fujimoto: Tomoaki Maeno
Sayaka Okiura: Fumiko Orikasa
Chitose Mihara: Houko Kawashima
Kazuto Okiura: Shinichiro Miki

Fujimoto’s seiyuu looks like a newcomer, like Kobato’s seiyuu. The seiyuus of Sayaka, Chitose and the Debt Collector, on the other hand, are all long-time professionals. I was surprised with Chitose’s seiyuu, she did Satsuki in X and Minoru in Chobits, and they are both pretty “down” characters, not “kind” as I imagine Chitose to be… hummm, we’ll see.

Oh and we got to know the Debt Collector’s first name, it’s Kazuto! =D And I’m very happy with the seiyuu choice, Shinichiro Miki is perfect!

The Kobato. anime will start on October 6 (just one month away!)

And this is a preview for the next issue of Newtype, which will be celebrating the debut of the Kobato. TV Anime with lots of CLAMP features:

Thanks for the picture!

The preview says:

– Cover will be drawn by CLAMP;
– More information about the Kobato. anime;
– “Big news” regarding Code Geass R2;
– Trading cards giveaway that they are calling “CLAMP TRUMP”.

Lots of things to look forward to in the next Newtype issue, huh? The magazine will be on sale October 10.

Update: The official website of Kobato. TV Anime has a new illustration on its homepage, you can check the full illustration in high quality in this link (thanks shiro_han for letting me know about it!)


12 thoughts on “More Kobato. cast members announced! (Updated)

  1. Maeno is not really a newcomer anymore (just like Chiwa, though Chiwa dose have longer seiyuu history xD). He played lots of small parts in the past but made big breakthrough in spring 2008 with his part as Doujo Atsuhi in anime Library War but the anime itself was not so widely popular among English viewers. But he made good impression on many people since a lot of people (including me) believed he’ll receive reward for best newcomer last year at Seiyuu awards. Either way way he’s brilliant at dubbing “tsundare” characters and those that have a lot of personality behind the first look, but he fails big time dubbing normal mediocre characters that are found everywhere.
    It’s been long time since i last read Kobato. so i don’t remember well how Fujimoto is generally acting but what i do remember and the vibes i’m getting from the character now i think tat Maeno will do a perfect job (and just seeing his name i’m looking forward to Kobato. anime 2x as much as i did before :3).


  2. its good to see you again chibiyuuto-san ๐Ÿ™‚
    well, first of all, im so happy for the seiyuus, i wanted sayaka ohara to play as sayaka, but fumiko orikasa its a good choice by the way, as the rest of the cast. We’ll have to see how it is the voice of fujimoto.

    thanks for thw news and, your new layout, its sooo lovely!


  3. ooh cant wait ๐Ÿ˜‰

    yay almost there (to october) i hope that they incorperate the whole wish story into the anime, since it was such a wonderful story and had me in tears (good tears) in the end.
    what could the big news be about code geass r2? maybe the story isnt done yet (yeah i doubt it but im a dreamer) cant wait to find out.


  4. Looks like it’s a 52 playing card deck not trading cards, usually those sets are advertised as “trump” here and all the big anime magazines put one out periodically for whatever the new hot series is. I don’t think there’s been a Clamp one in Newtype before. I’m looking forward to it!


  5. Thanks for sharing all these news ^^
    The part about the “big news” concerning Code Geass R2 excited many people, but I know by experience that those “big announcements” are not always as ‘big’ as the producers tries to make them be when advertising them…so while I will follow this issue, I won’t hold my breath yet ๐Ÿ˜›
    As for the cover of the Newtype, it’s not specified but I guess we can safely suppose it’s going to be Kobato art ^^


  6. O_o I have never heard of Tomoaki Maeno. Ever. But I hope it makes a good Fujimoto. I like the cast, though. And even if Kana Hanazawa is (relatively) newish, I think she’ll make a fine Kobato.


    • She’s done 20 voice acting roles (these are just the ones i can remember, probably more) since 2006, and 11 of those were for main characters. She has plenty of talent. So i wouldn’t say she’s relatively newish.


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