Kobato. anime spread from Newtype

Here is the Kobato. anime feature that was published in this month’s Newtype magazine:

Click on Original image (3.8 MB) to view the scan in higher resolution.

Also, just a heads up that Tsubasa #28 (most likely the final volume) and the 2nd Tsubasa artbook will be both released on November 17. Click here (beware for spoilers!!) to check the announcement from the latest Tsubasa chapter.

Thanks clampholickyou for the heads up =)


36 thoughts on “Kobato. anime spread from Newtype

  1. Kohaku looks as lovely as always. (I’m amazed that the artists are even including the highlighted wisps of hair–they’re outdoing themselves so far as fidelity to the source material goes.) Thank you for all of this information!


  2. i wrote that! the “i luv the crossovers! i wonder which epsode would that be….” thingy! i forgot to login i’m so stupid! >.


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