CLAMP in Japan Expo: Two Public Conferences

The official website of Japan Expo reports that CLAMP will be making two public conferences during their attendance.

Busy days for CLAMP at the event, they are also planned to participate as judges of the special Cosplay Contest of CLAMP characters.

Details of dates will be given soon.

Japan Expo will be held in Paris, France, from the 2nd to 5th of July.

I wonder if one can participate of both conferences, or I wonder if the Cosplay Contest is a plus (probably), not one of these two public appearances.


6 thoughts on “CLAMP in Japan Expo: Two Public Conferences

  1. Okay, I was so into studying for my next exams that I didn’t read the news…
    Well, it seems there will be two *conferences* so I don’t think it includes the cosplay… Or it really would sly from the organizers!

    From what took place last year with the guests, I think the conferences (and the cosplay) will be be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Kids are on vacation since the end of june, but aldults can only be there during the week-end, so they can’t afford to put anything important on Thursday.

    Hum, normally you should be able to attend both, as the entrance of this kind of event is based on the “first there, first served” principle. You sometimes have to stand in line for three hours though. But I still hope they won’t put on some ridiculous contest like for the autographs.

    But two conferences? I don’t think Takeshi Obashi did even one last year… ^^


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