CLAMP illustrates Kamigami-tachi no Gosui (Updated)

Animedia magazine publishes monthly chapters of the novel Kamigami-tachi no Gosui written by Atsuko Asano and illustrated in collaboration by various artists.

CLAMP was chosen to draw the illustrations for the two final chapters and kitsune_no_ame was nice enough to share cam shots of the 4 illustrations that CLAMP drew for the first of them.

Check them out here: [1], [2], [3], [4]

So gorgeous, isn’t it? I can’t wait for next month’s illustrations.

Update: cutesherry has super HQ scans of the full Kamigami-tachi no Gosui chapter and also CLAMP’s Cover Gallery from this month’s Newtype.


33 thoughts on “CLAMP illustrates Kamigami-tachi no Gosui (Updated)

  1. Geez, too fast!! 😛
    I scanned them in HQ and I’m still in the cleaning process, but you posted snaps of those pics before I could finish my edit ^^;;
    Anyway, I’ll be sharing the 600dpi scans in a couple of hours (I’ve got others things to scan and edit…)


  2. ZOMG they’re gorgeous *O*, beautiful art
    Somehow the main char looks like lulu, or it just me? but still awesome XD
    Thank you chibiyuuto and kitsune_no_ame for sharing 😀


  3. I think that it looks like the preview picture for Gate 7, I guess they’re practicing a different style now to make the transition easier later (god, when you think of all the different styles they have drawn in… it’s pretty amazing).


  4. It´s a little bit off
    topic but I have an important question:

    In the new released german TRC manga no.22…Fay says in the scene between him and Kurogane the whole name “Kurogane”. But in the original manga…Fay says “Kuro-sama”..or not????

    I´m very exiting…this is a rude shock for me and other german fans. ^^”
    The german translation is not very good…Kakyou was made as a woman….XD


    • OT

      That’s because years ago EMA (German publisher of TRC) decided to drop the honorifics (and used variations like “Mr Blackman” etc). At first it were just silly honorifics, I guess they didn’t understand the importance of it now.


        • Re: OT

          Bzw. Ich will wissen, ob das wirklich im Original Japanischen dastand. Hab mich schon im Comicfoum beschwert. Ich find das so schrecklich, die ganze wichtige Pointe geht verloren.

          Wenn ich den Band in den Händen halten werde, werd ich das durchstreichen und Kuro-sama hinschreiben! 😛


          • Re: OT

            If your talking about how Fay called Kurogane after hiting him in the country of Japan, he said :

            – “Okaeshitayo Kuro-sama”

            in page 22 of my Deluxe Japanese edition, volume 22.

            Is that what you were looking for?


  5. >>So gorgeous, isn’t it? I can’t wait for next month’s illustrations.
    Can’t disagree with you. XDD
    The bird remind me of Tanpopo but it looks as if it’s the ‘enhanced’ (more serious) version. LOLOLOL


  6. Those illustrations are beautiful. That boy reminds me of Touya. I’m actually most impressed with the frog illustration – I’ve never seen CLAMP draw with that style before.


  7. Wonderful images! They feel like Oshiroi ChouChou! My hopes are high for gate 7. ^_^

    Thanks for scanning, kitsune_no_ame and for sharing Chibiyuuto! ^_^ Is Cutesherry’s version already released?

    Just hoping that the mangettes won’t have the normal American Comics Flaw (lots of advertissment pages and nearly always releasing late ¬_¬)


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