CLAMP in Japan Expo: Two Sign Sessions

More updates from CLAMP’s visit to the 10th edition of Japan Expo in France, Paris this July.

Following their activities as Guests of Honor, the event’s official website announced that CLAMP will give two sign sessions.

Details of dates and hours of the sign sessions will be announced soon.

Other activities of CLAMP in the 4 days of event include two public conferences and a CLAMP Cosplay Contest as judges.


15 thoughts on “CLAMP in Japan Expo: Two Sign Sessions

  1. two sign sessions.*goes crazy* ;O;
    remember the *sign my arm, please*? LOL

    Thank you for the news πŸ˜€

    chibiyuuto, someone..ehmm..told me…
    is it true? o_o *hides*


    • LOL will you sign my arm, please, HAHAHA

      Ohkawa will you sign my arm?

      What is true? xD Wait wait wait, if Ian is the one who told you, yeah, it’s true xD But don’t tell anyone, LOL


        • I suspected there would be at least one public conference and maybe a sign session, like AX. But are really having a lot of participation indeed. Good for us and the people going =D


          • Can somebody post what they will say in the conference…about gate 7, if the sbuject is brought up, please please please!? that would just be soooo great!


  2. Would I be wrong in thinking that this would be the perfect opportunity for a fan to hand the fanbooks DIRECTLY to CLAMP? Instead of posting them?

    It just seems like it would be a little more special.


    • This subject has been brought up to discussion for the editors. It depends whether the book will be finished by then. But I agree, it sounds like a great chance to make sure it gets to their hand.


  3. Wow! Wish I was going…Some1 should get something signed and post up a scan pic! πŸ™‚ Do they know English? Cus a fan might have trouble explaining the Fanbook IF we got it to them by then…or will they have a translator with them for the French and English? (Sorry if this is a dum question minna…^^”)


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