CLAMP to judge Cosplay Contest at Japan Expo

The first activity of CLAMP at the Japan Expo has been announced today by the event’s official website: to judge a Cosplay Contest!

There will a special Cosplay Contest of CLAMP characters and the winners will be chosen by CLAMP themselves!

More details as they come! If you plan to participate, keep an eye on Japan Expo’s website for instructions.

Thanks for letting me know, zero_no_tsubasa!

10 thoughts on “CLAMP to judge Cosplay Contest at Japan Expo

  1. Amazing *O* a dream come true to any CLAMP fan
    This is a big chance to meet them in person ;O;
    i wish i could been there yoy
    Thanks for the news chibiyuuto 😀


  2. I guess the winners of last year World Cosplay Summit, who did a wonderful Suu and Oruha from Clover will be there. ^_^

    And the Clamp girls will be the judge. I want to be there! T_T

    So… I need a plane ticket, a place to slep and a Clamp character cosplay. Well, I’ll think about it… ^_~


  3. CLAMP characters are always quite popular to cosplay in France! I think we can count on a couple of Clover cosplayers, a bunch from Tsubasa, a few Yuuko and inevitably several Sakura ^^


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