DOWNLOAD: CLAMP Video Interview from Bande Dessinée Festival (Updated)

Great exclusive material today!

Remember last year when CLAMP was featured in the Bande Dessinée Festival, coincidentally also held in France? There was a video screening at the event showing CLAMP’s studio along with an interview shot specifically for the event.

Turns out that video was included in a special DVD celebrating CLAMP’s 20th Anniversary released exclusively in France!

The DVD was released by Kaze and Pika Édition and apart from the interview, it also contains the first episode of Angelic Layer, Chobits, XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa Chronicle (animes licensed by Kaze).

kei-san77 was kind enough to rip the video interview in high quality! There’s a total of two videos. The first one is very short and it shows CLAMP working in their studio, the second video is the interview itself.

CLAMP Studio (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 38 MB.
File type: AVI.
Running time: 1 minute.
MegaUpload Mirror

CLAMP Interview (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 113 MB.
File type: AVI.
Running time: 7 minutes.
MegaUpload Mirror

Enjoy! kei-san77 told me she’ll be sharing a translation of the interview, and since the French subs are attached to the video permanently, a simple subtitle file wouldn’t work, anyone willing to make a nice subbed version of this would be welcomed! ^__^

I thought we might never have this video. I’ve been wanting it like crazy since the previews were available, being able to have it in such quality makes me very happy!

Update: Translation of the interview can be read here.

58 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD: CLAMP Video Interview from Bande Dessinée Festival (Updated)

  1. has all my bless! *-*

    >Ahh, I’d love it if I could spend even just half an hour in their studio… but I’m sure I’d never want to leave. X3

    Sou ne… I like these videos because at least it feels a little like we were there? xD


  2. Thank you both for these videos! ♥

    I can hear CLAMP speak and understand what they are saying! 8D

    If help is needed in translating, I can help! French is my mother tongue.


      • Interesting stuff from the interview

        I’ll try come here more often. Life can’t be that crazy. ^_~

        Here’s some interesting stuff from the interview, to help you wait for kei_san77’s translation :

        – The name CLAMP was an idea of a friend of them at the time they were doing doujinshi.

        – The imprisonment theme that can be seen in a lot of Clamp works, though not very associated with the Japanese litterature, is more used as a plot device, but is also a representation of the individualism of their characters and their struggle to free themselves from other people or fate.

        – When Mokona has some interesting design Idea, she either sketchs it down or just take some note. It happens, but not really often, that she sees someone in the street with an interesting haircut and takes some notes.

        – According to Ohkawa, if you want to be as productive as the Clamp Girls, there’s only one easy step: sacrifice your private life. ^_~ They never took a week of vacation since their debut. o.O

        – What is their source of inspiration for their manga? Datelines. XD They said once they know the dateline, they get sure to have something to present by then. And how they should be more organized.

        – Clover was base on a dream made by Ohkawa. It’s all there, but she made some modifications.

        – RG Veda too, for the first part.


        • Re: Interesting stuff from the interview

          Very nice! Thank you!

          >According to Ohkawa, if you want to be as productive as the Clamp Girls, there’s only one easy step: sacrifice your private life. ^_~ They never took a week of vacation since their debut. o.O

          Loved that part xD


  3. Thank you *O*
    i love watching CLAMP videos or interviews i feel a little more closer XDDD *lulz*
    definately looking forward for the translation 😀
    Thanks again n_n


  4. Thank you for posting that. I don’t understand French so I didn’t know what the questions were, but could pretty much figure out from CLAMP’s answers. I thought it was interesting that they don’t think their stories are dark or serious when they write them.


  5. Ohhh God! This is amazing! *___* Thank you so much!!!
    Mokona cute as always in kimono *-*
    kei_san77, and Chibi Yuuto-sama, GOD – HAVE ME AS YOUR SLAVE *acting weird and crazy as a fangirl usually does*


  6. Yeah, that’s good news. i’m gonna watch it right away.
    but it was strange to notice that u dind’t make the resume of trc and holic last chapters… i was expecting them the whole week, because your explanations always help me. but this time chapter 176, 177 of holic and 217 of trc are missing.
    i’m sure you must have been busy. i don’t mean to presure you.
    it was just a commend.


  7. OH GOD… I Just Watched the interview and now I’m downloading the studio video… and… Thank God nobody else is home right now because I seriously CAN’T stop Screaming!!! xDD

    Thank You BOTH SO SO SO SO SO MUCH for Saring this!!! ;_____; it’s amazing!!!


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