Ohkawa talks Holitsuba

The Message section of CLAMP-NET.COM is being updated randomly since its debut on April 1st.

Today Nanase Ohkawa posted a message about the script of the Holitsuba Drama CD that is planned for later this year:


OAD prize script. The amount of twins is no longer increasing (laughs).

It is unclear to me, though, if that means there won’t be additional twins in this Drama CD or if this was the last addition (since this will probably be the last Holitsuba Drama CD).

The Holitsuba Drama CD is a special prize for those who purchase one of the two XXXHOLiC or Tsubasa OADs and is slated for September.

22 thoughts on “Ohkawa talks Holitsuba

  1. s-so that means no sakura twins?
    *sighs of relief* now that’s how the story’s not gonna be bout… good! otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense. XD
    iiinteresting… i wonder what the next story’s gonna be bout. with all that Ran Ran and Ron Ron and… panda? o.O
    thanks for the wonderful news~! ^^


  2. Part of me is glad that there r no more twins but i’m sad cuz i wanted both syaorans with a sakura so they’ll all be happy! maybe they’ll be an intro 2 parents…


  3. I had mix feelings when I heard the news about no more twins. I thought eh, no more new twins? and then I thought it’s better after all, too much twins (sorry for getting nowhere).


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