XXXHOLiC schedule

For the record, there’s a little confusion going on with XXXHOLiC’s schedule in the past days, the schedule posted on CLAMP-NET.COM on the April 1st update was mistaken (as I suspected).

The correct schedule that is currently on CLAMP-NET.COM is the following:

03/30 – Young Magazine #18 – Chapter 177.
04/06 – Young Magazine #19 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
04/13 – Young Magazine #20 – Chapter 178.
04/20 – Young Magazine #21 – Chapter 179.

In the previous update there was a chapter planned for Young Magazine #19.

Just for the record… I don’t know if you were confused but I was XD

Thanks syaoranmew for the heads up! ^_~

14 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC schedule

  1. Thanks for the news as always ^^
    And I was so looking forward to read this week chapter since Sunday T___T Well, people has been suspecting before that the previous chapter sort of mentioned that it “should” come out on 04/13 but still…. 😦


  2. Yes, I really was confused. I was waiting for this chapter so long, checking mangatraders, livejournal and onemanga everyday with the hope of finding the new chapter ;_;. Too bad, I’ll have to wait one more week to put my hands on the next chapter =/


  3. …. but, chapter 178 came out. Isn’t it not supposed to come out for a while, according to your schedule? And according to the magazine, the next one won’t come out until April 20th. So, to my understanding, so far 3/30, 4/06 have had chapters 177 and 178, 4/13 won’t have a chapter and the next chapter (179) will be out 4/20

    otherwise our scanlators can turn back time as chapter 178 was on onemanga nearly 4 days ahead of schedule. O.o the have the power to control space and time! *le gasp* our scanlators are Fei Wong Reed in disguise!!!


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