Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OAD updates

Short news.

The official website of Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC OADs added a report from the after-recording sessions of the second half of Tsubasa Shunraiki with comments from the staff and cast.

According to the production diary, which was also updated, there are 2 weeks left of production for the second half of Tsubasa Shunraiki.

The OAD is scheduled for May 15.

12 thoughts on “Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OAD updates

        • radiomacrossing

          Thanks for the update on the Blog. It changes so infrequently I miss a lot of the updates. One interesting thing that may be a typo is that it says “About the flow of production on “Tsubasa Shunraiki – Part II,” to make a 6/23 sale date…

          6月23日の発売にむけ、制作の進む「ツバサ 春雷記」後編ですが

          So, which is it really? May 15th or June 23rd (which is xxxHolic’s sale date)?

          Also, I wonder how many more chapters are needed to fill Book 27? Normally each book is about 170 pages, and we’re only at 141. Although books 10, 12 and 15 were in the 165 page range…


          • Re: radiomacrossing

            I noticed that too!

            It’s a typo as far as I know. The official release date remains being May 15th until further notice.

            >Also, I wonder how many more chapters are needed to fill Book 27?

            According to my counts, after 218, we have 2 more chapters for volume 27.


            • Re: radiomacrossing

              >According to my counts, after 218, we have 2 more chapters for volume 27.

              I originally thought it might be two more chapters, but I’m thinking the next chapter will finish Book 27, probably a longer chapter too. My reasoning is that Chapter 219 comes out on 4/15, which is one month before book 27. Since there is no chapter planned for the Golden Week issue (21-22) and expectations are that Chapter 220 will be in issue 23 on May 6th, that would only give a nine day lead time from magazine publication to book publication, something that doesn’t happen often. Looking at Tsubasa’s history of magazine and book release dates, it’s always been at least a month delay (though more often two months).

              I guess we’ll see. 🙂 Maybe the OAD is really pushed back to June 23rd.


              • Re: radiomacrossing

                Humm, yeah, you have a very good point, and I agree with everything you said.

                There are 141 pages with Chapter 218, that means Chapter 219 must have 35~39 pages in order to fill volume 27.

                9 days does seem too tight. So either:

                – Chapter 219 will have 35 pages (but this doesn’t happen since 2004 I think).
                – Volume 27 will be slightly smaller than the other 26 volumes (and have 160 pages instead of the usual 180).
                – The volume/OAD will be delayed to June, and thus giving plenty of time to Kodansha to print the tankoubons.
                – There will be 2 chapters anyway and Kodansha is fast enough to print everything in 9 days xD

                It’ll be definitely one of those XD


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