CLAMP on Wanna Gonna – Preview

The official site of the show Wanna Gonna has been updated with information about the scheduled appearance of CLAMP on the next February 25th.

Also, the most interesting piece is that on the right side of the website there’s a link to a flash video with the collaboration manga CLAMP did with one of the show’s MCs, Nakagawa Shoko, as “Okimono Kimono Magical Girl” xD

It’s a very funny video as everything is drawn by CLAMP except Shoko herself xD It’s a mix of reality and manga. All the speech ballons were dubbed, too xD

Make sure to check out here too for some preview pictures.


20 thoughts on “CLAMP on Wanna Gonna – Preview

  1. That video was adorable! My favorite part is the the really quick “puu!” (snicker) The tranformation was special (in a good way!), as well… CLAMP should do this more often… heheh


  2. is there any chances the comic will be in any magazine? it is getting more difficult to collect clamp’s short comic nowadays… just like clamp in wonderland, ah! just hope at least clamp in wonderland manga will contain in the dvd when it is out….T.T


    • >is there any chances the comic will be in any magazine?

      Good question ! I find it such a waste to have it only on video format. Although, I have to admit that the exclusive dubbing was priceless xD

      They might release it in the future, my guess is yes, but nothing has been announced about that yet.


    • You should really read my previous entries to know what Wanna Gonna is ^^” I wouldn’t post something without introducing it firstly O.o

      >Clamp should seriously not use real human models. They’re just too different.

      It was just a funny thing to do since she’s one of the presenters of the show o.o

      You’re welcome~~ ! ^__^


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