Wedding dress designed by CLAMP revealed

The wedding dress designed by CLAMP and inspired in Card Captor Sakura is currently on exhibition at the Tokyo Bridal Festa. The event will take place today and tomorrow in Tokyo.

Below are some pictures of dress, there are also original drawings of Sakura and Chii wearing the outfit.

Source: 0takomu

So what did you girls think of it?


48 thoughts on “Wedding dress designed by CLAMP revealed

  1. That’s kinda short for a ceremony dress, it’s like you’re sharing your undies with your whole family and guests on your wedding day
    It’s lovely nonetheless if not appropriate XD


  2. I’m a little bit disappointed…I think, it’s more like a bride’s maid’s dress than a wedding dress…or a wedding dress for little girl (it suits perfectly Sakura-chan ^^).
    The dress is pretty itself, and the drawings are really cute, thought.


      • ‘I agree. It looks cute for a girl but a bit weird for a woman. It lacks the glamour of a wedding dress.’

        I think that’s it in an nutshell. I mean, it’s ‘cute’, I guess, but you *were* meant to be designing a *wedding dress* for a *adult woman*, CLAMP. But to every single pretence and purpose it looks like a (horrendously expensive) dress up outfit for a little girl. Creative, but completely impractical.


  3. Cute dress, but not for a wedding =/ It’s too short and girly for a woman.

    So there goes my wedding. This is a sing I’ll never get married, not even CLAMP could persuade me XDDD Even though I still think CLAMP could succeed in the fashion world, even by designing wedding dresses (and they had done it before

    And I sooooo want to take a closer look at those sketches! I thought they would exhibit old CLAMP pictures of Sakura and Chii but it looks like not =D


  4. It’s SUPER pretty, but I would NEVER get married in that.

    a) you have to be super-skinny and super young to pull this off. Like Gothic lolita, not everyone can pull it off (although it’s popular belief at western cons that you can.) (I mean even the Japanese make fun of Mayu Shinjo because she still wears gothloli clothes at her age)

    b) I’m old-fashioned, I want a LONG dress for my wedding.

    But as a prom/ceremony/brides maid dress? Yeah why not.


  5. I LOVE it!!!!! My mom wore a short dress to her wedding and looked elegant in it. It’s really the attitude you need for this dress imho. Not to say this will be to everyone’s taste or fance, but to me long wedding dresses rarely catch my eye because they’re so…run of the mill. Even short ones really; but this catches my fancy deeply~


  6. Really didn’t like it. Looks cute on paper, espcially with Sakura wearing it, but when it’s made into a real dress it falls short. And this not even mentioning the fact it’s supposed to be a wedding dress.


  7. It reminds me far too much of this outfit. Which they have drawn many, many times.. You’d think that they would have chosen something different.

    Although I do like it a lot more then the dress I linked to. The stars are perfect for Sakura. I’d really like to take a closer look at the illustrations. Especially the other illustration for Sakura.

    I just wish it was more ornate and long! Or if they were trying for short, they should have tried to design a dress like this. Which I think fits better.



    OMG I hate to say this, but if this was a task at a design school that said to design a wedding dress and CLAMP made this as a result, I’d fail them.
    Just imagining a grown woman wearing this makes my skin crawl.


  9. I think it is really cute. I think it can be pulled off as a wedding dress, but it can definitely be used for the reception. I like the details on it and I think they should design a longer dress in the future! It is something different and very pretty.


  10. My honest thoughts are that the dress looks adorable, but only as a cute wedding dress inspired outfit, and then only in CLAMP’s illustrations. It could just be because the photographs are taken with flash, but the material the dress is made from irl looks poor quality. Like a cheap cosplay costume.

    I could definitely see Sakura fighting a Clow Card is the dress, or for Chii to have it in her overly-elaborate frilly wardrobe, but I would hate for either Chii or Sakura to actually be married in such a dress. It’s cute, but not at all dignified or particularly bridal.

    So, I don’t know. It’s hard to judge it without knowing what CLAMP were aiming for. I’m pretty underwhelmed either way, although I would dearly love a closer look at those pretty illustrations!


  11. I agree that it doesn’t look wearable at all / seems more like something for a flower girl rather than for a bride, but on the other hand, it looks much much better in the design pics. The fact that the clothing looks kinda cheap and such… if they’d picked different fabric, even with the same design, it might’ve look tons better. :|a

    Although either way, I always sort of dreamed of seeing CLAMP’s outfits irl aside from cosplay, so I’m like EEE ♥ at this anyway.


  12. I think it’s really cute, but kind of childish. Very CLAMP-ish, though. I don’t think it’s an awesome wedding dress, though. It’s too… young-looking. It looks more like a fairy princess dress than something that belongs at a wedding. Though I prefer more classic looks myself, I do like the sort of out-there looks on wedding dresses. This one, though, I think is a bit /too/ out there. And not just the length is what makes me think that. I like short dresses, they can be super cute. It’s just the whole “fairy princess” look that doesn’t really do it for me… :/


  13. I’m not a girl XD. But i think its pretty cute ^^.
    I agree it’s kinda childish for a wedding dress. I don’t really liked the stars in the front… A little too much.
    Loved the idea of the wings ^^


  14. I wonder…did CLAMP mistake the prompt and read it as “dress to be worn as a wedding” rather than “dress to be worn by bride”? Because it totally works for a flower girl.

    I think it’s really cute though! I’m also loving the alternate designs on Chii and Sakura.


  15. Um Sakura is like ten or around that age. The fact that they drew HER wearing this dress clearly proves the fact this is too young of a style to be used at a wedding ceremony. Perhaps the party afterwards, but no adult woman is going to look charming in this dress. They’re going to look silly and inappropriate, especially if they’re over 5’2. And that’s coming from someone who dresses up for conventions.

    It’s so, so pretty, and I would steal it and wear it to a convention in about a second.

    They need to take a leaf out of Betsy Johnson’s book, and find that childish/sexy/classy cross that they carry so well. Because this is only one of those, and it’s the one that shouldn’t be tied to a wedding.


  16. It’s certainly pretty and very cute, but I don’t think it’s a very good wedding dress for the bride. I wouldn’t wear it.

    It’d make a cute flower-girl dress, maybe. The Sakura drawing is adorable.


  17. LOL WHAT
    I can see a little girl wearing it, but an adult woman won’t look good wearing this in a wedding. It’s not very well executed by the way, that stamp in the skirt makes it look like a halloween costume (and it seems to be a embroidery in the drawing).


  18. It’s a cute flower girl dress and if the materials used were better, it could almost be a fun reception dress for a young bride (like early 20’s).

    I think the dress is adorable though, just not wedding ceremony appropriate as is. It would be fabulous for cosplay, or for those impractical fashions, photo shoots you see in fashion magazines. It would also be really cute for a party. Needs better materials, but the model did try.


  19. When I saw the outfit here, I thought, “I couldn’t see this working as a real wedding dress.”
    But then I saw the model wearing it and I thought, “Oh… Nevermind.”
    It’s a bit flashy and possibly a little childish, but by god, it’s actually much prettier when worn.
    Especially with the thigh stockings added in.

    …Haha. My future bride agrees. =3


  20. WHEE! THAT’S SO CUTE! I wondered, Sakura is getting ready to marry with Syaoran with that wedding dress. And so Tomoyo designed and made that wedding dress for her. HEHE -w- (I imagining too much, huh xD) The style looks adorable and CLAMP-ish, its really a WELL-DONE work, but I don’t think its a wedding-dress for a bride. :/ Its suits for wearing cosplay, maid-cafe, or something..? But even so ~ I still in love with CLAMP designing~ Keep up on work CLAMP-san! ^__^

    PS. I WANT THAT PICTURE OF SAKURA! (Finding some new pic! Yippy!) XDD


  21. How amazing!!!! I never imagined Sakura (CCS) wearing a wedding dress. It´s so magical, Clamp girl´s think of Tomoyo doing it. We can see the bouquet!!!!! *_*!


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