2008 Restrospective

Another year is gone, already, I know!

In a way, I would say it went by quickly, we get the impression that time flies more and more with each new year. But on the other hand, this was my graduation year and there were times (on many occasions) I wished time would go by faster XDDD So it’s all relative…

I am very thankful to this year as my two biggest wishes for 2008 have been granted (as much cheesy as that may sound). I just hope my wishes for 2009 will come true as well (this night is magical, I’ll tell ya! xD).

Just like in previous years, 2008 was a year with huge CLAMP activity, as we couldn’t expect less from these ladies.

I have selected a lot few of what I judge to be the most important happenings of this year so we can take a good look to what happened while we wait for the 2009 releases.

2008 balance