2012 Retrospective

It's that time of the year again to look back and see what happened of most important on the activities of CLAMP.

As we all could predict by the end of the previous year, 2012 was an extremely uneventful year. CLAMP members (more precisely, Mokona) were under medical treatment in order to cure a lumbar compression fracture. Due to that, CLAMP's activities this year were much weaker than the last few years.

Thankfully, they publicly stated at the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 in Nagoya that they are fully recovered now, so hopefully we can expect the upcoming year to be a lot better for them, and for us!

Let's take a look of what made news in 2012, and what awaits us in 2013!

• January:

– A film project of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is announced. No more information has been given up to this point.
– Release of Tokyo Babylon #1 (CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION).

• February:


• March:

– Release of 20 Mensho ni Onegai!! (CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION).

• April:

– CLAMP celebrate their 23rd Anniversary as professional manga creators. Their official website, CLAMP-NET.COM, was re-designed on April 1st to celebrate the "CLAMP Day".
– As part of a April Fool's joke, CLAMP drew the illustration for the cover of the fake magazine "Shounen ARIKA". The image was posted in ARIKA's official website.
– Release of Tokyo Babylon #2 (CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION).
– CLAMP wrote the text and drew an illustration for the foreword of Junichi Fujisaku's new mystery novel Tsukareruna! (ツカレルナ!). Junichi Fujisaku worked as one of the scriptwriters of BLOOD-C.

• May:

– Release of GATE 7 #3. It ranked at the 4th place on its release week.
– An interview with the editor of GATE 7, Shuhei Hosono, was published in Mantan-Web. Check out the highlights of this interview here.

• June:

– Release of BLOOC-C: The Last Dark on Japanese theaters.
– CLAMP drew the cover illustration for the novel adaptation of BLOOD-C The Last Dark, released on the same day as the movie.
– Release of CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan #1 (CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION).
– A BLOOD-C x CLAMP exhibition was held at the PARCO art gallery in Tokyo, Japan.

• July:

– CLAMP drew an illustration of "Ultraman's sister" that was shown on the Fuji TV game show OMOJAN.
– The stage play MOON SAGA started its run featuring GACKT in the lead role and producer, and CLAMP collaborated on costume design and original concept.
– A rough design of the original fashion doll "momoko" that CLAMP created for PetWORKS was revealed.

• August:

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito Episode 1 is screened in selected Japanese theaters.
– A first look at the original momoko doll designed by CLAMP was revealed. The doll was called PW-momoko ae < CLAMP >. CLAMP also drew an illustration of the doll to promote its release.
– Release of CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan #2 (CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION).

• September:

– Release of the CLAMP 2013 Desktop calendar. The new illustrations featured the CLAMP characters in chibi format.
– Release of the original mook "CLAMP Pia" (CLAMPぴあ).
– Release of Tokyo Babylon #3 (CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION).
– The production of a XXXHOLiC TV Drama was announced for early 2013.

• October:

– CLAMP started drawing illustrations for Mizuki Tsujimura's new novel series entitled "Haken Anime!", published every Wednesday in an・an magazine.
– Release of Gakuen Tokkei Duklyon (CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION).
– The Tokyo edition of the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 was held.

• November:

– The Osaka edition of the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 was held.
– Release of RG Veda #5 (CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION), the last volume of the CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION series.

• December:

– The first official picture of the XXXHOLiC TV Drama cast was releaved. The show will run for 8 episodes on WOWOW channel starting February 24.
– A campaign between Shueisha and Kadokawa to celebrate the double release of GATE 7 #4 and Drug & Drop #1 was announced. CLAMP drew a new illustration that will be used for the campaign goods.
– The Nagoya edition of the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 was held. CLAMP members this time were able to attend the event where they did talk show. It was revealed by them that the XXXHOLiC manga would be resumed in a new series entitled XXXHOLiC ◆ Rei. The serialization will begin on February in Young Magazine.

What to be looking forward to in 2013:

XXXHOLiC TV Drama starting on February 24 (8 weekly episodes).
XXXHOLiC ◆ Rei new manga series beginning in February.
XXXHOLiC artbook.
BLOOD-C: The Last Dark DVD & Blu-ray release in February.
Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito Episode 2 on Spring.
– …and of course, the serializations of both GATE 7 and Drug & Drop.


On other news, it looks like CLAMP-NET.COM is really going to shut down on January 1st. According to this last message, from January 1st onwards all news will be posted on CLAMP's official twitter account: @CLAMP_News.

I'm not sure what to think of this change. It's definitely sad that the site is going to shut down, I don't think it's a good idea to make twitter the only source of information. I hope this is just a temporary measure and that the website re-opens again in the future.

Also, check out this advertisement for the GATE 7 and Drug & Drop campaign that will run in February:

Click to enlarge it.

Could this be the art that will be used on the cover of volume 1?


I would like to thank everyone who have read, followed, commented or contributed for this LJ during this past year. Thank you so much! I will keep doing my best to bring you the latest CLAMP news as fast as I can in 2013 =)



Here's wishing for a CLAMP-filled 2013!


17 thoughts on “2012 Retrospective

  1. I was looking forward to your yearly retrospective! Good job this year too!
    THANKS for your hard work sharing Clamp’s latest news all along and for your dedication, you are number one!!!
    And in case I don’t have any occasion to tell you later: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2013 to you!! 😀

    On another note, it’s a big shock that Clamp’s website will close (let’s hope we are wrong), it’s a precious source of info, to replace it with a twitter account feels so random and wrong…


    • Thank you very much! You are one of those who are always here reading, commenting and contributing — on the fandom as a whole, so thank you!

      This year was calm and quiet, I hope things will get a bit crazier next year =)

      Happy Holidays to you too! :DDDD

      And I don’t want CLAMP-NET.COM to end, ever! xD


  2. Your “retrospective” posts always help! Thank you very much!!

    And thank you for the news as always. It’s nice that there’s still a way to post the news (@ twitter) instead of their website (though I admit that I already forgot about the fact that the website is closing until reading this). I’m also glad that they are fully recovered.

    Happy New Year!


    • Your “retrospective” posts always help! Thank you very much!!

      I’m glad, thanks! =D

      I don’t know what’s gonna happen from now on, as far as their official website goes. We’ll see =/

      Happy holidays!!


  3. I really liked the CLAMP website as it was – I wish they wouldn’t close it. =(

    Keep up the good work, Chibiyuuto-san! Let’s hope for some exciting CLAMP events for 2013.


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