Drug & Drop #1 cover

The cover of Drug & Drop #1 was posted in CLAMP's official twitter account:

Click here to see a larger version of it.

I really like it! I am glad they've kept Gouhou Drug's black&white visuals, even the cannabis makes an appearance (which is nice, I thought it had gone for good). I don't understand why they didn't include the series' logo, but the title typography looks good too.

I think the art is slowly getting back to how it used to be, it might never reach the same level as Gouhou Drug, but it looks better than the first few chapters of Drug & Drop.

Drug & Drop #1 will be released on February 4, along with GATE 7 #4 (there is going to be a campaign for it!)

As I mentioned, this was originally posted on CLAMP's official twitter account. Since Janurary 1st, CLAMP-NET.COM is no longer being updated. The site is still online, it hasn't been shut down, but hasn't been updated since. All news are being posted on CLAMP's official twitter.

Their twitter account has become more active since then, tweets beginning with "★【CLAMP】" were tweeted by CLAMP members themselves, so make sure to follow it if you haven't done so yet: http://twitter.com/CLAMP_news


5 thoughts on “Drug & Drop #1 cover

  1. It looks nice! But I think I got lost… there is not going to continue with the previous numeration and start with the tankoubon 4? It’s like a completely new series and the other is finished? :-S


    • That’s right. Technically it’s a new series, even though the story is a continuation of Gouhou Drug.

      Gouhou Drug was listed as a “complete” series in CLAMP-NET.COM (I said “was” because the side shut down today =/)


  2. oh it finally shut down? 😦
    I don’t like it being a new series… if it’s the same story, the could have continued it as the same manga. It kinda makes Lawful Drug like incomplete more than finished…


    I really like that site…it was my favorite….it had a cool homepage with all the clamp characters….and i made a account there and completed the Kobato quiz and recieved a kobato bottle….sayonara clmap-net.

    Why did they close it down any ideas?????


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