GATE 7 #4 cover (Updated)

The cover of GATE 7 #4 was posted in CLAMP's official twitter account:

Source: @CLAMP_News

Looks really, really nice!

Our predictions that it would feature Hana and the white tiger were right on! Each volume Hana is featured with the 4 animals of the Chinese constellation: the Vermilion Bird (volume 1), the Azure Dragon (volume 2), the Black Tortoise (volume 3) and the White Tiger (volume 4). Now I wonder how the cover of volume 5 is going to look like… any guesses?

The good thing about CLAMP moving to twitter is that now the covers are posted in a much higher resolution.

GATE 7 #4 goes on sale on February 4, along with Drug & Drop #1 (there is going to be a campaign for it!).

On a sad note, for those who haven't seen it yet, CLAMP-NET.COM has official closed last Monday. As previously mentioned, all news are being now posted on their twitter account @CLAMP_News. Hopefully this is only temporary, even if it takes a long time for the website to be reopened.

Update: Bigger version, although with less quality, here.


17 thoughts on “GATE 7 #4 cover (Updated)

  1. Hey Chibi Yuuto!
    It’s Cam again!
    Do you have any idea where else than at green drugstore -it’s a scanlation group’s website- I could find drug and drop ch11?
    I couldn’t find it anywhere!
    Thank you


  2. That’s a lovely cover – the leaves and berries make it feel… wintry. Though I still like the blue dragon cover best. XD

    I’d guess the fifth cover will feature a golden dragon? It represents the centre and the element of earth of the five elements. But considering the Azure Dragon was already on volume 2, I think a golden kirin suggested by would be awesome.


    • Thank you for your thoughts!

      These animals are not like the tarot cards in X (which there are so many). Even if we know the animal for volume 5, we know GATE 7 is gonna last longer than that… so I wonder what CLAMP will do later with the covers.


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