XXXHOLiC News has an interview with actress Anne, who will play Yuuko in the upcoming XXXHOLiC TV Drama.

In the interview, Anne says she was reader of XXXHOLiC and a big fan of the series since she was a teenager. Because of that, she was allowed to give some input on the TV Drama production, for example, on Yuuko's costumes and speeches. She also mentions having followed other CLAMP works such as Magic Knight Rayeart, Chobits and most recently, GATE 7.

According to her, she hasn't met the CLAMP members yet, but she is looking forward to that day.

I was also able to understand a part where she says Yuuko doesn't repeat the same costume twice in the TV Drama, which is good 😉

The XXXHOLiC TV Drama will air on WOWOW channel for 8 weekly episodes, starting February 24.

To promote and celebrate the TV Drama, WOWOW and PASELA RESORTS are launching a thematic cafe inspired in XXXHOLiC for a limited time.

The cafe was decorated in order to feel like Yuuko's shop, some of the props and decoration objects are the same as those seen in the TV Drama. Customers will also be able to enjoy a special menu inspired on XXXHOLiC.

The cafe will run from January 21st until March 3rd. Here's the official website:


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