More XXXHOLiC news

The official website for the XXXHOLiC TV Drama has been renewed with a few new pictures, new comments from CLAMP and two video teasers. Unfortunately, the videos are not available if you're outside the Japanese territory.

Still, make sure to check out the new site! Was anyone able to watch the videos yet?

Here's a summary of the new comments from CLAMP (*spoilers ahead*):

– They haven't made any special requests for this adaptation. They left everything in charge of the director and the staff.
– Their favorite scenes upon reading the script were the beginning, when Watanuki meets Yuuko, and the ending.
– They confirm the absence of Mokona in this adaptation, and recognize that it would be difficult to have it as a plush toy or CG, even though they would really like to see Mokona in a live action.
– In the case of the TV drama becoming a regular series, they would like to see more of Anne's performance and Watanuki as the shop's owner in "Rou".

So there is the chance of having more than the 8 episodes planned for this series. Let's hope it'll be successful enough for that to happen! It's a shame that CLAMP's involvement was practically nil this time… but it's understandable since this is a completely new field for them. Let's hope they did a good job!

For those interested about the thematic XXXHOLiC Cafe, its special menu has been revealed at the cafe's hotsite, it looks very tasty.

The poster below announces the beginning of the XXXHOLiC Rei serialization for Young Magazine #14, to be released on March 4. The return was scheduled for February, but it was probably delayed to March due to the incident regarding Young Magazine and a picture of AKB48 idol (read more about it here).

Also, the XXXHOLiC artbook release has been pushed back to the end of March, this time it seems to be definitive. The artbook title will be XXXHOLiC Kochou no Yume (Butterfly's Dream).


9 thoughts on “More XXXHOLiC news

  1. It says 「胡蝶ノ夢」(こちょう=an old and more literarian way to say “butterly”).
    From what I have investigated is a phrase that is has to do with being unable to difference the real world from the world of dreams, and apparently also makes reference to the ephemeral fragility of life itself.
    Example: 「人生とはまさに胡蝶の夢で、華々しい栄光を勝ち取った後、彼はすぐに亡くなった」 (My english is not good enough to translate into it but it would be something like “Like life which is just a span, after have taken an spectacular glory, he died immediately ”
    Apparently it comes from a story about a chinese philosopher named Sou shu (荘周) from the age of civil wars who dreamed about himself and a butterfly, but is not clear if he dreamed about turning himself to a butterfly, or the opposite, so it ended up being associated with this idea of being unable to difference one world from another.
    If you ask me, it fits Holic in an awesome way, don’t you think?

    Never commenting but always reading. Keep up the good work and happy 2013.


  2. Hello 🙂 Thank you for always keeping us updated with the latest CLAMP news 🙂
    I had a question regarding the new XXXHolic Rei. Is it a continuation of the old series or is it different?
    I seriously want to know how things turned out for Syaoran and the others so maybe, there will be a reference to that. I really liked xxxHolic but the ending was disappointing to me. I really hope they do something about it in the new manga.


  3. Thank you for always keeping us updated! I have just watched the two videos and feel disappointed. They are just that promo picture and some written words talking about how great the manga is. The first one features the actors and the second one has the empty couch. Nothing more… I need something more!


  4. As sad as it makes me to know that there will be no Mokona in this adaptation – I’m also really glad. After seeing what they did with Luna and Artemis in the live action Sailor Moon, I hope never to see the “plushie” route used again – it takes all credibility away from the show. And the budget probably isn’t high enough to do a decent CG Mokona….so this is definitely the best action. Hopefully we’ll still get other monsters and spirits and things like that though. I’d love to see the pipe fox, but I won’t count on it.

    Thanks for the info, as always!


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