CLAMP on Wanna Gonna !!!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I am!

We have Wanna Gonna’s episode with CLAMP!!!

kira_chan1991 casually left me a comment in one of my posts, casually asking whether I had seen this video or not. And I not-casually answered to her that “OMG NO!!!” xD

For those of you asking what the hell I’m talking about, I’ll refresh your minds. This show was first aired on Japan early this year on February 25th. It features the show’s MCs going to visit CLAMP at their studio, where they produce a collaboration manga.

Back then, I had asked my friend who lives in Japan to rip it for me, but later I found out the show airs only on the region of Tokyo, so he couldn’t rip it for me (a month later he actually MOVED to Tokyo. Talk about lack of luck. But let’s put that aside XD).

Now, thanks to kira_chan1991, I was able to GRAB that video and make my life happier ^_______^

By the way, this is not the preview that I posted here some time ago, this is the W-H-O-L-E thing xD

The link kira_chan1991 gave me took me to a video-sharing japanese website, pretty much like YouTube, only MUCH more complicated and harder to navigate @_@ I had a really hard time to figure out how that site works, but even harder than that was to generate a video file out of the streaming video @__@ To start with not all computers play the videos from that website (I know, how crazy is that? XD). I tried in different computers and I got different results xD

Luckily enough, I could play both of them on the computer of my work with no problems. I succeeded!! XDD

I managed to get the source videos, but those turned out to be in FLV (Flash Video) format. I didn’t care, as long as I could watch it, everything was perfect ! XDDD However, I thought about you people and how it might be a bother for some to download a player that supports FLV format. So I tried to convert it.

That was unsuccessful of my part XD Yes, I tried with CinemaForge and many other famous FLV converter. I tried with at least 4 different kinds, none of them worked. I guess they must have used some unknown codec, I don’t know, all I know is that I tried with anything I could xD

So I decided I would just share the FLV format and recommend a software that plays it, but then it occurred to me that I know two people that could help me.

This is how clow_shirow-san and miyazawa_lulu-san joined in. I bothered asked if they could convert the files to .avi, and after some struggle, they had them in .avi ^__^

I’m sorry I wrote all that, but I wanted to tell where it came from, and not that it just “appeared”. There was a lot of people involved and I like to give them the proper credits.

That being said, I would like to thank:

– The kind japanese soul who uploaded the video on the video-streaming website in the first place (May God save them a place in heaven).
kira_chan1991, of course, who told me about the existence of this video (bless her!!! *-*).
clow_shirow-san and miyazawa_lulu-san for converting the videos to a friendly .avi format (that was so kind of you guys, thanks a lot!!).

Now, about the video (finally! XD):

The video is beyond cool! *-* We get to see Shouko-tan visiting CLAMP’s studio, and we see a lot of it, new angles and everything! XD

In the first part, we see CLAMP producing a Tsubasa chapter, the one Shouko-tan “assisted” xD I love Souko-tan’s reaction XDDDDDDD It’s pretty much how I would react XDDDDD I cracked up when Ohkawa told her she was going to help with the inking XDDD

The second part is about the production of their collaboration manga, Mahou Okimono Shoujo Shouko-tan. We see the entire process, the first ideas, Ohkawa’s script, Mokona’s storyboard and taking the pictures for the manga.

I highly recommend everybody to download it, specially if you would like to have a closer look to CLAMP as mangaka and their working process. Being CLAMP on TV (I mean, CLAMP ON TV!!!!) is already a good reason to download it XDDD

And what’s with the Brazilian songs? XDDDDDDDDD In two particular points they play some Brazilian songs, one in the moment they are introducing CLAMP’s mangas, and the other when Shouko-tan is showing herself off with the Okimono outfit (that one cracks me up so badly XDDDD). No, I had never heard any of those songs xDDDDDD

The video resolution is not that high, because it was taken from a video-streaming website, but the quality is very good.

A few screencaps:

CLAMP on Wanna Gonna: Part I | Part II (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 105 MB (Part I + Part II).
File type: AVI.
Running time: 20 minutes approx.


106 thoughts on “CLAMP on Wanna Gonna !!!

    • hey! in the 13th screencap we SEE the girl who misscolored Fay’s clothes doing IT!!!!! and this was not fixed for the release of the vol *grrrr* I think is not easy to ‘erase’ the ink covering Fay’s belly… but at least they fixed the image were his pants were not inked XDDDD


        • Now that I have seen the video… yup, you are right, the show so clearly the resulting page that there is no way they could change it… TT_TT …. buuut, after seeign CLAMP at her video I forgive her for it. For working at TV in a way that allowed she to interview my favourite persons. The video is aweeeeesome, how and where they work. They have no distractions around, no more than the basic ones…. wah! sadly, they don’t show where that place is XDDDD


    • Honto? I feel so blessed ^___^ You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did ^^

      Now the only missing show is King’s Brunch (think we’ll never get that one u.u)


    • Quanto às músicas brasileiras que tocaram, a primeira (na introdução dos mangás) é “Madalena”, que eu conheço na voz da Elis Regina, e a segunda eu não faço idéia, mas estou morrendo de rir.. XDDDD


      • Primeiramente, de nada! Q bom q vc gosto! ^-^ (dificil é alguem naum gostar XD)

        Quanto as músicas, Elis Regina? Sério? Eu imaginei q fosse alguma cantora de MPB mas naum reconheci a voz dela o.o

        A segunda música parece música de Sailor Moon xDDDD (fala de Vênus o.o)


        • Neeh, muito difícil alguém não gostar! ^.^ Acho que a minha reação, se um dia eu pudesse conhecê-las, seria a mesma da Shoko-tan. XD

          Não reconheço a voz como sendo da Elis Regina tb.. =x Mas eu só conheço a música “Madalena” na voz dela, não sei quem mais gravou. T_T

          Verdade, a segunda parece música de Sailor Moon. XDD Tentei digitar a letra no google, mas não encontrei nada sobre essa letra. ^^;; Olha só as músicas brasileiras que andam tocando no Japão! XDD

          (em uma nota totalmente paralela.. waah, minha cópia do artbook de Tsubasa está demorando décadas para chegar! T_T)


          • >Não reconheço a voz como sendo da Elis Regina tb.. =x

            Pois é, nem eu =x Mas essa música é msm a Madalena?

            >Tentei digitar a letra no google, mas não encontrei nada sobre essa letra. ^^;;

            Eu tb!!! XDD Unsuccessful XDDD

            >em uma nota totalmente paralela.. waah, minha cópia do artbook de Tsubasa está demorando décadas para chegar! T_T

            Nossa, q triste ;_; Mas daqui a poko chega, aguenta mais um poko ^^


            • > Pois é, nem eu =x Mas essa música é msm a Madalena?

              É sim. ^^ Na dúvida, eu chamei a minha mãe que ama MPB de paixão, e ela confirmou. ^o^

              > Eu tb!!! XDD Unsuccessful XDDD

              Totally! XDDD

              > Nossa, q triste ;_; Mas daqui a poko chega, aguenta mais um poko ^^

              Vou aguentar! ^o^ Pedi na Fonomag, porque as últimas encomendas que fiz na amazon vieram com a caixa bem mal tratada, e amassou a ponta de artbooks.. ;_; Demora um pouco mais, mas sei que ele vai chegar inteirinho. *.*

              E lá vou eu assistir esses vídeos de novo! OMG, como eu ADORO ver a Mokona e a Ohkawa trabalhando. ^o^


  1. SUGOI !!!!!!!!! *0*
    THE CAP !!!! LOOK AT THOSE CAPS !!!!!!!!!
    we can see CLAMP work in their studio *o* Look !!! they drew one of my best fav scence in Tsu!! the syaoxsak moments ~!!

    just, super awesome ! XD


  2. C-CLAMP…. you mean we will be able to see them AT WORK!? *is in heaven* They’re my idols…. I.. I…. THANK YOU! *glomps* *has no more words*
    *in the meantime, stares at pictures*


    • After some time of search, I actually had thought I would never be able to see it, too! Thank God we were wrong ^__^ There was still hope, after all ^^

      And you are welcome, of course!


  3. I’ve been looking for something like this since like forever ! I mean i have the short one they had in the studio doenloaded from YouTube but this is SO much better. Thank you ! ^^; You’re just awesome ─


    • I’ve been looking for it since…. well, since February 25th when it was first aired xDDDDDDDDD That preview was nothing but a tease, thankfully we have the full version now ^___^ You’re welcome!


    • Tell me about it! >.< She's so lucky! And she actually HELPED with the inking @_@ God, she must be first who done it, since CLAMP never had assistants…

      All you have to do is to become a kawaii japanese idol XDDD

      And you're welcome! ^__^


  4. apmdingenigne
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

    THANK you so much you guys!!!! rly thank you!!!
    the video is so great!!, omg a Tsubasa chapter !!! waaaaaaaah
    how cool is that?!!? >___<

    thanks for the video,though i din't catch anything they said, i love it!!! *0*



  5. OMG. If I would’ve been there I would be… literally speechless XD.
    And I liked the manga too! So cute! XD Flashy indeed.

    Was that the Cutey Honey song in the background when she was posing? XD It was very funny!


  6. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!! UWAAA, SQUEE!! *big glomp attack*

    OH. MY. GOSH. It’s official: Chibi-Yuuto has made me a very happy CLAMP fangirl!! The screenshots are awesome, especially Mokona and Ohkawa!! Sugoi desu wa!! Fangirl “Squee” Level: Meltdown Alert!! >////< *faints from overdose excitement*

    Do I spy Syaoran on one of the screenshots…? Yes, even Sakura-hime is there too!! I think that was the scene from the Infinity story where Syaoran is taking Sakura-hime to her room without letting her go. That scene was totally awesome and the way Syaoran just refused to let her go, showing his great attitude! ^^

    Keep this up and you might be once again "Tomodachi of the Year" for sure!! I gotta watch this to get a proper comment later on. But Mokona and Ohkawa… you two are really awesome!! Suteki desu wa!! ^o^

    You are my hero!! *glomps again*

    Ja ne, Chibi-Yuuto!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


  7. OMG! O_O

    I was wondering about this show and now it’s here! 😀
    Thank you so much, Chibi Yuuto-kun! XD Thanks for the hardwork! I can imagine how hard it is. ^^;;

    my computer can play .flv format. 🙂
    if you want to play .flv files, download CCCP and MPC and it works! 😀


  8. I didn’t know that this video really exists. I had seen some screencaps and some rumour about it… but now I realise that is real¡¡¡ OMG, I’m happy again¡¡ Thank you for post the link and for let us enjoy of it¡¡ One thing, is in japanese? I mean, it hasn’t subtitles or something like that, has it?
    No worry, I’ll learn japanese this summer.^^


  9. Ohhh I watched this on a Japanese youtube-like site… I forgot where it was though, maybe the same one you got this from :3 I wish I could understand what they’re saying though ( the idol girl is kinda scary *__*;; )
    Thanks for making the efforts to make it downloadable =^___^=


    Well, Ohkawa is quite scaring. Brrr! =_=
    Thannks again for your hard work and for sharing with us this fantastic video!


  11. For some reason the videos won’t download properly for me… Could I possibly impose on you in a huge way and ask that you upload these to sendfile or megaupload or something?


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