Tsubasa OVA: Rui Kuroki’s diary

The official website of Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS has been updated with a new addition: Kuroki’s diary.

This will be the Production Diary of Tsubasa’s OVA, written by Rui Kuroki (executive producer) and shall be updated about its production progress.

In this first post, the producer writes that they have just received the script and have now been working on the storyboard for the past two weeks. He mentions that everybody is very busy with the drawings, but he’s still reading the manga and doing adjustments on the script.

In addition, he says that one of the next steps is to take care about seiyuus and music-related issues.

I just saw his profile on ANN, that producer also helped in the production of PRODUCTION IG’s animation for Kill Bill Vol. 1 (The Origin of O-Ren). Does anyone has any doubt that these OVAs won’t be bloody enough? *-*

Speaking of which, did anyone else see that there will be Kill Bill Vols. 3 AND 4? I heard on the radio~ *__*

Thanks Jonatan for the information! ^___^

CLAMP on Wanna Gonna !!!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I am!

We have Wanna Gonna’s episode with CLAMP!!!

kira_chan1991 casually left me a comment in one of my posts, casually asking whether I had seen this video or not. And I not-casually answered to her that “OMG NO!!!” xD

For those of you asking what the hell I’m talking about, I’ll refresh your minds. This show was first aired on Japan early this year on February 25th. It features the show’s MCs going to visit CLAMP at their studio, where they produce a collaboration manga.

Back then, I had asked my friend who lives in Japan to rip it for me, but later I found out the show airs only on the region of Tokyo, so he couldn’t rip it for me (a month later he actually MOVED to Tokyo. Talk about lack of luck. But let’s put that aside XD).

Now, thanks to kira_chan1991, I was able to GRAB that video and make my life happier ^_______^

By the way, this is not the preview that I posted here some time ago, this is the W-H-O-L-E thing xD

A bit of story