Tsubasa OVA: Rui Kuroki’s diary

The official website of Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS has been updated with a new addition: Kuroki’s diary.

This will be the Production Diary of Tsubasa’s OVA, written by Rui Kuroki (executive producer) and shall be updated about its production progress.

In this first post, the producer writes that they have just received the script and have now been working on the storyboard for the past two weeks. He mentions that everybody is very busy with the drawings, but he’s still reading the manga and doing adjustments on the script.

In addition, he says that one of the next steps is to take care about seiyuus and music-related issues.

I just saw his profile on ANN, that producer also helped in the production of PRODUCTION IG’s animation for Kill Bill Vol. 1 (The Origin of O-Ren). Does anyone has any doubt that these OVAs won’t be bloody enough? *-*

Speaking of which, did anyone else see that there will be Kill Bill Vols. 3 AND 4? I heard on the radio~ *__*

Thanks Jonatan for the information! ^___^

50 thoughts on “Tsubasa OVA: Rui Kuroki’s diary

  1. Ohohohoho how awesome *___* ♥ It will be cool to see the production process written about! How neat *3* ♥

    I look forward to the blood but I sure hope they don’t show Fai’s eye being eaten XD;;;; EEEEW, haha.


  2. Eu tinha lido na wikipédia já faz um tempo que Tarantino queria continuar a história, só que uns 20 anos no futuro com a filha daquela mulher que esqueci o nome, a primeira a morrer.

    Quanto a mim, ainda não assisti Vol. 2. Que vergonha, não? XD


  3. *___* Coooool!!!! &hearts
    Thank you for the info!! ^____^ for both of them!!!! yay for more bloody kill bill =D
    That is sure the right choice for Tokyo!!!


  4. I liked the movie’s animation, I thought it was pretty neat and faithful to Tsubasa’s style. Just didn’t like the script, but since this time is Ohkawa ^___^

    As for Kill Bill, I LOVED both of them, but liked the 1st one more X3 I heard the story of the 3rd will be about the revenge of 2 of the “Crazy 88’s” (whom had their arms and legs ripped by Beatrix XDDD) and the story of the 4th will be the encounter of Beatrix Kiddo’s daughter with Vernita Green’s.

    I just saw on a movie news website that it’s not OFFICIAL yet, although these stories concepts came from Tarantino himself.


  5. >but I remember it being bloody as hell yet not exactly in a realistic way.

    I KNOW! That’s why I liked it XDDDDDDDDD Some parts are comical. I like the exaggerated tone of it XD


  6. In addiction,

    I bet you meant In addition ^_~

    And thank you for the info *_* I am SO going to watch this OVAs *___*

    Waaa! That would be so cool *-* I still have to watch Kill Bill Vol. 2 though XD;;


    • YES, I meant in addition, and not addiction as in “I am addicted to CLAMP” XDDD

      This is what you get when it’s past 1 PM and you’re at work posting on your LJ, when you should be doing, well, actual work xD

      Thanks for pointing this out!


      • XD; I just noticed I committed a mistake myself :D; *fails*

        XD LOL. Us fans should have special consideration with studies and work.. We need to fulfill our fandom needs! Dx

        …XD ♥


  7. I couldn’t stand Vol. 2. I seriously wanted my money back after watching it. It was all “blah blah blah blah” as they monologued. The sensei’s beard and look irratated me completely once you saw him close-up in the movie. In the trailer, he looked badass. The movie, no.

    I still love referencing the part where she spanks the one kid and sends him home to his mommy.


  8. Thankyou for the news, its great hear some updates about the ovas, and thanks too for the kill bill news XD hope to be true, i really like those movies 🙂


  9. Thank you for the information chibiyuuto¡¡ I’m really looking forward that DVD¡ When it will be released? It will be released with the takoubons 20,21, 22 isn’t it? mmm, but only in Japan… :S I think Spain will never see those DVD’s… well, I’m going to learn japanese and I’ll plan a trip to Japan¡
    (Dreaming is free)
    ^^ Thank you¡¡


    • >When it will be released? It will be released with the takoubons 20,21, 22 isn’t it?

      Actually it’s going to be released with tanks 21, 22 and 23. Please check my previous posts if you would like to know more information about them ^^

      You’re welcome!


    • You’re welcome ! I’m sorry about the late reply ^^”””

      >Just the thought of the clone eating Fays eye and the fact that i will HEAR it make me want to squee from happiness. (Sorry I’m a bit sadistic person. .__.”)

      Hahaha, no, don’t worry, it’s completely understandable X3 After such a light anime, we NEED some gory *-*


  10. Oh I can’t wait to see the OVAs! I’m sure it will be very nicely done ^^

    He did! Then it sure is going to be bloody ^^

    More Kill Bill? Seriously? I love Kill Bill! Ah, this makes me so happy ^^ Altough they probably won’t be in Tokyo this time too;)

    Thanks for the info as always:D


  11. Hey chibiyuuto, i loved send info to you. the other day i was watching a rerun of tsubasa seaason 2 and in the final episodes (the 49, i think) Fye was figthing with other Fye, i wondering if bee train ask CLAMP that, or just was a coincidence? I really thanks all the info that you give me every week, you are the responsable that I`m a CLAMP fan since the last 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks


    • > i wondering if bee train ask CLAMP that, or just was a coincidence?

      Oh I had forgotten about that part of the anime. Well… maybe CLAMP did tell them somethings… remember when they said in an interview that the anime producers said it wouldn’t be possible to air Fye’s past? I believe they knew about the twins.

      >I really thanks all the info that you give me every week, you are the responsable that I`m a CLAMP fan since the last 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

      Really??? Oh my, that is such an honor! That makes me very happy ^____^ And I’m very thankful to you for sending me information, thank you very much, and please keep doing it! ^___^


  12. WAAAII~ Eee! I’m getting so excited about these OAVs!! ^^ And OMG, he’s actually reading the manga?! He has +10 points over BeeTrain already!
    The fact that he has helped in the production of the animation for Kill Bill Vol. 1 is even better!

    Thanks so much for the info!!


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