The festival’s line up has two new additions, the band DUSTZ was added as a special guest and voice actor Daisuke Namikawa will participate in the festival’s first presentation.

The band DUSTZ plays the theme song of the BLOOD-C anime and Daisuke Namikawa played Fye in Tsubasa Chronicle and Ginsei in Kobato, but he will only appear in the first presentation, like Miyu Irino.

Tigger & Bunny’s director Keiichi Satou will be directing the anime adaptation of the original manga drawn by CLAMP specially for the festival. Keiichi Satou will also be responsible for the production of all visuals for the festival.

And lastly, CLAMP created two original characters for the festival!

Their names are Anzu Nekota (girl) and Naomasa Goushi (boy). Students of the Holitsuba Gakuen, it seems!

Looks like they heard my prays and created human characters ^__^

The two presentations of the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2011 TOKYO will take place on September 24.


24 thoughts on “CLAMP FESTIVAL 2011 TOKYO news

    • XD He reminds me of an older version of Nokoru. XD Tamaki has longer hair? :3

      D’; This festival sounds amazing, I want live coverage, but I’ll probably not even understand it. >_>


  1. I suppose the original characters will make it into the animation as well, voiced by guest who don’t have characters, like Kin’ya and Megumi Nakajima.

    Anyway thanks for the news as always!


  2. I was wondering just yesterday why Fujita Ray’s band (Dustz) would be in the fest, know I know he’s doing the OP for BLOOD-C.
    It’s says a lot about how disconnected of CLAMP fandom I am. XD;;

    Thanks for the info!


  3. Thanks for the news! Funny how I didn’t even notice Namikawa wasn’t in the guest list from the beginning, I pretty much assumed he was in there XD And yay for more details about the animation… I wonder if we’ll ever be able to watch it, I just realized I can’t find the “Live Viewing” section anymore ;_; However, in the .pdf pamphlet at the Downloads section, it says something about a “Special DVD Release” (当日の模様を収めた・スペシャルDVDリリース決定!). Maybe there’s still hope?

    Don’t know if it was mentioned already, but of course, she HAD to go: Shôko Nakagawa “Shoko-tan” is invited as an Special Guest :3


    • I saw that DVD thing… but I was unsure whether it’s about a DVD that will be sold exclusively at the event (with some sort of material) or if there will be in fact a DVD release.

      If you ask me, I would say they will definitely release a DVD of this. It looks too big to be “wasted”.

      And yeah about Shouko-tan, totally useless! xD


  4. Hello~!! I’ve never commented before, but I think your LJ is amazing and thank you so much for what you do!!
    YAY!! HUMANS!! x]]]
    Aw, they’re so cute. Reminds me of Gino and Anya from Code Geass. x]]] Happy about DUSTZ, since I actually really like BLOOD-C’s OP. ALSO YAY, for DAISUKE NAMIKAWA and HORTISUBA ANIME!!


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