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Impressions (spoilers ahead):

– I think this episode took the show to a different emotional level. There were “deaths” of two important characters (I said “deaths” because I’m not sure this is real life they are living anymore). It put the show in a new level and the creatures look more dangerous now.

– No silly songs, yay =)

– Sometimes I still caught myself thinking that this looks nothing like a CLAMP work, I’m talking about the scene with the shadow creature, more precisely… must be the collaboration factor.

– What with Saya being Fumito’s most important person? (<- CLAMP factor here).

– So the dog thing finally spoke and told Saya to wake up. Is she livig a dream?

– We are halfway through the TV Series, 12 episodes are expected, and we have the movie, too.


21 thoughts on “BLOOD-C #6

  1. blod-c

    This episode wa very creepy and very dark, the sotry accelerates.
    The shadow creature seems similar to the clow card Shadow, and the dog is like Mugetsu form XxxHolic, clamp recyclates their characters.
    A small error chibiyuuto, there is 10 episodes no 12 ( wikipedia )


  2. Fumito

    I think Fumito is a kind of spirit or something like that who have to watch over Saya, I am pretty sure that he is the human form of the dog.


  3. Things are getting interesting at last. ^^

    The twins didn’t last long. ^^;
    Which will leave more room for the darker classmate characters to take the front.
    No song this time around too, second episode in a row. Well, not that I think Saya will ever sing again, unless it’s madess driven singing. XD

    Plus, the fights are better this time, Saya goes red eyed right away, no more useless slashes as warmups. ^^;

    The animation was lacking, it lacked fluidity. I hope next episodes will be better. :/
    And the white or black stipes to hide the gore parts are visually annoying. They should have made something hide the problematic parts instead, like Saya’s sword, a lamp post, a tree branch or the like. Something more creative. Unless these stripes will disapear for the DVD.

    > So the dog thing finally spoke and told Saya to wake up. Is she livig a dream?

    Isn’t 気づけ more like “be careful / watch out” than wake up?

    > We are halfway through the TV Series, 12 episodes are expected, and we have the movie, too.

    Which left plenty of room to fall in total madness. The first part was weak, with inadequate mood, lack of plot line, and shallow characters. The middle part is still a bit cliché, but the pace is better, the fights are better and the mood closer to that of the franchise. I’m looking forwards to the final part.


    • Poor twins! Twins are always scary! Except you both =P

      I believe the white stripes will be removed for the DVD release. I hope so, at least. Would be total lame to have them on the DVD as well.

      Isn’t 気づけ more like “be careful / watch out” than wake up?

      Maybe, I watched the subbed version of Underwater and that’s how they translated it o.o

      True that, the last two episodes were much less silly than the first ones.


  4. I’ve been on the fence about BLOOD-C, but this episode was pretty good. I hated that due to poor writing/animation that Saya still stands around watching people die instead of striking against the enemy though. Also, the first death scene is animated very similar to the Madoka Magica series. May be unintentional on CLAMP’s part, but someone in animation was very inspired.

    The censoring with the whites and blacks is probably due to Japanese censorship, even if the program is late night and intended for mature audiences. I think censoring like this for violence (vs. adult content) first happened back in the late 90s due to increased violence in Japanese society (there was a scene in the TV version of Vampire Miyu of a woman turned mannequin being beheaded that was omitted from the broadcast, but available on video). Most likely it won’t appear on the DVD/BD version, so it will be interesting to see how violent it really was.

    While BLOOD-C in animation form hasn’t been great, I actually thought the manga adaption was pretty good and more interesting, even if they tell almost the exact same story. Saya and the characters are less annoying. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever truly liked any anime adaptions of CLAMP’s works. They always seem to not meet my expectations, whether animation or storywise.


  5. I had a feeling that Fumito might be the bad guy here as he keeps drugging Saya. The teacher might also be perceived as evil but I think she’s going to help Saya.

    “So the dog thing finally spoke and told Saya to wake up. Is she livig a dream?”

    I don’t think Saya’s living a dream. But I guess that the dog wants Saya to remember her past, considering the number of flashbacks that were shown in the past episodes.

    But if she is living a dream, then it’s Inception (BBBRRRRRRMMMMM!)


  6. Am I a horrible person because I was actually happy when the twins died? I found them incredibly annoying (and I hate them in the OP)

    It kind of seems like the plot is going somewhere, but I still felt unsatisfied with this episode, like it was all empty and shallow. The first death was kind of stupid, both Saya and Nene were both dumb and slow in their reactions.

    The pace still confuses me, I still feel bored with how slowly the conversations flow, it feels like everything takes forever, everyone moves really slowly when they’re not fighting (maybe it’s just me)

    The thing with the dog really interests me, I think that and the fight with the shadow are the first things to seriously pique my interest in the series. And I think it’s pretty sad that the most interesting character is the dog, but oh well.

    Epic yay for no song. But I’ll scream if I see another stupid love-triangle scene. It’s the worst written cliché in the history of everything.

    Maybe this anime is not for me, vampire-themed series have never been able to catch my eye. I’ll keep watching, this episode managed to keep me interested… we’ll see…


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