CLAMP NEWS !! (just a bit)

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/04 – Jump SQ #09 – Chapter 6.
09/04 – Jump SQ #10 – Chapter 7 – Color page(s).
10/04 – Jump SQ #11 – Chapter 8.

CLAMP-NET.COM no longer mentions the color page in Chapter 7, so I wonder if it’s still on?

Singer Maaya Sakamoto and voice actor Kenichi Suzumura recently announced their marriage. The ceremony took place on August 8th.

Maaya Sakamoto has sang many songs for the CLAMP anime adapations as well as playing the voice of many characters. More recently, she played Princess Tomoyo in Tsubasa Chronicle. Kenichi Suzumura was the voice of Kamui in the OVA and TV Series of X.

CLAMP member Nanase Ohkawa made a post in her Private Board congratulating the couple, and posted this image saying that if it were their characters, it would have been something like this:

Best wishes to the couple! =)


37 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !! (just a bit)

  1. Thanks for the news. Happy for Maaya-san and SuzuKen.

    (sorry for the anonymous comment, it was me who forgot to sign in. Please delete it for me.)


  2. XD at the picture.

    It’s almost as funny as “Mokona and Fuuma getting married” back when Mika Kikuchi and Yuuji Kishi got married. I think this one is cuter though.


  3. Very pretty picture although somehow disturbing XD The Mokona and Fuuma one was cute, too (especially since Mokona’s character actually got excited to see Fuuma’s character XD). With this one though, Tomoyo’s in love with Sakura and Kamui’s always getting paired up with Fuuma by fans, so my first thought was: “…Gay… marriage…?” XD Maybe time for me to go back to bed…


  4. AWWW~~
    it’s so cuteee!!! Kamui/Tomoyo ?? haha..waw~
    it’s almost liek before..I wonder if Fuuma/Mokona is getting a picture..what would it be ?? like in TRC maybe ??



  5. XD Wow, Tomoyo x Kamui, now that would be a crack pairing and a half! Although, would it be weirder than Fuuma x Mokona? Congrats to the happy couple though. It’s so cute, all these VA getting married!


  6. I hope the color page is still planed, I like Gate 7’s art.

    Maaya also did Suu in the Clover video clip, a main characters’ wedding would have been a more interesting picture in my humble opinion, but people remember Maaya more for Tomoyo I guess. Nice picture anyway, nice to see princess Tomoyo with normal limbs. ^_^


        • She was the Nothing Card voice ? I love this card design !
          SQuh x Kamui would have been a very nice couple, but there was already illustrations with those two (ok, plus other characters)…so I think Tomoyo hime + Kamui is a very special illustration, more unique for Sakamoto Maaya and SuzuKen ^^
          And I never notice these two characters match so well in colors XD


  7. ZOMG Im am totally making a amv/mmv to this pairing now to congratulate them on their marriage XD

    here was my FuumaXMokona one I did when the Voice actors got married.

    the picture is SOOO CUTE I am in Love with it. I can’t stop starring at it XD

    thanks again Chibi Yuuto.


  8. Must be something wrong with my browser. My friend sent me the pic tho. All good 😉 What is the link to Ohkawa’s private board please?


  9. reminds me of Kotori and Kamui

    Reminds me of the early parts of X manga when Kotori was alive, I like Kotori and Kamui and I like Kotori and Kamui, Kotori and Tomoyo look kinda similar.


  10. And a new very crack pairing OTP is born XD Congrats to the couple.

    I don’t know why but, even if I’ll never really ship them, I’m realy amused and delighted. I approve not-gay Kamui SO MUCH


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