XXXHOLiC Shi scans

You can download chinese scanlations of the XXXHOLiC short story that CLAMP drew for Suga Shikao’s special magazine released by Kadokawa yesterday.


Special thanks to shaoron88 for letting me know about this.

Spoilers: YES YES we can see Suga Shikao draw by CLAMP and in a very XXXHOLiC style! =D


14 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Shi scans

  1. I downloaded the file but the zip folder seems to be empty ): I’m dying to see Suga Shikao in XXXHolic style! I still love that drawing of Maaya Sakamoto by CLAMP (so gorgeous!!!) I can’t wait to see how they drew Suga Shikao


  2. Just the day my copy made its way to my house. ^^

    Here’s the translation from Japanese:

    Page 1
    frame 1
    Narator: In this shore, the owner have been waiting for anyone for a long time. This is a store where wishes are granted for the visitors.

    frame 2:
    Suga : I heard that wishes are granted for those who came here.
    Watanuki : If it’s someting I can grante.

    Frame 3:
    Watanuki : What is your wish?

    Frame 4:
    Suga : I want to attrack women.

    Page 2
    Watanuki ……

    frame 2:
    Suga: ……

    frame 3:
    Watanuki: Your work is to make and sing song.

    frame 4:
    Watanuki: doesn’t that make you attractive?

    frame 5:
    Suga: But, I want to be even more attractive.

    Page 3
    frame 1:
    Watanuki: Even more than now?

    frame 2:
    Suga: Even more then now.

    frame 3:
    Watanuki: If I grant that wish,

    frame 4:
    Watanuki: you won’t be able to make or sing song, is it all right with you?

    Page 4
    frame 1:
    Suga: ………

    frame 2: Well, it’s no good to worry over that.

    frame 3:
    Narator: This is a store where wishes are granted. However an equivalent price is necessary in order to grant wishes. Thus, humans are the most mysterious creatures in this world.


    There are two notices in the pages’ side, the first one goes : “Clamp is the one who proposed Suga Shikao for the xxxHolic movie and anime versions’ theme songs. Clamp, who brought the original [xxxHolic] comic into the world, draw Suga Shikao!” The second: “Clamp – the name of a four women artist team. They made their debut as mangaka in ’89. Currently, they serialize Gate 7 in Shueisha’s Jump SQ. xxxHolic started in 2003, in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine. They also serialized Kobato。in Kadokawa’s Monthly Newtype of which the 6th volume is due for August 26th. The illustration book, Kobato。 Illust & Memories will be on sale on September 26th.”

    In the rest of the book, there’s a four page interview with Seamo who did the second xxxHolic anime season’s ending. They say he did some collaboration with Suga Shikao.

    There’s another four pages interview with Pornographity. I know I know them, they did a ending for an anime I watched, but I’m not sure if it was for a Clamp one. Maybe it was in Fullmetal Alchemist?

    Finally, There’s a three pages interview with Mizushima about the xxxHolic series and Suga Shikao.


    • Thanks for the translation!! So funny XDDD

      I love the notes too, great to know that it was CLAMP’s idea to invite Suga Shikao into XXXHOLiC =)

      As for Pornographity, they haven’t sang for any CLAMP anime, but it’s Satsuki’s favorite band for a long time. Maybe that’s why?


      • I did some resherch and Pornograffitti did the first op of Fullmetal Alchemist, the first TV anime. But no doubt Satsuki’s mentioning them probably made the name last in my memory.

        I was also pleased to know Clamp were the ones who ask for Suga Shikao, I was under that impression, as this singer was sticking in very xxxHolic project while the ending singers were changing like the last fad, but it could have been Mizushima’s choice too.


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