From Ohkawa’s Private Board

This time I’m not here to talk about Ohkawa’s doings, instead I’m here to talk about her recent music taste. As a Brazilian, I just had to do it.

Here’s her latest entry.


Recently, I’ve been listening to Lisa Ono-san’s beautiful tune.
Also, Jake Shimabukuro-san.
Also, jazz.

Since I haven’t had much time to turn the TV on,
I’ve been listening to those while reading books and magazines.

Even though I liked them from a very long time, recently I’m even more fond of them.

Along with food,
my music taste also changes every year.






Lisa Ono is a bossa nova singer who was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She moved to Tokyo at the age of 10 and began her career singing in her father’s pub. Her first professional album was released on 1989 and is called Catupiry (that title amused me till no end xD) and since then she became a very popular MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) singer in Japan.

Her repertory includes both original and covers of the most famous bossa nova songs. Watch her performing Ela é Carioca on YouTube.

The other guy, Jake Shimabukuro, is an ukelele monster! He was born in Hawaii and that is reflected in his songs. He doesn’t seem to sing (at least I couldn’t find any videos of him singing), he “only” plays instruments (but he does it really, really well). Watch him playing Crazy G on YouTube.

Ohkawa listening to bossa nova? I didn’t know she liked it, and she said she liked it from a very long time. I feel suddenly very patriotic xD

And this lady, Lisa Ono, I didn’t know her, actually I might know her (I think Yoshiyuki-kun might have told me something about her) and she’s really good! I love bossa nova, it’s so relaxing!

Ohkawa’s music taste really amazes me for its diversity, but she has my thumbs up for this one *thumbs up*

EDIT: The official website of Nakayoshi magazine has slightly bigger versions of the CLOVER #1 and #2 deluxe covers:

Both volumes of CLOVER Deluxe comes out on July 17.

EDIT 2: has even bigger versions of the CLOVER 1 and 2 covers.

17 thoughts on “From Ohkawa’s Private Board

    • It really is, he’s such a funny guy xD I didn’t know him either, he’s REALLY good!

      >It’s strange how the japanese in general love brazilian music.

      Did you see the big audience? And I don’t think they actually understand it xD But bossa nova is just so good, I think they like the “pa pa pa”s xD


  1. Interesting, gonna have to watch those videos x)

    The song you’re listening to is awesome, by the way! Namie Amuro = ♥. Sexy Girl and Do Me More are both so catchy! 8D


    • Do watch it ^^ Hope you like them ^^

      >The song you’re listening to is awesome, by the way! Namie Amuro = ♥. Sexy Girl and Do Me More are both so catchy! 8D

      I’m currently addicted to both of them xD Namie Amuro IS ♥


  2. According to my friend , Japanese are quite fond of bossa nova and it’s usually background music to stores and such. I’m not surprised that Ohkawa likes it.

    Besides the new covers and bigger format, anything new about the Clover deluxe?


    • I heard that they are quite fond of bossa nova too, but I didn’t think Ohkawa (or any of the CLAMP members) liked them, don’t know why xD

      >Besides the new covers and bigger format, anything new about the Clover deluxe?

      I’m not even sure it has bigger format (the original is already quite big, A5 sized). The online shops don’t have any specifications, right now the only difference are the covers and the fact that 1 deluxe volume contains 2 ordinary volumes =/


      • Oh, that explains a lot of things. Like a pizza named like that. XD

        Well ‘katupyry’ translated to English would be something like ‘skilled,’ or ‘clever’/’smart.’ XD Like a cheese.


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