CLOVER movie adaptation in negotiation (Updated)

Dark Horse has announced today at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that the company is currently in negotiations with Universal studios to produce a live action movie adaptation of CLOVER.

However, no deal has been signed yet as the two companies are still discussing it.

The news come from ANN.

On March 2008 I mentioned here the deal between Dark Horse and Universal, and since then I’ve been wondering if the deal would be responsible for making the first Hollywood adaptation of a CLAMP manga. By that time, however, Carl Horn was asked about Mangettes being adapted into a movie.

I have always, I mean ALWAYS thought that if one CLAMP manga were to be made into a movie, that manga would be CLOVER. I personally think there is no better work for that. I mean, sure, others could come later but it would be perfect to start with CLOVER since I think it’s CLAMP’s most cinematographic manga to date. If you know me and if you have talked to me about this subject, you probably remember me telling you this once xD

This news left me very happy and very excited! I hope the project does see the light and I hope CLAMP will have their involvement. I can totally see Oscars nominations too (okay, one thing at a time, one thing at a time xD).

I will keep you updated about this exciting possibility, definitely!

On other news, specially for American people, Dark Horse has hinted that it will be publishing CLAMP Mokona Okimono Kimono in the United States in the near future by displaying the book’s cover in its booth at Comic-Con.

No official announcement has been given yet, though. It would be very cool to have an english version of the book!

EDIT: Regarding the CLAMP IN AMERICA guidebook, in Del Rey’s panel they revealed that the release date has been postponed to March, 2010. The reason behind the postponement is the increase in page number and also because CLAMP provided great art and opted to make pics larger (according to Deb Aoki). The book was originally announced to have 144 pages, then 336 pages and now 384 pages is the latest counting. Source: AnimeVice


72 thoughts on “CLOVER movie adaptation in negotiation (Updated)

  1. *___* I fear this could go very, very wrong! They’d need a top-notch director, for sure, to do the work any justice. (And why Hollywood? Why not a Japanese studio?)

    …My main hope is that if this falls through, the series would more likely receive its long-awaited continuation!


    • No need to say that I would like Ohkawa to write the script or at least co-write it. But I am aware of how unlikely that could be depending on Universal’s requirements, grrr

      I assume it’s Hollywood because it’s Universal Studios, not sure if it could be a japanese studio O.o

      …My main hope is that if this falls through, the series would more likely receive its long-awaited continuation!

      My thoughts exactly. It’s a great opportunity! =D


      • I meant more, I think I’d prefer if the movie were Japanese, rather than be done by a company in Hollywood. I feel that a Japanese studio would understand the series more, and thus be able to give a better presentation. (I’ll be happy to be proved wrong, of course.)

        But anyway. If we can at least get an ending to the series with this…!


        • Yeah, I know what you mean, it would be perfect to have it in japanese and still be released all around the world.

          Maybe they’ll do it, we never know. I guess they can hire a japanese director too, let’s wait to see how it unfolds and IF it unfolds ^^


  2. Ugh, I hate it when USA takes Japanese products to make films, to me they always fail hard.

    I’m glad for those who’re looking forward to it, but in my case I’ll be very disappointed if they confirm the project ;;;


    • Wow, I am feeling in minority here xDDD I am actually very excited! I have faith it could be a great movie.

      Maybe they haven’t made a deal yet because Dark Horse wants to make as faithful as possible, they know about CLAMP’s reputation after all.

      I think it’s a good thing it’s not Warner, I don’t really like them.


  3. Oh~~ yeash yeash yeash! XDDD LIVE ACTION! Clover! XDDD

    The only thing I don’t want to have it turned to live action is Kamui. He’s too handsome! ;_; It will ruin the manga image if the actor isn’t suitable. ;_;

    I demand to have Wish and Suki Dakara Suki next if Clover is realized *mwuahahahaha*

    >>…and also because CLAMP provided great art and opted to make pics larger

    *drool* better quality is always welcomed! XDDDD


  4. …I don’t know how to feel about this. XD This could either be an amazing movie or a total screw up. Here’s to hoping that if it does happen it’ll be faithful to CLOVER with CLAMP’s involvement and an amazing movie!

    *tries to stay patient about CLAMP IN AMERICA’s release* The wait will be worth it for more content and pretty CLAMP pictures, right? 😀

    Thanks for the info!

    P.S. The first 5 seconds of this video ( ) summed up my reaction to your post. XD


  5. Wow, what an interesting piece of news. I think Clover would look gorgeous as a movie, personally *-* I think it’d be great too if Ohkawa could write the script! It’d probably be necessary to give the series an ending first though before making a movie of it…?


    • The story sort of ends at the end of volume 2. The events of 3 and 4 happen before the events shown in 2 (as you probably know ^^)

      I don’t know if volumes 5 and 6 will take place before or after volume 2.

      But I think it’s possible to make a movie out of those 4 published volumes.


  6. That’s a nice news for you, then.

    I don’t know that much about Clover, I stopped reading first two pages when I tried reading it. I hope the movie is nice enough to watch and know about the story without being tired.

    Yeah, I tried watching Hollywood ver. of Dragon Ball Movie, but I didn’t like the setting in the beginning that I stopped watching it (it was on the airplane visiting Japan).


  7. I am for one, very happy about this.

    The only CLAMP Live Action I have seen was the Tokyo Babylon Live Action….
    But I could take it if Suu was white but Japanese would be fine too…but for the other Characters, they should keep Japanese.

    Still has nightmare’s of DBZ liveaction.

    But I can see this movie being very “hot” with the graphics. It would just be so cool.


    • Oh I’m happy you’re as excited as me ^^ I want to believe it’s possible to make a good movie. And even if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world, it won’t change the original manga, it’s just a plus, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it, it’s simple ^^


  8. I’m excited about the possibility of a Clover movie, too.

    Even if it turns into a disaster, MORE INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE FOR CLAMP!!!

    Clover is a very cinematic manga and the storyline, though unfinished, is tight with what we have. It’ll make a good movie-even if they only focus on Suu, Kazuhiko and Ora.

    Hopefully, they will focus on the visuals and the mystery which will make it easier to stay true to the source and make a decent adaptation.

    But, like I said, even if it doesn’t please the fans-it’ll bring a new audience into the CLAMP fandom and, hopefully, get more people reading the mangas and recognising how amazing CLAMP truly are.


    • Even if it turns into a disaster, MORE INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE FOR CLAMP!!!

      I KNOW!!!!!!!! CLAMP needs it, even more than they already have! They need to be internationally known as a creative group!

      Clover is a very cinematic manga and the storyline, though unfinished, is tight with what we have. It’ll make a good movie-even if they only focus on Suu, Kazuhiko and Ora.

      *nods nods* Like I said, to me it’s CLAMP’s most cinematic manga, by far.


  9. I’ve got mixed feelings about this…of course I would like the idea that Clamp got more popular internationally, they totally deserve it ^___^

    But I can’t help feeling that it may go so wrong with Hollywood…Dragon Ball is a good example for that…it may attract more audience who did not read the actual manga before,,,but in fans’ eyes, it’s quite a disaster…I just found the idea of Western portraying Japanese weird…(not against anyone)

    How about the names in the adaptation? and the songs? in English? weird…

    Am I talking too much? It’s only in the discussion progress =__=


    • Well, I don’t think Dragon Ball is movie-material to begin with, it was a bad idea from the start and it turned out just as badly XD

      But CLOVER, to me it is movie-material, and maybe Universal studios could do a better job than Fox did with DBZ ^^;


  10. Interesting news. o_o But the same happened with NGEvangelion: they made a big announcement in 2005 or so that there’s gonna be a Hollywood adaptation of Eva and nothing has happened since then. e_e; I hope CLOVER won’t end up the same way.


    • I remember that! But the company behind the production was ADV Films, which is quite smaller than Universal studios. Besides, Universal has already officially announced a few Dark Horse titles that will be made into movie adaptations, so they seem to be more serious about it.

      Let’s pray =D


  11. wow! when i was in Paris with Fabrissou, i told him my greatest fear which was…american people adaptating a manga by CLAMP and now it’s coming true.

    i’ll only know how to feel for sure about it when i know the director. the actors might be fantastic, if the director is a terrible one, it’s pointless – he/she’s the one who’ll bring a personal style to it, no matter who the actors are asians/american/african etc.

    but to be honest, to direct a CLAMP adaptation and especially CLOVER, there are not a lot of people at all who’d be able to direct to me. i could only think about 3 maybe 4 directors only but they’ll never be the ones chosen as they have very personal styles and wont say yes to what every producers will say.

    for now, as long as we don’t have news about a possible director, it’s just a terrible news to me 😥


    • Yeah, one thing at a time, we don’t even know if it’ll happen yet, but I understand your concern, very much ^^

      I hope CLAMP will be involved too, I think they most certainly will like to be, but sometimes the director might be too cocky to allow that.

      PS: I wanted to meet you in Paris! Fabrice told me you were around, but too bad we couldn’t this time =/


  12. CLOVER as movie could be a disaster or something extraordinarily beautiful. It really depends on the director’s view of it. I’m curious, but not actually excited.

    As for the cast, if it’s an American movie, most likely it will have an all Caucasian cast, which could be the lesser of all evils considering how many things can be portrayed VERY badly.


  13. The possibility of a CLOVER movie? What good news to wake up to! I wonder who Ora would be…

    You just know the graphics and special effects would be absolutely AMAZING!!! And the costumes would be stunning…


    • It sounds very exciting! But I don’t know if the movie budget would be big enough for super amazing special effects, which is kind of a concern. But maybe CLAMP themselves could produce it, and we know they have a lot of money xD


  14. I’ve literally just read Clover (I brought the omnibus edition two days ago and finished it last night) and must say it is definitly one of the best and most beautiful manga i’ve ever read. I was really surprised about the possibility of it being filmed as a Hollywood movie (I hadn’t seen the previous posts about it), and i’m sort of exited about it, but another part of it me is sort of hoping it won’t be. This is because i’m worried about how it will turn out, because it will either go two ways:

    A. Be a massive success; well written, good actors, great visuals, great special effects, retaining original storyline and feel of the manga, keep the balance between action and drama

    B. Be an epic fail; dodgy CGI and special effects, poorly chosen cast and bad acting, unecesary and crappy alterations to storyline, and be changed pretty much completely to a action movie rather than a blend of action, drama and romance

    I’m also curious about how they are going to give it a ending. Are they going to make one up or are CLAMP going to tell them how they intended to end the series?

    If they do make Clover in to a movie I really hope they don’t screw it Up!


    • Yeah, I have those concerns too, but I would rather risk it and hope for a good movie than having no movie at all.

      I don’t know, the thought of seeing CLAMP’s name on the big screen gives me the chills XDDDD


  15. I actually like the idea but I wonder how they could make a movie where the flashbacks are longer than the main story themselves.
    Oh and did you also see that Dark Horse will be publishing omnibus editions of CCS, MKR, and Chobits? The info is also on ANN.


    • Tokyo Pop has alread released Ombibus versions of MKR. *looks at bookshelf* I don’t know how long ago that was, I found it on sale at my Barns and Noble over a year ago so it must be old.

      CCS is something I’d like to buy though. ^^b


  16. OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!! That’s my MOST FAVORITE CLAMP WORK EVER. Excuse me. I…I must start squeeing now.

    I, too, have always thought Clover would be a really interesting live action work – especially because of all the gears and strange cyber/steam items.


    • No Gate 7 news?? Damnit!! I was hoping for a release date! (I dream high!)

      Clover adaptation?? YES! But…adapting manga is really really hard…If they do it, give the progect to a good director

      Peter Jackson would be awesome! After LotR, Clover would be cake for him.
      A very good cake! lol


  17. You know what, no matter how crappy it could turn out, I will be there on opening day, having pre-ordered the tickets in ridiculously advanced fashion.

    Not to mention, Clover’s art was soo pretty.


  18. Clover could most certainly make a great movie. It’s less fantasy thank clamp’s other works and more scifi, which I think would get more interest for a larger viewing audience than something that will come off as kid oriented. I really really hope this is true, because I am SO going to see this movie on opening day if they make it.


  19. I have a really negative view on Hollywood turning Japanese texts into films @___@ I think that because (and I haven’t read CLOVER) Japanese texts targets the Japanese audience, hence the works will have a “Japanese feel” to it (I know that doesn’t make sense..) For example, since Japanese people regard the senpai/kouhai system as highly imporant, that will reflect in the texts, when Americans interpret that into a western style film, they’ll more or less have to take a little bit of that away. One thing may not seem like a very big deal, but when it all adds up, the characters would feel as if something was lacking, unless the director does a very good job and makes it feel natural.

    I can’t say anything about CLOVER because I have no idea what it’s about, so I’m not totally against a film adaptation, but if Hollywood was thinking of adapting HOLiC (or any other CLAMP works, really XD)into a western film then I would be 120% against it.

    Or maybe it’s just my fear of the Death Note remake doing things to my brain.


  20. I’m badly biased against Hollywood films in general, so I’m not all too pleased at the news. Even so, I agree that it could be a beautiful film; I just don’t have much hope for that. You’ve got enough optimism for the whole fandom, though, so that makes up for it. 😀

    It’s interesting how the CLAMP in America book keeps on growing. Say, I wonder if they’re going to include a feature on the American fans who contributed to the Fanbook (or, better yet, all of the fans who contributed to the Fanbook)? It would be nice if they expanded its scope beyond the United States. Wishful thinking, I know.

    EDIT: I misspelled “too.” I wish I could use an actual edit function instead of deleting and reposting my comments.


  21. csñicnsocbo´v bscnñ*w*)> *runs of joy!!!*
    That would be sooooo nice *w* i really loved CLOVER and it would be perfect to do a movie of it, it’s such a great captivating story, so it would be… *faints*

    Thanks for the news Chibi yuuto-kun 😀



  22. UHM!!! I must confess that I AM a worried…. this could end up being an amazing movie… or… a huge disaster….

    I think it will depend on how involved CLAMP gets with the project…because…if they leave everything to the hollywood producers… god help us x___x they are going to kill Clover!!!

    CLAMP Needs to supervise every step of this production!!! @____@


    • In total agreement, but its also important to have good actors! I could almost see Dakota Fanning as Suu, but I dunno… its Hollywood, they’d probably make Suu older.


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