1000th Post: Wish New Version #3 & #4 – Covers

Now that was fast! Kadokawa has announced the remaining two covers of the new version of Wish, meaning of volumes #3 and #4:

So nice to have all the main characters in all covers \o/ You can check the covers for volumes #1 and #2 here. I like how Kohaku is holding a different kind of flower in each cover =D Quite similar to the original covers in that aspect.

These will be released on September 26.

By the way people, this is wow, my 1000th post! Thank you so much you guys, it’s quite an achievement for me =D


59 thoughts on “1000th Post: Wish New Version #3 & #4 – Covers

  1. Thanks for sharing ^^

    And congratulation on your 1000th post!
    We should be the ones thanking you for your dedication and all the efforts you pour in your Livejournal and in the Clamp fandom. So, Thank you!


  2. Wow…Congrats to you for reaching the 1000th post ^__^ That’s really a great achievement,,,since you don’t really spam XD

    It seems like “Wish” is gonna to get more popular again thanks to Kobato ^__^ Clamp they really know how to make their series popular again, don’t they? = v = That’s good for us fans though,,,to see the characters reappeared =)


    • Thanks a lot!! ^___^

      I never thought Wish would be revived in such a way… CLAMP always surprising us xD Indeed, I think the new version was decided because of the Kobato. anime ^^


  3. Congratulations for 1000 posts!

    These covers are so beautiful! Especially the one with Shuichiro #2! Again, such lovely colors. I actually bought the Wish art book just because the colors were gorgeous (…and I collect them).

    I think I’ll go re-read Wish now…


  4. Well-spotted! It’s indeed the same flower! Only that in the original covers they were much bigger =D I didn’t notice that, I like it too, it enhances the “new version” concept ^^

    I think the postponed it because they want it to be closer to the Anime debut? Or maybe the covers were just finished…


  5. Ooo…shiny! I’m tempted to buy these, even though I have the Tokyopop versions.

    No Touki and Ranshou, though. I’ll keep hoping for them to appear in the anime.

    But congratulations on 1000 posts!


  6. Olá, Chibiyuuto!!

    Thanks for the heads up re:Wish definitely the art looks so colorful and it will help in the appreciation of the characters in Kobato`s anime. I can´t wait!!

    And congratulations in you 1000th post! \o/
    It´s been a long trip, but the fans thank you for all your effort sharing your CLAMP love!


  7. Congratz for your 1000th post!!

    And the covers are so pretty, all four of them. I wonder if oversea publishers are going to print this version as well. I was going to buy Wish in Chinese but then remembered that there were going to be new covers… or I might just buy them in Japanese XD …. just takes a bit more time to read~~


    • Nothing to do with the post but…
      Dark Horse is giving the kobato – kimono book at SDCC.
      I wonder if they will say something about mangettes


      • Chibiyuuto – check this out

        Dark horse site has the following comment on 25th July panel:

        Join Publisher Mike Richardson, Director of Public Relations Jeremy Atkins and Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie, along with a cast of top creators, for an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW OF ALL THAT Dark Horse HAS TO OFFER IN THE COMING YEAR. THIS IS THE BIG ONE. Dark Horse breaks the mold with a format you’ve never seen. Make sure you’re able to say you were there when a new era in panels was ushered in. With breaking news on all of your favorite Dark Horse titles, MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS and surprise guests, be the first to know about heroes, horror and more!


  8. chibiyuuto congratulations!
    100’th post! wow!
    Thanks for all the good information

    And talking about the covers…
    I loved number 4
    It’s good that all the characters are now in the covers
    But still I don’t like the new desing of them
    -Especially of Hisui… She is SO not Hisui haha-

    Thanks and congratulations again!


  9. Congratulations



  10. Congrats on your 1000th post~
    Amazing covers are amazing~
    I still haven’t been answered about my Wish-Kobato question yet, though. XD

    But regardless, Kohaku’s design is… cute.
    Beautiful and cute.
    You can see the effort put into the pieces that is different than the usual style. ^^


  11. WOW, congratulations for your 1000 post!!!
    You make an amazing work bringing all these news ;O; *throws confetti*

    And about the covers, i don’t know, but they’re weird, i really don’t like it, maybe it’s the coloring


  12. :3 Thanks for the covers and CONGRATULATIONS on your 1000 post. O.O That’s alot.

    >.> I feel like I’m the only one who likes the original covers better, but the 4th one is really pretty. But Kohaku’s face is so different. like the coat though. ^o^

    Although, it’s just the covers that are different right? They redraw the whole manga or anything, but it’ll be strange since the characters in the book differ from the ones on the cover. ^^; If they come to America, I think I’m buying the 2nd and the 4th. And just keep on comparing the cover with the art within. xD


  13. *—*

    oh, omedetou Yuto-san o/

    the covers are amazing *–* I loved the #3

    but kohaku seems so much like a girl >.<
    I don't like this ¬¬
    in my heart, kohaku always gonna be a boy


    • Re: *—*

      I’ve always pictured Kohaku like a boy, too. ^^ Tough he’s cute like this, too – more feminine.

      Is this in your userpic Rikuo? He’s so handsome, I’ve never seen this picture! Where did you get it?



      • Re: *—*

        hy Jessica-chan ^^

        I’m Brazilian too XDDDDDDDD
        *não existem coincidências*

        hai, it’s Rikuou \o/

        This picture… hum…. i found in CLAMP no kiseki, in the vol… I can’t remember XD
        [tem orkut? procura “miahku” lá, aí a gente se fala =*)


  14. Congratulations for the 100th post! I don’t have an livejournal account (too lazy/too little time to mantain one) but I’m always stalking your entries! Thank you so much for all the Clamp information and all the love you share with us! XD

    Oh God, Shuichiro #2 (4th cover) looks so much like Kazahaya! The same face! (I’m a crazy fan of GD, so maybe I just see Kazahaya’s face everywhere…) The main difference is the hair… and Kazahaya’s hair’s just like Kohaku’s. And the surname! (Kudou) Jesus, after seeing this last cover I can almost see chibi!Kazahaya there, between the happy couple.

    Regards from a fellow citizen! (sou brasileira, do interior de São Paulo ^^)



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