Wish New Version #1 and #2 – Covers

Kadokawa has announced the covers of the new version of Wish #1 and #2:

Both volumes will be on sale August 26.

Yey, not the same illustration from the Newtype article! And I like these much more than the original covers, no offense, but they are you know, colorful xD


27 thoughts on “Wish New Version #1 and #2 – Covers

      • Probably it’s just that Nekoi’s drawing style has improved. The face’s rounder, smoother, the shoulders better proportioned (Kohaku never had big shoulders compared to any other CLAMP male character but still they were a bit more marked), the hands are prettier and in Vol 2 the colouring of the lips made me think to a very light shade of lipstick.
        In short Kohaku is much cuter than before!
        Not mentioning that the clothers, despite being beautiful, reminds me of dresses (especially the orange one but the white one also).
        At the same time the fact he’s placed next Shuichiro, who’s much more manly or Kouryu (who can’t compete with Shuichiro but is definitely male looking) probably increase my impression of a more girly Kohaku…
        I really want to see a bigger version of those two pics…


  1. I love these (except for the too-girly factor, but I can live with that). Too bad Tokyopop won’t reprint — I mean, I’m not sure, but I really doubt they would. They’re stingy like that.


  2. mmm I really don’t like them
    I prefer the old versions, sorry =D
    Everyone is so changed and Kohaku seems too much girly!
    The hair of Kohaku it’s also strange
    Kouryu hasn’t changed but shuchiro looks too much like doumeki’s grandfather
    I loved the past mega-giant flower u,u

    It’s my idea or Kohaku has a cat-like face? xD?


  3. Actually, I prefer the cover design of the original covers.

    They are nice, but maybe the original has a different meaning for me, I don’t know, these feel…. rushed.


  4. Am I the only person here who doesn’t like them?XD….I thought those were old pictures. I mean, I expected them to look much better than the old ones considering Nekoi-san has improved his drawing skills a lot since Wish was first published…


  5. KYAAAAAAAH~~~~~~~!!!!!!
    i. LOVE! the covers! XD

    > And I like these much more than the original covers, no offense, but they are you know, colorful xD

    I know right? the originals look so… colorless? =/ the new ones seems more perspective. 🙂 i really like the new art here too. maybe i hadn’t read this series in a long time, but Kohaku looks better now. XD


    • One thing I never was quite sure in Wish – Is Kohaku a girl, a boy or a genderless? Because the translations are diferent from one site to the other


  6. Cover 2 looks excellent! As for cover 1, the only thing I can complain about is that the expression of his eyes differs a lot from the 1st edition. Back then, it was the “soft look”.


  7. Thank you for the news 😀

    I’m really amazed how Nekoi can mantain the old drwaing style after so many years but i really love the minimalistic style of the old ones *O*


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