Nanase Ohkawa interview from Newtype #8 (Updated)

Here is the interview with Nanase Ohkawa that was published in this month’s issue of Newtype magazine, it also features a new Wish illustration:

Click to enlarge it.
It’s not really an interview since there is no interviewer, just Ohkawa talking about the anime ^^;

Credits for the scan goes to undini (thank you so much!), who also points some highlights from the interview:

– Kobato.’s world and Wish’s world is the same.
– When they were setting the plot for Ioryogi, from the beginning they thought that he did something in the world of Wish and because of that he became like this.
– They don’t know how many characters from Wish will appear in the Kobato. anime.
– Ohkawa says that Kohaku knows about Kobato and Ioryogi, but she doesn’t want to say anything else since it will be spoiling the anime.

EDIT: Allan Montenegro kindly translated the interview to portuguese and I retranslated it to english:

Two worlds connected

The worlds of “Kobato.” and “Wish” are the same!! In the end, there will probably be a lot of readers who cannot hide the surprise upon seeing this new fact! To start with, where the idea came from?

“When we first thought about Ioryogi’s creation, we thought about making a mysterious being coming from a world like the Heaven that we first described in “Wish”, for some reason, we thought about changing his appearance to the way it looks now. Since we decided that Ioryogi would appear, one could tell that both worlds were connected.”

With the animation of “Kobato.”, the two worlds will be more closely connected.

“It was a decision that came up during a meeting. We decided that to visually show the world of angels would be easier to understand to story. So, by making Kohaku appear, both stories become much more connected. Even so, in the end the title is still “Kobato.”. At the moment, it’s not clear how much Kohaku and the other “Wish” characters will appear (laughs). Besides, it is known that Kobato and Kohaku both sing very well, it would be very pleasant to make them sing.”

They are not just good at singing, in one way or another, Kobato and Kohaku have a lot in common. What kind of connection there is between them?

“If I tell you that, I would be spoiling a lot (laughs). However, it’s established in the anime version that Kohaku knows about Kobato and Ioryogi. The uncommon love that exists in the [Wish] manga is very strong, I think we won’t be able to develop Kohaku’s efforts [in the anime]. Upon watching the Ending, I thought “I’m so glad! It looks so cute!”, it looks good in the anime, very pleasant to watch. I hope you’ll like it.”

So the Ending animation is already done! And in the end it was an interview. A 3-questions long interview, but an interview nonetheless xD


31 thoughts on “Nanase Ohkawa interview from Newtype #8 (Updated)

  1. Wtf, that pic. Either Shuichirou’s arm was drawn way too short, or his torso way too long. Either way, it looks ridiculous.

    Kobato needs to come out faster >/ ;;


  2. I’m quite curious about it! I wish Ohkawa would be the only scriptwriter (yeah, I wish she would do everything XD). I’m a little concerned of all those people writing about those two series and making new stories about them. At least she will be supervising all scripts.


  3. I don’t know for sure but it could be a new cover. I hope not because that would mean we have 4 new illustrations to come ^^

    I am a little surprised that she doesn’t know how many characters will appear… it’s like they know veeeery little about it and it’s only 3 months away from the debut, LOL

    I’m curious about the cast too, I think next month it’ll be announced ^^


  4. Well, I still stick by my theory that Kobato is actually a bird, Kohaku did hang around with a lot of birds after all. Can’t wait for the anime, it really does sound like even CLAMP doesn’t know what will happen next!


  5. Kohaku looks lovely, and the colors of the illustration are wonderful. But Shuichirou’s proportions…did his pants slip down?

    I’m glad that Ms. Ohkawa put in that disclaimer stating that, in the end, Kobato will still be the main focus of the story. I was beginning to worry that this anime would end up being equal parts Kobato and Wish, in order to please those fans who wanted to see Wish animated.


    • did his pants slip down?

      LOL I thought the same!

      I’m glad that Kobato. will be the mais focus too. Totally excited for the Wish cameos, but it would be weird to have a simultaneous adaptation.


  6. Oh yay! I knew it! XDDD The last few chapters revealed a lot! XDDD

    Now I’m deadly eager to watch the anime. It looks to have a different plot with the manga but we’ll see, we’ll see…. XDDD Thanks for the translation! XDDD


  7. I want the anime always ^__^ I hope there will be great seiyuus for the characters and someone who can really sing for the role of Kobato and Kohaku,,,so the animation is already finished?? that means we can get it soon YAY!!!

    On a side note, may I ask how many languages you know, chibiyuuto-kun?=) portugese, spanish, english and japanese? it’s wonderful to know many languages~~


    • Hahaha well I’m Brazilian so portuguese is my native language. I don’t know spanish at all (some people think in Brazil we speak spanish but we don’t, it’s portuguese ^^).

      I know a short bit of japanese but I can only make Portuguese English translations ^^;


  8. Okay. So is Wish going to play a big part in the manga? Or just the anime? D:
    I mean, as long as the scriptwriters and animators work hard on Kobato, it’ll still be awesome, but I wouldn’t want CLAMP to have no say in it at all. Well, at least, nothing like what happened with Tsubasa…

    But anyway, about Shuichirou, I find the picture a little funny, but I’ll just pretend CLAMP had him standing inside a split-second visual warp. >.>;;;
    Otherwise, I think this picture is really neat. I love the calm colors, style, and gradients they used, particularly for Kohaku. Or is that just the scanner quality? XD


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