“Thank you India…”

A grateful post.

Once in a while I make these posts to thank everybody who visits my LiveJournal, because we have to be grateful to all sort of good things so that they can keep coming.

So, first I’d like to thank to E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y who’ve been commenting on my posts, no matter what post. I love you all, thank you very much indeed ! I’m sorry if I happened to not answer to your comment, I probably didn’t see it or didn’t have the time, but I always read all of them and I try to answer the biggest number as possible ! ^__^

Second, thanks to everybody that reads and comments on my reviews, whether Tsubasa’s or XXXHOLiC’s. I wasn’t expecting so many people commenting on them, so I’m really, really glad, specially because it takes a lot of time and effort to write them, and seeing people enjoying them is very gratifying. Thank you muchly ! *bows*

Third, I just realized that I’ve reached the mark of 300 (at the moment, 308) people who friended me back !! Thank you very much all of you for the support !!! I love you all and each >.< This is definitely an incentive to keep this journal up, so thanks big time *bows 308 times* ^^

And now, a meme, because ladydarkmoon-san tagged me !

10 songs you love right now (the songs I’ve been listening to lately, right?)
1. Amai Kajitsu – Suga Shikao
2. 19 Sai – Suga Shikao
3. Hachi Gatsu no Serenade – Suga Shikao
4. All I Really Want (always) – Alanis Morissette
5. That Particular Time – Alanis Morissette
6. The Couch – Alanis Morissette
7. Head Over Feet [acoustic *-*] – Alanis Morissette
8. Uninvited – Alanis Morissette
9. Mameshiba – Maaya Sakamoto
10. Ningyo Hime – Tanaka Rie

10 favorite “summer” places
I hate don’t like winter, so every place is better when it’s summer, my own home feels better when it’s summer. So I don’t think I have many “summer-only” places, and it’s hard to remember at the moment since it’s winter in Brazil, buuuut:
1. Pools/The Beach
2. My home, specially the living room (it’s where the PC is at, where the best TV is at, and it’s near all the rest of the apartment XD)
3. The Kitchen? XD
4. Pizza Restaurants (this goes well in every season, really XD)
5. Places to be with your friends, hanging out
6. Theater (also goes well in every season ^^”)
7. Bookshops (I can spend hours if you let me~)
8. Supermarket (I like to buy the house stuff xDD)
9. –
10. –

10 favorite clothing brands
I don’t care about those things, looking good on my body is what matters.

10 summer hobbies
This is very hard to pick, it’s the same thing as “summer places”. Usually, everything I do on summer are also the things I do on winter XD (with the exception of specific stuff like going to the pool and beach, of course), BUT, if you insist:
1. Swimming
2. Eating Ice Cream
3. Going out with friends
4. Cooking
5. Taking cold showers
6. –
8. –
7. –
9. –
10. –

10 places you wanna visit someday
1. Japan (always xD)
2. USA
3. England
4. France
5. Italy
6. Spain
7. Deutschland
8. Canada
9. Australia
10. Egypt

10 favorite TV shows/soaps
1. Friends
2. Lost
3. CCS
4. Gilmore Girls (everything before Logan showing up ¬¬)
5. MTV (believe me, Brazil’s MTV ain’t nothing like USA’s)
6. Interview shows (for the brazilian ones, “Programa do Jô”)
7. XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa (lately)
8. Random interesting rubbish that shows up (Big Brother XD)
9. There’s more… I just can’t remember @_@
10. –

10 favorite movies
1. Harry Potter’s
2. Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2
3. Saw 1 & 2 (and I hope soon to be, 3)
4. The Life of David Gale
5. CLAMP’s movies (specially X and CCS’s)
6. Moulin Rouge (Nicole Kidman *-*)
7. The Others (more Nicole Kidman *-*)
8. There’s more… I just can’t remember @_@
10. –

10 favorite books (Agrees with Alison: Non manga? This list will be THIN then, I’m not a reader kind of guy, even though I love bookstores as you saw above)
1. Harry Potter’s (PoA being my favorite)
2. Sherlock Holmes (specially “A Study in Scarlet”)
3. The End of Print – The Work of David Carson (that’s more like an ARTBOOK than a book but…)
4. History of Art – Wendy Beckett (excellent for consulting, amazing iconographic source)
I have a tendency to start reading a book and not finishing it… you see? XD

Everybody who wishes to do the meme, just do it, okay?

46 thoughts on ““Thank you India…”

  1. And it’s a pleasure to be one of the 308! 😀 ♥

    I’d do that meme but I can only think of like 3 options for each section except the songs XD;;;


    • >And it’s a pleasure to be one of the 308! 😀 ♥
      Thank you ! ♥

      >I’d do that meme but I can only think of like 3 options for each section except the songs XD;;;

      I KNOW ! Did you see my answers? XDDD I struggled myself to fill more than 3 as well !


  2. Hullo!

    My first time commenting actually *sweatdrops*…but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts, and the amount of effort and time you put into each and every one is amazing. You’re my main source of news for all things CLAMP, as well as my xxxHolic fix!

    So, thank YOU for doing this, and I on my part will try to comment more often (is a bit shy)!



    • Ow hello ! Nice to meet you ^___^ Thanks for reading and liking my posts ! I’m glad they serve you well ! And please don’t be shy, you are welcome to comment at any time you want ! In fact, I am needing more XXXHOLiC fans around indeed (they are much less compared to Tsubasa).

      Ja~! ^-^


      • Ooh, I am indeed a xxxHolic fan 😀 Yuuko’s a brilliant character, and I adore Watanuki & Doumeki together!

        Eh, there are more Tsubasa fans? Am surprised. Is it because the story and characters are more accessible? I like Tsubasa too, but xxxHolic & X are top of my CLAMP list 🙂


        • There’s the whole CCS appeal that atracts a LOT of people, then all the crossovers, and the anime came somehow firstly, so yeah, there are more Tsubasa fans because of those reasons ^^

          Glad to see you like X ! It’s my very favorite ^__^


  3. ^-^ Well, I’m really grateful that you’re here in LJ ‘coz you make my life more enjoyable. If it weren’t for you, I would be suffering from CLAMP withdrawal.heheXD

    I just want you to know that I really enjoy reading you’re posts, although I rarely comment due to a busy sched. I’ll try to comment more often starting today.=D

    Thanks a lot!!!♥


    • >If it weren’t for you, I would be suffering from CLAMP withdrawal
      LOL ! ALWAYS a pleasure to avoid that withdrawal XDDD

      Ow, don’t worry if you’re busy or anything, but please feel free to comment at any time you want and are available ^__^

      You’re welcome a lot ! ♥


  4. ~hee hee~ You were just an awesome find, I wish I has known ya sooner! ^^ And since I don’t see CLAMP not producing any form of art for a VERY long time, I think this ‘friendship’ will last for a while! ^^ Thanks for being as awesome as you are!

    And now for the random responses…Ahh I dislike Logan too!! >_😦 Ah well, did you hear that this may be GG’s last season? So frustrating!
    CCS would have been at the top of my list but…. XD
    And HP:PoA was my fav. book too! I just loved Sirius to death!



    • Thank you very much for the nice words ! *bows*
      You’re welcome, always ! And yeah, I hope this LJ will stay up like this for VERY long time as well ^^

      >Ahh I dislike Logan too!! >_did you hear that this may be GG’s last season?
      Really? I didn’t ! Well, it’s about time I’d say (because Logan came).

      >CCS would have been at the top of my list but
      Ow the 1st item of the lists doesn’t mean it’s the one you like the most ^^ There’s no particular order.

      And I loved PoA too ! Mainly because of the totally unexpected twist at the end that let me jaw-dropped !


  5. This is also my first time commenting but i’m checking your journal daily. I really like your reviews and i thought this was the best way of thanking you of all your hard work to provide us news regarding clamp.
    Thank you so much

    A Subaru/kamui fan from the Netherlands


    • Hey nice to meet you ! These posts always make some people who were in the shadows to get OUT of them ^^ That’s very good ! I wish everybody were more “present” you know?
      Anyway, thank you very much for the support, for liking my reviews and everything else. Please feel FREE to comment at any time you want !

      >A Subaru/kamui fan from the Netherlands
      So you must be adoring the latest Tsubasa chapters !


      • Yeah I hope kamui doesnt die(hoping subaru will rescue him lol) the latest chapters are really exciting too bad i’m going on holiday for 2 weeks so i’ll be missing the next chapter.
        When i’m get back i will post more comments on the great reviews you make.
        Anyway nice to meet you too


  6. Nope, thank you 😀

    Random stuff: so you’re a Kidman fanboy? XDDD Also, how is MTV like in Brazil? MTV Latinoamérica (as in, Spanish-speaking Latin America) isn’t like MTV USA, either. It’s like more oriented to music clips, although they do toss some of the most interesting/weird American shows in dub. (Or at least it was like that three years ago, before I moved to Spain.) I liked Latin MTV a lot, but every time I watched American MTV in Miami it pissed me off because it was so retarded and unmusical. I ended up watching MTV2 instead. MTV Spain is somehow between the Latin formula and the American formula. I don’t like it that much, neither.


    • Aww you’re welcome ;_;

      >so you’re a Kidman fanboy?
      I am indeed ! XD She’s so awesome ^^”

      Brazilian MTV is JUST like your Latinoamérica MTV, apparently. It’s much more music-oriented as well (REAL music too, not only Britney Spears), and they have all sort of interesting shows, targeting for young and adult people. Surely there ARE a couple of stupid shows brought directly from the other MTVs around the world (mainly USA and UK), but even some of them aren’t that bad.


  7. Hello… First post for me, just created an account (right during exams, don’t I have anything better to do? ^^”) Anyway, I’m from Minitokyo (the guy who quoted your X article) and I just wanted to thank you for all the awesome Clamp news, the scans and translations… Just everything. Thanks.
    PS: Harry Potter is great! But as I’m a literary type, I can probably recommend more stuff for you (if you want of course)


    • Hey you ! I remember you ^^ Welcome ! Glad you created an account (EVERYBODY should have one, really XD). I’m glad you enjoy the news I post, thank you very much indeed *bows* Please come back at any time and feel free to comment ^_~

      >I can probably recommend more stuff for you
      About books, it’s more because I don’t have the time and patience to read them, because I have MANY books I’d like to read ^^” But it takes a LOT of time for me to START a book XDDDDD I’m lazy to start reading books, I prefer more dynamic stuff like the internet ! But when I start a book, and if it’s interesting (like HP), I literally devour it ! XDDD


  8. Congratulations Yuuto-san! You will be always the best!
    I really know how many effort you have put all this time: resuming, investigating, posting, etc.

    And how I know that? well that’s because sometimes I do it, so I know how many time and effort is spent.

    Thank you so much for your dedication ^_^


    • Thank you so much for being so compreensive ^__^ that’s very sweet of you. In fact, double thank you, you are a very active commentator here ^__^

      It is very hard indeed to find and post all sort of news, but I love making them (It gives me so much joy!) and I love even more when I see that it was worth of some attention, that people enjoyed it. It’s very gratifying.

      And you’re welcome for everything *bows*


      • – you are a very active commentator here – not really, thanks for reading my not so attractive comments.

        And you are right, after made an effort and see how people value it, it’s so cheerful and motivational. Even when you have a little laziness it gives you a motivation to continue.

        Finally remember, it’s always a pleasure to read your comments ^_^


  9. Hi Yuuto-san! *feeling nostalgic*

    I used to read your LJ a lot of time before I registered. And I only registered to comment here. Imagine the loads of people who never commented, but read the LJ regularly?

    It´s interesting that you´ve got a meme on this post. The first time I commented was because of one. It was a kind of “Ask 6 questions about me” or so. I think my questions were the weirdest ones. Well, my comments are also the weirdest I think…

    Anyway, a big “YOU´RE WELCOME” for you, and a “BIGGER THANK YOU, INDIA” for you too. Thanx for taking your time to produce nice articles and reviews, for keeping us informed about CLAMP and for providing space for so many interesting discussions. (Brazilian fandom… never again… XDDDDD – with the exception of 1 or 2 fans, maybe…)

    Keep up the good work.

    Kisses and a very yummy bite on your left ear (sorry, but it seems so tasty XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD).

    See ya



    • I’m glad you gathered the energy and courage to create your own account. I encourage everybody to do the same, and have their own journals, it’s awesome !

      >Imagine the loads of people who never commented, but read the LJ regularly?
      It’s the BIG majority. Only a very small percentage of people comments on the post, the real thing is much bigger, I know what I’m saying ^^”
      I really wish EVERYBODY would comment. But it’s understandable that some people don’t like doing it because it’s shy (I was like that during a very long time), or because the person feels insecure about his/her english. So we can’t force everybody to comment. But please, people, FEEL FREE TO POST XDDD Anyone can speak up here, there are no exceptions !!!

      >I think my questions were the weirdest ones
      They definitely were XDDDDDDD And it was SO weird because indeed I had never met you before. And I was like “What’s up with this guy? He barely knows me and look what he’s asking” XDDD But I was FAR from being mad, it was all fine questions, IN SPITE of being rather weird xDDDD I enjoyed answering to them ^^

      Hahahaha did you like the title of the post? XDD When I was posting, I thought that I HAD to use that title xDDD

      Aww, those are very nice words ! Thank you too for being such an active commentator *bows* ^___^ I love your comments, you know that !

      >Brazilian fandom… never again… XDDDDD
      No, thank you XD But yeah, apart from some people who are incredibly great.

      OMG you’re indeed so weird XDDDDDDDDDD No wonder your icon is Icchan !!!

      See you !! (and leave my ear alone~ XD)


      • >”What’s up with this guy? He barely knows me and look what he’s asking”
        Oh well, I just wanted to make sure if I could hit on you or not. Although the fact that you´re yummy, I´m not going to propose you, thanks to those answers. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (it would be a little embarassing if I started by proposing, wouldn´t it?) Very disappointing indeed, but life goes on. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

        I don´t think I have to tell you I love your reviews and I love posting weird comments about them. It´s nice to know you there´s someone who appreciates my weird posts. ^^

        See ya



  10. Oh no no no no no. How could it be that you’re thanking US? When we’re the ones that have to be so grateful for!

    -Thank you for cleaning and hosting the scans of our favorite series
    -Thank you for bringing us news of our favorite mangakas, series & animes
    -Thank you for making reviews of the anime episodes
    -Thank you for being so kind and friendly

    THANK YOU! Yuuto-chan!!! You are the best.

    I love you very much, you’re an amazingly sweet, funny and gentle person ^___^ Thank you for being my friend *hugs*

    now after my declaration of love xD comments! XD

    Amai Kajitsu! I forgot about that one, I love it too! Well, I like all those wonderful Suga Shikao songs you shared with us *-* (now I want to go to japan even more and stalk Suga Shikao-sama XD)
    and of course, there had to be lots of Alanis songs in your playlist xDD

    Supermarket!! XD I like to make the shoppings too so i can buy all I want xD though lately I haven’t been able too x3 (maybe that’s the reason why there are so few tasty thing around here x3)

    about Gilmore Girls, have you been watching this season?! I watched the season’s finale yesterday, and I was all: OMG!!! Whatthe!! ahhh, I don’t know what they did with this series this past season T_T

    Moulin Rouge!! that’s such a pretty and sad movie!! and I loved the soundtrack “My gift is my song, and this one’s for you… I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words; how wonderful life is, now you’re in the world”

    but i didn’t know you were Nicole Kidman’s fan xDD She’s indeed gorgeous ^^

    one last comment, I swear XD : I finally have HP6!!! I’m reading it like, RIGHT NOW!!! Yaaaaaay! I don’t know how long I’ll take but let’s comment once I finish XD

    Ooookay, that was a long one ^^”” much love to you Yuuto-kun, take care!!! ^_~


    • I have to agree with sha-chan: you’re the one doing all the hard work! XD

      I’m glad you are able to tell us about all the CLAMP news because I wouldn’t know about it otherwise.


    • *cries tears of joy* omg stop it ! XDDDDD I’m gonna die like that.

      Really, thank you very much for the support, those are very kind words, aww *hugs back* You are very welcome for everything, always ! And you too are so kind and friendly ^___^

      >and of course, there had to be lots of Alanis songs in your playlist xDD
      Believe me, I fought with myself to not make all the 10 ones to be of Alanis XDDDDD

      >so i can buy all I want xD
      WORD ! Nobody but you buys EXACTLY what you want ¬¬

      As for GG, I don’t watch it anymore so I don’t know what happened……. what happened? XDDD

      And that Moulin Rouge song is THE PRETTIEST SONG EVA ! XDDD *whispers so that Ohkawa can’t hear* as well as Nicole hihihi XDDDDDDD

      Whoa ! You’re ALREADY at HP6? You’re so speedy ! Then you’ll be waiting with me and the whole bunch of sad people waiting for the last one~

      Thanks for the comment, darling ! Much love for you too ^___^


      • Thank you~~u! ^^

        oooh, if I told you what happened in GG.. Worst season’s finale EVER! >0<
        Highlight if you'd like to read my lame super short review: [well, Logan had to leave to London and Rory was all sad, but I wasn't because, I seriously want her to forget Longa, but anyway. The thing was that Lorelai couldn't take it anymore and she talked to Luke and told him to marry right then but he didn't want to jump into things and she was telling him she was tired of hiding and being patient and all that. And well, she told him "it is now or never!" and he was all "I don't like ultimatums!" and so he said no and then… Lorelai went to Christopher's. Last scene she's in the bed and the Chris comes and tugs in at her side, and I was all NOOOOOOOOOO]
        I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait until next season x3

        Oh, yes, ISN'T IT?! *-*-* and don't worry, I won't tell Ohkawa-sensei of your temporary infatuation with Nicole xDD

        Ohohoho ^o^ Yup, and getting it was sooo difficult, but now I'm finally able to read it!! *-* and I don't know what I'll do after I finish it! we should go to England and stalk Rowling and force her to write everyday xD

        My pleasure Yuuto-chan! You deserve much much love ^_~


  11. I want to thank you too for giving me so much stuff about CLAMP while I think I’m the only who crazy about CLAMP in my country. ^^;;
    Arigatou gozaimasu, Chibi Yuuto-san! *bows*


  12. Awww thank you ;_; I’m gonna cry like that XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    You’re welcome for everything, dear, always a pleasure *bows* I hope we can keep exchanging good information always.

    >I know Ohkawa-sama would just love you to pieces and you’d make her a very happy bride. *hearts*
    Hahahahaha Do you really think so? Even if I break A BUNCH of copyright rules? XDDDDD I hope she won’t kill me, that’s what I hope xDDD


  13. 8. Supermarket (I like to buy the house stuff xDD)
    OMG! I am not the only one! hehehehe Ok, I have a friend who like too.

    1. Japan (always xD)
    Me too… but.. HOLY CRAP! Sooo many documents, bureaucracy in high level!

    BTW: Are you the same Yuuto who comment at Jinn’s blog? If yes, I’m the Clow, hehehehe XD


  14. hi there,Chibi Yuuto-kun~^^”
    i’m one of the lurking ones among the 308~
    once again, thank you for providing CLAMP news and hosting the scans~:D
    also, thanks for the detailed anime reviews~ as it takes a long time to download those episodes, i don’t watch every one of them, so sometimes i decide whether to watch it by reading your reviews~ the reviews you’ve made have been a great help~:P

    as for your meme, i love HP too~
    and seems that i’m a bit late to comment here? well, i’m just home from one of the 10 places you wanna visit-Japan~^^”
    i’ve always longed for going there~
    even if i didn’t have the time to hunt for Clamp stuff, it feels amazing to hang around in Japan and hear Japanese all day~


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