CLAMPSpace – May 20, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This CLAMP Space session happened live on their official Twitter account and recordings were not made available anywhere after the transmission was over. The information available here was gathered in a collaborative effort from multiple reports and impressions from fans from all over the world who took notes as the session was happening live. Please be aware that this report may contain inaccuracies and is subject to corrections.

Tokyo Babylon

  • Someone asked what character is their favorite and the asker said “mine is Subaru Sumeragi.” CLAMP responded immediately “Subaru.. isn’t that kinda tough?”
  • CLAMP can’t answer about what happened with the Tokyo Babylon 2021 anime so they decided to talk about the manga.
  • CLAMP mentioned how they were so young when they wrote it. Started as a very short story. People who ask about it always bring up the banana and the “Old” story.
  • Satsuki-sensei thinks “Start” is the most impression making chapter.
  • Fan question: with Tokyo Babylon, was the story or characters made first? Answer: Story first. It started with a story about a curse and someone had to get rid of it. So Subaru came to be.
  • A fan asked them to list their favorite places that appear in the manga. CLAMP replied that most of the places that appear in the manga are now gone except for Tokyo Tower and Mister Donut.
  • They chose Tokyo Tower as a setting because it’s kind of uncool.
  • A fan: I like Seishiro a lot. CLAMP: eeeek watch out. “they like Seishiro? Seeeriously?” (Echoes)
  • CLAMP think the OVA cast was excellent. A scene they love is when Miki Ito calls out Subaru’s name.
  • They talked about how Mokona-sensei cried before drawing Hokuto dying. Satsuki-sensei didn’t.
  • A fan asked if Seishirou killed Hokuto because he was lonely, referencing what the girl ghost says about lonely people doing bad things. Ohkawa-sensei replied that it’s up to the reader to judge, but only Seishirou knows if he does these bad things because he is lonely.
  • They don’t blame Seishirou because that’s how he is but if in real life they would not want to get anywhere near him.


  • Syaoran’s mentor was originally meant to be Subaru. They changed it to Seishirou at the last minute.
  • Fye was supposed to die at the end of the Celes arc.
  • All CLAMP member really like the Piffle World arc.


  • Suga Shikao was chosen by CLAMP to perform the songs of XXXHOLiC because CLAMP already liked his work before.
  • Regarding resuming the XXXHOLiC Rei manga, Ohkawa-sensei said it is a work for which the story gets influenced by current events so she asked the fans to please wait a little more.
  • A fan commented about searching the alcohol drinks that appear on XXXHOLiC. CLAMP said that were chosen by Mokona-sensei since she lived near a Izakaya restaurant at that time. CLAMP said Watanuki doesn’t drink that much, so now is Doumeki who may drink.
  • Doumeki’s voice actor is really serious about how Doumeki has to sound.
  • A fan asked about if the shop in which Watanuki went with Mokona in the Shiritori chapter has any relation to Fei Wang Reed due to the many bat wings motifs that appear in it. CLAMP said it’s not yet the time to talk about that.
  • Question from fan: if CLAMP members were to become their own characters who would they choose?
    Mokona-sensei: first she chose White Mokona (Soel) but since it’s still traveling, she changed it to Black Mokona (Larg)
    Nekoi-sensei: Suppi
    Satsuki-sensei: Seishirou
    Ohkawa-sensei: didn’t pick anyone, but if she had to pick one it’d be Clow.
  • The inspirations for the stories in XXXHOLiC come from real life experiences, stories told by their friends and from classic Japanese literature.
  • The three 10 yens coins story happened to one of their acquaintances.
  • Doumeki is based on someone they know. The name “Ichihara Yuuko” is the name of their nail technician.
  • Ohkawa-sensei gave her set of mahjong tiles to Jun Fukuyama (Watanuki’s voice actor).
  • The sweets that appear in XXXHOLiC are chosen because they go well with sake/alcoholic beverages. Mokona-sensei thinks dorayaki with champagne is delicious.
  • Regarding the XXXHOLiC Musical adaptation. They are extremely happy to have one of their works adapted to a stage play for the first time. Casting was done entirely by the producer Matsuda Makoto and CLAMP have no complains. They loved Yuuko’s characterization. The casting for Himawari and Doumeki will be announced soon.

Other topics

  • They said they have been watching a lot of YouTube lately. Ohkawa-sensei mentioned that Nekoi-sensei likes to watch videos about ghost stories.
  • Here’s a list of things each of them like to watch on YouTube:
    Nekoi-sensei: Ghost stories, iyashikei no fudousan (癒し系の不動産), horses, cats and goats.
    Igarashi-sensei: Doesn’t watch much, but when she does, she likes to watch Kubota-kun’s channel because she is a fan.
    Mokona-sensei: Masama Uno’s channel (figure skater), Mochimaru (a cat), the channel of a ballet dancer who has a beautiful Russian wife.
  • They talked a little about Nekoi-sensei’s drawing of Mokona of the Pearl Earring that she posted on her social networks and it received a lot of attention.
  • Question from a fan: What is your favorite place to eat in Kyoto?
    Answer: Ladurée on Hanamikoji Street in Gion (Igarashi-sensei)
  • Question from a fan: What kind of chocolate does CLAMP-sensei recommend?
    Answer: La Maison du Chocolat (Mokona-sensei answered immediately). They also recommended chocolates from a store in Sanjo Street. In Osaka, they recommended Rihga Royal Hotel’s Planet Chocolate.
  • Question from a fan: For how long do you want to keep drawing manga?
    Answer: They don’t know, but until they are able to draw. Mokona-sensei added that she will quit only when she no longer can draw a frame.
  • Question from a fan: What do you want to drink today?
    Answer: They didn’t have any drinks for today. Apparently they had sushi before doing the twitter space but Mokona-sensei avoided drinks because she wasn’t feeling very well.
  • Apparently they talked about participating in a party of the radio show All Night Nippon.
  • Question from a fan: What background music do you play while working?
    Ohkawa-sensei: Basically, silence.
    Nekoi-sensei: German techno.
    Mokona-sensei: Classical music, anime songs, and eventually songs and videos that come up on YouTube randomly. She mentioned liking Heavy Metal too, “but not when I’m drawing Sakura-chan! (laughs)”
    The drawing team likes to listen to foreign music that they can’t understand!
  • Question from a fan: Which character was the most important for you to name?
    Answer: Ohkawa-sensei is the one who comes up with the characters’ names.
    Li Syaoran is after Bruce Lee.
    Sakura was heavily based on the title role.
    They mentioned that the first time they had a character in the work title was for Miyuki-chan in Wonderland.
    Igarashi-sensei said that they intentionally tried their best to find surnames with numerical kanjis for the characters in XXXHOLiC. This is true. (Kimihiro) Watanuki and (Yuuko) Ichihara both have the kanjis for “one”, (Shizuka) Doumeki has the kanji for “hundred”, (Himawari) Kunogi has the kanji for “nine”. (Kohane) Tsuyuri has the kanjis for “five” and “seven”.
  • Ohkawa-sensei is the only one of the four that likes horror stories. The other three prefer kaidan(怪談) stories, which are stories about ghost/spirits stories.
  • Mokona-sensei mentioned she thought Kindaichi Kosuke (金田一耕助) to be really scary. It’s a very popular detective series.
  • They mentioned they will try to invite “well intentioned” fans to participate in upcoming twitter spaces. They will also try to warn in advance.
  • They congratulated BL novelist Miki Iida for her 5th debut anniversary.

Let’s keep this a collaborative effort! If you found mistakes or if you think you can contribute with more information, please contact me.


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